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The Hellish Games - Psychopomp : The Hellish Games - Chapter 14 by XinTwomi full book limited free

Chapter 14: The Hellish Games

I clenched my fist ready for what he has to say, "It's called the Hellish Games", he grinned. "God created this himself, games are considered as the punishment of the sinners. It is just like a game in your world, the game uses fallen souls as its players. You have been ordered to be sent to hell, so you became a player on Hell, A sinner".

"What is this game actually, what do you mean by the game is the punishment?", I stared at him with wonder.

"The game isn't actually a normal game, it is a game of death", he paused for a moment and smiled. "And in that game, you need to face off with other sinners to win. You remember the Zoi Stones? and betting them to join? If you lose in a game, you lost Zoi Stones. No Zoi Stones, no chance to get an entry to heaven and you will be sent to the eternal darkness where your soul suffers from despair", at that moment I realize what Angel Adriel meant that Hell wasn't the place I expected to be.

"Tell me more about it" I was really curious and tried to get more information about the game.

He smiled while fixing his tie, "Hellish Games have certain types of versions and levels", he took his virtual scroll and opened it. "You see Hellish Games have seven-game versions and represent a certain type of game, Each of the Game represents the Sins of each Princes of Hell", He opened the information tab and the holographic screen got bigger.

[Game of Sloth] [Belphegor]

[Physical Game]

"First, is the Game of Sloth, it represents the Seventh Prince, Great Belphegor. This type is a physical game, where you battle against players in a physical manner."

[Game of Lust] [Asmodeus]

[One on One]

"Next is the Game of Lust representing the Sixth Prince of Hell, Great Asmodeus. This version is a one-on-one game, it may be physical or mental, you have to play a head-to-head battle from the other sinner that was assigned and randomly selected for you."

[Game of Greed] [Mammon]

[Single Player]

"The Game of Greed representing the Fifth Prince of Hell, Great Mammon. This is a single-player game where you play the game on your own. It has different aspects of types, all you need to do is finish and beat the game to win."

[Game of Gluttony] [Beelzebub]

[Team Game]

"The fourth on the list is the Game of Gluttony, it represents Top Prince of Hell, Lord Beelzebub. This game is a team game, you will be assigned to a team and win with them, it may be just a team mission or battle against the other team"

[Game of Envy] [Leviathan]

[Logical Game]

"Now, the game representing High Prince of Hell, Lord Leviathan. The Game of Envy. This is a logical game where you use your intellectual capacity to solve a game. It can be a single-player, team, or even battling against the other sinners"

[Game of Wrath] [Satan]

[One Last Standing]

" The sixth one is The Game of Wrath representing Grand Prince of Hell, Lord Satan. This game makes you try to eliminate all the players in the game. One last standing is the best way to explain"

[Game of Pride] [Lucifer]

[Supreme Game]

"Lastly, The Game of Pride representing his majesty, The Emperor of Hell, Emperor Lucifer!", he yelled with excitement like he was going crazy. "I apologize", he went back to normal. "The Game of Pride is the hardest game of all the versions, a Supreme Game. It is because the Game of Pride consists of all the most difficult games even in the low-level setting. Just wished yourself that you won't be sent to a station of Pride because you will surely lose. No one ever completed the Game of Pride and a lot of sinners were sent to the eternal darkness for failing the game. His Majesty is thoroughly majestic in creating game", he went crazy again for a moment.

"Did you catch up?", he said as he massages his fingers. I nod my head in response.

"Okay, now let's proceed to the level setting of a game", he opened another information tab and it appeared quickly.

"This is the certain type of levels of a version, it represents savage animals that symbols the difficulty of the game"

[Level: Easy] [Snake]

[Completion : 20 CS

"The easiest game of all, you can clearly win this game easily even a toddler can beat it", he says sarcastically.

[Level: Normal] [Vulture]

[Completion: 40 CS]

"A game sets on stakes between losing and winning"

[Level: Hard] [Wolf]

[Completion: 60 CS]

"This game is quite difficult but the chances of winning is still there"

[Level: Advanced] [Lion]

[Completion: 80 CS]

"The chances of you winning is not clearly visible"

[Level: Extreme] [Cerberus]

[Completion: 100 CS] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This level is the craziest one, the sinners who were given this level almost became crazy wackadoodle after the game", he giggled.

"I will send you this information tab to your Vivlio so you can check it again", he sends the Information tab and I heard a ring sound, receiving the information immediately.

"Now, I will tell you about the Soul Cards", we looked eye to eye. "Soul cards can be bought in the Hell Store for 10CS. Soul Cards are the essential item to obtain a match ticket to challenge athe Princes of Hell. As you can see, had a redeemable ticket to heaven. To redeem the ticket you exchange the Seven Hell Rings to obtain the item. You can get the Hell Rings by defeating a Prince of Hell in a game. The game type will be their own sin. Each of the Prince's had a special ring on them.

[Ring of Sloth] [Solatamad]

"You must have 10 Soul Cards to challenge Great Belphegor and play in a physical game"

[Ring of Lust] [Lemanyak]

"20 Soul Cards is needed to challenge Great Asmodeus in a one-on-one battle with him"

[Ring of Greed] [Gridaluk]

"Having 30 Soul Cards will result in a match with Great Mammon in a single-player game"

[Ring of Gluttony] [Ghiragkaun]

"Another 10 Soul Cards to challenge The Top Prince Lord Beel himself in a team game, so finding and having great allies in the future will certainly increase the chances to win against Lord Beel and his Insect Commanders"

[Ring of Envy] [Enggit]

"Obtaining 50 Soul Cards will take you to a match with High Prince Lord Leviathan in a logical game sets in the most dangerous place in Hell"

[Ring of Wrath] [Warzuko]

"After getting 60 Soul Cards you will face off the Grand Prince himself, Lord Satan. You will be playing One Last Standing game together with the other sinners and Lord Satan's Demon Chieftains"

[Ring of Pride] [Phambuug]

"After getting the Six Hell Rings, you will be summoned by Emperor Lucifer Himself! You will play the most difficult game that no one can imagine. I don't even see you winning against the Emperor. No one ever had a match with him. All the sinners who challenge the Princes ended up going to the eternal darkness.", his eyes grew bigger and he gulped. His head shaking like he was freezing.

"Did you get all that?", he asked.

"Yes, I understood", I answered.

"He took something and his virtual scroll and walk near me. It was a magnifying glass with a velvet eye in the center. He looks at the glass to inspect me and the eyes glowed red. "Wow! His highness really was right! You do have a rare and special system inside you! Your inner demon is one of a kind, I have never met anyone with this kind of system before!", he said with excitement.


End of Chapter 14 - The Hellish Games

Next Chapter - Inner Demon System

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