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50% Pure Smut / Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Incest #1 (Male Lead)

Chapter 1 - Incest #1 (Male Lead) - Pure Smut - Chapter 1 by Old_Scratch full book limited free

Pure Smut original

Pure Smut

Author: Old_Scratch

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Incest #1 (Male Lead)

If somebody were to ask me what my earliest memory was, I would say that it is of me and my mom playing together in the park. That would be a lie.

In reality, my earliest memory is of my mom dancing, naked in the living room. She wasn't drunk nor was she high, she was dancing purely as a show for me. When I was a child, mother did more than just dance for me nude.

She conditioned me to be a sexual object for her to exploit and use. When I pleased her I was rewarded, if I didn't I was punished. Suffice to say, I was trained pretty quickly.


"Jackson, can you come down here please? Mommy needs some help! "

I was up and running down the steps before she had finished my name. My flaccid penis bounced along with me as I ran down the stairs two at a time. Had I been a normal teenage boy, I would have been proud of it's size. As it was, I was simply happy that it could keep mother satisfied.

When I entered into the room, I instantly glanced upon mother. She was sprawled out on the couch, her body on full display. Mother had me fairly young, 20 years old, so she was only 35. Still in the prime of her life. That was clear to me, with how often she needed my "help".

Mother's body was one to be proud of. She was 5' 5" tall with large breasts, and perky, pink nipples. They sagged slightly due to her pregnancy with me, but the natural sag seemed to only add to her mature beauty. Below her breasts, mother's stomach wasn't as toned as it was in my childhood, when she would frequently dance for me. Now, however, it was slightly on the chubby side and pale as Chinese jade, like the rest of her body, it was also a point of beauty and seduction. Further down mother's body was her long legs, bountiful thighs, and dark bush. Each one was like a gift from the heavens, for only my pleasure viewing.

"Honey, mommy is so horny and needs her big strong man to give her some relief."

She used the same coquettish voice that she had used since I was a child. Behind it's cute and cuddly cadence, hid a dominating force capable of pain.

I didn't hesitate to drop to my knees in front of mother, who opened her legs just as quick. Revealed to me was what could only be described as an object of beauty. Her pussy was pink and shining. It had large fat labia that stuck out from her body unlike the ugly flat one seen often now-a-days. Mother's black pubic hair surrounded her pussy, which was a turn off for most men, but I had experienced it so often that I came to enjoy it. I really hated when the hair would get stuck in my teeth as a kid, though.

I only spent a moment to bask in the beauty in front of me, before I dove in. I first started out licking the inside of mother's labia. From the tip of her taint, past her vagina, slowing down over her urethra, and finishing with a little suck on her clitoris. Mother didn't like it when I instantly entered her vagina when I was eating her out.

My mouth was like a vacuum as I worked her pussy. Loudly sucking her lower lips as my tongue worked the rest. Mother loved when I made loud slurping noises while eating her out, said that they made it sound like I was enjoying myself. As a child I always hated when she would pull my hair or smack my head because, "you're not enjoying yourself".

The more I ate mother the louder her moans got. She always started out with little whimpers when I first started.

"Yes baby, oh, yes, oh baby. . . "

During sex she always called me "baby". Her moans sounding like an angels' voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

My cue to insert my tongue was mother making eye contact with me. The instant her auburn eyes connected with mine my tongue would enter into her. Her whimpers becoming moans as her hands gripped her breasts and puller her nipples.

The years of training I have had has made my tongue like a gun. Entering and exiting her like a piston.

"Oooh yes baby. That's it. "

With one hand on her breast mothers' other hand had gripped my head by now. Her hips were lightly thrusting, making my nose rub her clitoris. I never let this distract me. I had learned years ago not to mess up right when mother was really getting into it.

I brought my fingers up and started to play with her pussy. I once again used my mouth to begin my machinations on her clitoris while my finer entered her vagina. While moving in and out I was making a tapping motion on the rough spot of her vagina. By then mother was wailing like a banshee and she had an iron grip on my hair.

I always hated this part. As a teen it didn't hurt as much, but when I was younger her thrusting hips and vice like grip caused me too much pain. I could never keep up with her when she got like this, all I could do was look into her orgasmic face and hope she would finish soon.

"Oh, oh, oh, Baby yes, oh keep going, keep fucking mommy's cunt. Oh yes!"

