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Put Out My Fire

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Author: LiLhyz

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(COMPLETED) Amanda was getting too hot, literally, and only the master of water could cool her down. Unfortunately, he was missing in action.


Amanda was the master of fire. After five years of carrying out her responsibility, she was an accomplished fighter, but soon her strength became unmanageable and only the master of water can tame her flames.
Sadly, he was nowhere to be found.

Why? It was a mystery altogether.


"I want someone to talk to," Amanda said before taking a deep breath. "I want somebody to hold and... I can only do that with you."

"I did not think you missed me that much," Christopher said with a smirk on his face.

He reached for her cheeks and caressed them with both his hands before he leaned over for a kiss.

Amanda's heart fluttered, seeing his lips inches from her. She gulped and said to herself, 'I might as well splurge.'


This is a story about trusting your heart and finding your fate.

Try a different kind of romance story, this time around! Give this story a chance!

If Fantasy is not your thing, you may try my other novels. Note that all my novels are all romance related. :)

If you like action-romance, try The President's Lover is a Fighter.

If you like simply crazy and hilarious, try out Tricking my Cold Lover.

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    LV 15 Badge

    l love her stories, this is her third book that I'm reading and author LiLhyz does not disappoint. ML approach is just full on, almost hilarious but also lovely. MC is strong and powerful. Early chapters but I'm already enjoying the storyline and looking forward to more. Thank you💕💕💕

    View 2 Replies

    A fantasy + romance after my own heart... I love how creative this world LilHyz built is -- and I'm a dude who lives and breathes world building. As a fan of her other works, this next tale she's woven is quite easy to consume, a hearty meal with a glass of good cabernet. For characters, I'm liking them. They're pretty fleshed out and not your run-of-the-mill, tried and done, overwritten disasters that permeate this web writing landscape. LilHyz really.knows how to create character arcs. I'm not far enough in the story to comment on plot, but what I've seen has left me wanting more. Looking forward to binging this. ;) Highly recommended!

    View 1 Replies

    I came across this story recently, intrigued, even though the fantasy genre is not my usual preference. Well, I struck gold with this story.. Now almost 100 chapters along and I’ve been journeying into the exciting world of Amanda, Chris and their friends. I enjoy the characters in the story, how real the other realms that the author built up feel, even the minute details about the arch nemesis of the people of Pelagy, the Oscorians, are fascinating and imaginative. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait for the relationship between the FL & ML to blossom even more with his recently awakened power. (Ahem, the R-rated scenes were also quite 🥵 in a good way. My only criticism is perhaps the sounds ML makes when he’s “united” with FL could be more attractive- please author, don’t use ‘ugghh or urrgh’😄) all the best, author! 🧡🧡

    View 1 Replies
    LV 13 Badge

    Because this is my first shot at a fantasy romance novel, I'll give myself a 5! Haha! Please love me still and vote for this novel because I love you all for your support. This author here is a sucker for romance and a smut writer. *Cough* Feel free to comment on each chapter!

    View 9 Replies
    LV 5 Badge

    I have read the author's other novels. She's very good at building suspense, fast-paced action scenes, and lots of fluff. Coming to this novel, it seems pretty interesting, and I'm looking forward to more. Like her previous novel, the FL is head-strong and self-reliant. All the best dear author for this novel.

    View 1 Replies

    It is a very captivating read. Veey new kind of story. Kudos to the author for trying something new yet still be so good at it! I look forward to the unraveling of mysteries. 😘

    View 1 Replies

    I'm gonna read all three of your novels.... Hope you would continue with this novel sooner.... I'm intrigued with the introduction of this novel.... Surely keep this in my library and wait for your updates... Keep up the good work author....

    View 4 Replies

    Fantasy romance. First time reading about creatures and gods. I find it interesting because the meeting of the male and female is kind of different. And as we progress, we learn more about their background and character. Many romance has powerful CEOs and stunning ladies. Although the two leads are beautiful, they seem ordinarily beautiful which is more 'normal'. I want to know more about them so this means writer has created an interest in the characters. Keep going. Good work.

    View 1 Replies

    It is very well written and it is mysterious. Jeep at it author. In each chapter i keep wondering who is christopher and what is his role in all this. I hope he is truly his fate.

    View 1 Replies
    LV 10 Badge

    Author, I like how unique the story is. Not the typical CEO story. It is mysterious at the same time. Curious to know more about FL and ML. Really love that FL is a powerful being.

    View 1 Replies

    The Author is doing a good job of conveying the emotions of the characters. I especially like Amanda's inner battle. We are still at a stage of learning more about the ML, it's still too early to review but because others are judging the story too early, I want to lend the author a hand because I sincerely feel there is potential in this story. Keep up the good work author. I like a strong FL and ML!

    View 0 Replies

    Im used to reading ceo stories but just a few chapters im getting already interested. Please keep ypdating more author. I really like this onem it is unique.

    View 1 Replies

    This is honestly one of the best books to me I LOVE all the characters, and for someone who just got into novels I have to give LiLhyz a 5.👏👏👏

    View 1 Replies

    so far this story has been so captivating, lovely and interesting. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 looking forward to a perfect end🤩🤩🤩🤩 And to our lovely author💯💯💯💯👍👍🥂🥂🥂

    View 1 Replies

    Readers! lovers of supernatural powers, fantasy and romance books I urge yall to read this book. It is very interesting, and Our Author Lilhyz keeps satisfying our hungry bellies all the time. I'm not a novel lover but her books captured me. So far this is the third book I'm reading. The storylines and concept are just mind-blowing. Read it and thank me later.

    View 3 Replies

    Very different story! Tired of ceo stories. I feel like reading avatar but w romance. Ang the plot is just so inspiring. True love conquers all.

    View 1 Replies

    This book is really great! Can't put it down as I'd started! Lots of fun, magic and romance. Totally bringing you to the characters' world!

    View 2 Replies

    A goodie romance fluff. I'm not a fan of pure romantic tags but this will get you going. The personality and feelings of the characters trickled properly by showing not telling - making it far enjoyable to delve into the world of the characters. Keep it up! I'll lurk in the darkness and strike to read from time to time till all chappies are gone. Cheers!

    View 1 Replies

    I like this novel. One of my favorite. The fight scene the power. Very will written. AND ALSO THE ROMANCE!!! Pls update more author.....................

    View 1 Replies

    I found this to be an interesting read. I would recommend everybody give it a chance. it is a romance that has a pretty good story line to it.

    View 1 Replies

    Author LiLhyz