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0.93% Qingming College / Chapter 1: Zhao Qingshi's birthday

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Chapter 1: Zhao Qingshi's birthday

The sun had been shining through the window, and I opened my eyes in a daze, yawning a lot as I picked up my mobile phone beside the pillow and glanced at the time.

"Aw crap!"

It was already ten o'clock. I hurriedly opened the quilt and sat up, putting on the slippers as I dashed into the bathroom.

I saw myself in front of the mirror, the 'pretty' face of nineteen years old had a bit haggard trait reflected on the surface, sluggish and having some fat, the proof of his inadequate lifestyle with a lack of exercise, the whole person seemed to be feeble.

After some simple washing, my entire appearance looked more energetic, revealing the face of a sophomore.

My name was Chen Xiao, a sophomore at Qingming College. My height was 1.74 meters, and my appearance was the standard passerby level. In another place, a boy like me wouldn't be difficult to find a girlfriend, but in a place like Qingming College where handsome guys and beautiful girls were like grasses, I could only be an obscure existence.

I lived in a dormitory, together with Li Luyou, Luo Suohun, and Bai Yishan as roommates; we had been here since we came to the university, the relationship between the four of us was quite good.

I glanced at a photo placed on the table, there was a very beautiful girl in the frame, wearing a white dress that accentuated her beautiful and perfect figure.

Her name was Zhao Qingshi, the flower of our class, the most beautiful girl in our department. Since I saw her on the first day of entering Qingming College, I fell in love with this girl, but she was the eldest lady of the mayor of Hengjun City, and very good at studying. Such a girl was naturally very arrogant, impossible to look an ordinary boy like me, so I never had the courage to pursue this perfect girl.

I usually slept till noon at the weekend, but today was Zhao Qingshi's 19th birthday, she held the party at her house and invited all students on our department to attend, including me, but I almost fell asleep.

Because Zhao Qingshi's home was a bit far from Qingming College, I made an appointment with Li Luyou to go together with his car, among the four us, I was only one who didn't have a car, but I could drive one.

I finished dressing and left the room to set off, walking toward the school gate to meet Li Luyou.

Halfway toward my destination, I saw two figures at the school gate already waiting. The tall and handsome one on the left was my good friend and roommate Li Luyou, and next to him was his girlfriend An Zhishui, long-legged beauty with a graceful figure, the leader of our class, and one of the flowers just like Zhao Qingshi. She had a ponytail hairstyle, wearing a white T-shirt, a lacy skirt at the bottom, white and tender legs on a pair of canvas shoes, and charmingly stood beside Li Luyou, making her pleasing to the eye.

I didn't know how long both of them had waited, but I had a good relationship with Li Luyou, so he wasn't having a temper, besides, he and my other two roommates knew my secret crush for Zhao Qingshi, naturally thought that I took quite a time to dress up.

"I don't know Ms. An will come together, otherwise, I won't dare to be late."

An Zhishui blushed and said, "It's fine, I also just met Li Luyou this morning."

Looking at her red face, I got a feeling something happened, said, "Did you get up so early in the morning, Li Luyou?"

Luo Suohun and Bai Yishan were often not in the dormitory, but Li Luyou did not return to the dormitory last night, and he was with his girlfriend this morning, I could guess what had transpired yesterday.

"No, I am not," Li Luyou said with a sloppy smile, well, just like what I guessed, he must have attained the pure body of our beautiful class leader.

An Zhishui shyly stretched out her hand to pinch Li Luyou's waist, and Li Luyou dragged An Zhishui a bit pretentiously, she resisted slightly before let his big hand grip her waist, making her completely leaned on his body with blushing face.

The two were flirting a lot in front of me, and An Zhishui also let her boyfriend be frivolous to herself, maybe it's because they were not too close to the school gate.

An Zhishui was the eldest lady of the An Group. His father An Shi was a figure in the shopping malls for decades. He had never left the top ten of the rich list. Although Li Luyou's family was not bad, his father was a top scientist, and now working at the National Academy of Sciences, they still far from An Zhishui's family.