My fingers never stopped their movements, instead they got faster and faster. Hoping to get her off.

Faster and faster my fingers went to match the speed of my mother's thrusting hips. Suddenly she stopped and ground my face against her pussy hard. My nose crushed against her pubes while my lips were kissing her cunt.

Mom held me like that for at least a minute. Her body tensing and relaxing while she experienced her euphoric pleasure. Finally, mother's grip slackened on my hair, but I knew better than to pull away. Instead I suctioned my lips right over her urethra, seconds later I felt a warm liquid and not long after I tasted a bitter tangy liquid.

Mother always enjoyed her post sex ritual. I experienced punishment many times because I hated the taste and humiliation from her pissing into my mouth. However, I couldn't help but submit under her dominating ways.

"Yes, who's a good baby boy? Do you like how mommy tastes? You love when mommy feeds you don't you? "

Her gift lasted for only a moment, but it felt like an eternity. When mother finished she didn't let me lick her clean, instead she wiped her dripping pussy on my hair, just to humiliate me.

"On your back. Now! "

I hate this next part. I doesn't always happen, but sometimes mother is in a mood, and she needs more than my mouth to get her off.

Once I was laying on the floor mother stood up, allowing me to see her entire body.

From my current point of view I could see the entirety of mothers' body as she looked down and made eye contact with me. She looked like a Goddess looking down upon peasant scum.

Our eye contact lasted for only a few scant seconds, but to me it felt like eternity. Mother broke it to glance upon flaccid phallus.

" Such a mean little baby, not even getting hard for his dear ol' mommy. "

Mother teased me like this almost every day, knowing full well that I could only get hard at her command.

" Here, let mommy help with that. "

Mother lowered her body onto her knees. She was close enough that I could feel her body heat. Before she started doing anything for me she lifted one leg over my body so that her pussy was on top of my knees. From there she lowered herself, her stomach on top of my crotch. Her hands reached up to grab my cheeks as mother slowly started humping her entire body on top of mine.

Her leaking pussy soaking my legs, the friction between our body's making my penis react.

Mother knew that she could get me hard easily, but she liked to humiliate me. Making my body submit to hers. Sometimes it was her foot, sometime she used her stomach. She once stimulated me using only the back of her knee.

Mother's hand slowly rubbed down my face, over my neck and down my chest and stomach. Mother regularly made me wax my body hair off so I was as smooth as I was as a child.

"Come on baby, get hard for mommy. She wants her babys' big hard penis inside of her. "

The words and movements of her body made my react. I couldn't help it when I felt my penis slowly harden to it's full length.

"Mmm yes, mommy likes that."

Once I was completely hard mother moved her body up my own. Leaving a trail of lubrication from my knees all the way up to my crotch. Once her pussy was covering my penis she started to ride it up and down.

It honestly hurt having her full body weight crushing my penis against my stomach, and mother knew that. She liked the way that even though it hurt, I couldn't help but enjoy her warm embrace on my cock.

Mothers' hands, which her on my chest slowly moved up till the covered my throat. Using my throat she braced her upper body as she raised her crotch up into the air, my penis following along. Mother used one hand to reach down and aim my cock to the entrance of her pussy. Her body smacked down. The full length of my penis entering her.

Mother couldn't help but moan and whimper as her grip tightened on my throat. She instantly started bouncing up and down. Her pussy squelching with almost every movement. Her face scrunched in pleasure as mine grimaced in pain at the way she held my throat.

"Mmm, yes, oh baby, yes baby. Oh you love mommy riding you, don't you. Yes God yes. You love when mommy fucks you! "

She looked into my eyes as she spoke. Her pleasure increasing when she saw me trying to breath through my mouth. Mother settled against my body and started to hump back and forth. She lowered her mouth down to mine and grabbed my tongue with her lips. She started to suck my tongue like a Popsicle. The way she maintained eye contact. I was trained to know what she wanted. In that instance she wanted me to cum. So I did.

I was still buried in her womb when my fertile seed spurted out. Mommy moaned when she felt the heat enter her body.

"Good baby. Yes, get mommy pregnant. I will train our son, just like I did you."

I couldn't help it when a tear fell out of my bloodshot eyes. Whether it was for the future of me and my son, or the pain of suffocation; I will never know.

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