Although the family of the two people was very different, Li Luyou was tall and handsome, he also very diligent, the top student of our class, and kindly enough to help other to study, so he had always been the most popular boy in our dormitory, loved by many girls.

In honesty, I always secretly coveted An Zhishui, but she was Li Luyou's girlfriend, and for the same reason as Zhao Qingshi, I knew she would have no interest in a boy like me, therefore I never made a move before.

Looking at Li Luyou holding An Zhishui now, I thought about how this class flower that slightly inferior to Zhao Qingshi was blooming her beauty under Li Luyou last night, couldn't help but felt a little envious and jealous.

Because they were at the school gate, Li Luyou and An Zhishui did not act excessively, so everyone took the ride to the Zhao Qingshi's house, took about half and one hour journey.

This was the first time I came to Zhao Qingshi's. Although I knew that Zhao Qingshi's father was the mayor of Hengjun City, I imagined their house wouldn't be small, but when I saw this villa, I was still shocked, there was a larger lawn in front of the villa, with a red carpet between the courtyard gate and the main building.

I really felt the distance between classes. Hengjun City was the most economically developed city in the country, second only to the capital city of Beijing as a political center. The value of the land in Hengjun City was not affordable by ordinary people mostly, let alone a student like me, but Zhao Qingshi had a house in the city that was almost a manor.

The three of us got out of the car and Li Luyou directly took An Zhishui, holding hand between the couple was nothing strange, they also had been a couple for quite a while, but An Zhishui revealed some shyness on her pretty face, It may be because of a substantial breakthrough in the relationship between the two last night.

We hadn't walked into the villa yet, two people had already greeted us. The boy on the left was Luo Suohun, one of my roommates, he was a bit handsome, with a pair of black-framed eyes, and appeared a little upset.

Luo Suohun liked to play games all day long; if his father, Luo Batian, was not the deputy mayor of Hengjun City, how could he mix into Qingming College?

Next to him was a girl who was very sexy, she had a pair of big eyes, wearing a white silk top, her skin was white like snow, and the bottom wore black ultra-short jeans, which wrapped up her curvy ass.

She was tall and her pair of breasts stood upright on her chest, making her waist and legs more slender and unbearable, exuding an elegant and sexy temperament all over, made people couldn't bear to hug her and carefully stroke the enchanting curve.

She was Ning Yingxue, the flower of the Faculty of Law, it's because she was Luo Suohun's girlfriend that she could attend Zhao Qingshi's birthday party.

"Oh, finally you here, I've been waiting for a long time," Luo Suohun punched me in the chest, looking at me and Li Luyou with a smile.

"Oh, how can you still remember us with such beauty on the side?" I said with a teasing tone.

"Ugh, I just told Yasuo to her, she actually thought it was a sneaker brand, I swear to you these women only knew clothes and shoes in their eyes." Luo Suohun said.

(Yasuo is a character from League of Legend.)

Ning Yingxue smiled a little embarrassedly, said, "Okay, now that you several brothers are here, you can talk about the game."

I looked at Ning Yingxue and felt sorry for her, I understood a beautiful girl like Ning Yingxue was fond of clothes and cosmetics, but she was going out with Luo Suohun who only cared with a video game, maybe she aimed for his background.

"You are the one to talks; if Xueer tells you Gucci, Dior, Armani, LV, do you know what it is?"

An Zhishui said a few luxuries at once, she and Ning Yingxue was also a very good friend. Seeing Luo Suohun bullied Ning Yingxue, An Zhishui, the eldest lady, was a little angry.

Luo Suohun dissatisfiedly said, "I don't believe boys know any of these, do you know, Li Luyou? I bet your boyfriend doesn't know."

"Gucci is an Italian brand, has always been high-end luxury..."

"Shut up, you kid have been corrupted by your girlfriend, you will become as petty as Bai Mao, do you know these things? Luo Suohun glanced at me.

"I have heard it a little," I said with a small laugh, and then I quickly changed the subject to avoid the confrontation, said, "Where is Bai Mao?"

"Oh, he is here, waiting in the room, come, let's meet up with him," Luo Suohun lifted the corner of his lips mysteriously, he turned and walked in front to lead the way. Ning Yingxue carefully pulled the corner of his clothing to follow him. Li Luyou took An Zhishui's hand and walked beside Luo Suohui.

It could be seen how different Luo Suohun and Li Luyou treated their girlfriends, the former was indifferent and a bit cold, the latter was spoiling and gentle, I thought one day, Ning Yingxue might have broken up with Luo Suohun.

The five of us came to a room, a boy was sitting on a bed, about the same age as ours. He had yellow hair and a small amount of hair in front was dyed white. It was my last roommate, Bai Yishan, nicknamed white hair (Bai Mao in Chinese).

The title was given by Luo Suohun, right away the moment he entered the dormitory and saw Bai Yishan for the first time, although Bai Yishan disliked this name, everyone had been calling him that over time, so he grew accustomed with it.

Bai Mao was a wealthy son, and his father was the boss of Yunsi Group, the largest company in the city. Bai Mao usually spent his money on girls, games, but particularly fond of sports cars, he was like Luo Suohun, only had more conscience to woman, he even had multiple girlfriends at the moment.

I saw Bai Yishan's left hand was always on his face, he got up to greet us but didn't put down his hand at all, just when we were a little strange about Bai Yishan's behavior today, Luo Suohun suddenly pulled his left hand down unexpectedly.

There was a bright red slap mark on his cheek!

Bai Yishan had always given the impression of a handsome rich man, brilliant at all times, but today the slap print on his face was suddenly subverted his usual image.

Luo Suohun and Ning Yingxue laughed a bit, but I and the other two burst into laughter at once.

Bai Mao looked at us for a while, then said helplessly, "What's so funny, isn't it just a slap?"

"Who dares beat you up?" I said while controlling my laugh.

Bai Mao hadn't answered, Luo Suohun said, "Hahaha, who else but one of his girls."

I asked, "Strange, I see those women with Bai Mao are usually harmonious, how suddenly became violent?"

Bai Mao said, "Don't listen to his nonsense, I recently flirted with a girl from the Faculty of Law, she is a bit cold so I don't let her know about my other women, but who knew she came to Zhao Qingshi's birthday party today and saw me together with Zhang Yiyu, then... you know the rest."

Zhang Yiyu was a girl from the Department of Foreign Languages, beautiful like a little fairy, she was Bai Mao's first girlfriend, so she was more familiar with us and also the girlfriend who had the most affection for Bai Mao.

"That's what you get for being womanizer, deserve one beating," An Zhishui said, "Li Luyou, if you dare to find another girlfriend in the future, I will kill you."

Li Luyou hugged his girlfriend quickly to prevent this small vinegar jar from burning fiercely, said: "I do not dare, I have only Shui Shui in my heart for the rest of my life."

(Vinegar jar means jealousy.)

"Yuck..." I and Luo Suohan both cringed at his words.

"Where did Yuyu go, don't tell me she had also been slapped?" An Zhishui had not forgotten her sister.

Ning Yingxue said, "She didn't, but she was being scolded several words, thus leaving the party earlier."

An Zhishui sighed in relief, happily said, "That's good, Yu Yu is fine, as for Bai Mao, he deserves it."

Bai Mao immediately exploded, he said angrily, "Leader An, I am your classmate, how can you be happy when seeing your classmates was beaten like this?!"

Bai Mao might look like a careless person, but he was actually very proud of himself, otherwise, he wouldn't just accept us to call him with the nickname Bai Mao so casually, therefore when he was insulted by the old lady An Zhishui, the two naturally quarreled.

An Zhishui grimaced at Bai Mao, preparing to continue to fight back against him. This noble and elegant young lady made such a playful expression, which actually had a rare strange style.

Seeing that his girlfriend and roommate were about making war, Li Luyou quickly intervened, said, "Okay, the party should start, let's go out, how about you Bai Mao?"

Bai Mao glared at Li Luyou, said, "How should I go out like this?!"

TricksterDrasvel TricksterDrasvel

I originally wanted to write my own story, but eh, I am lazy, so I am just going to translate it.

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