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77.61% QT: To Break An Oath (BL) / Chapter 51: 3.13

3.13 - QT: To Break An Oath (BL) - Chapter 51 by BunnyDubu full book limited free

Chapter 51: 3.13

The warm beam of sunlight spread its halo in the endless sky. A suitable air of ambience from the premature atmosphere eagerly displayed in the whole. Qiao Chen pulled the curtains of the carriage and deeply examine the surrounding, as the carriage moves.

His expression calm and collected, with his lips in a limited curve, one's has to wonder what this sparrow was thinking.

After that night, the Emperor's suspicion gradually increased, placing several guards, servants and black shadows beside the sparrow. And all of them was under the Emperor's command. All were loyal and deeply devoted to the Emperor.

"Young master... the weather was cold, I'm afraid the young master will catch a cold."his new servant reminded him.

Qiao Chen sneered and closed the curtains. He turned his eyes to the young maid and can't help himself but to let out a frown.

Qi Lan and Qi Ran was no longer his servants. Those two were now executed by the Emperor. Not entirely executed... because Qiao Chen already send them to the safe place. The Emperor did not ask their whereabouts because Qiao Chen already said that, those two useless servants did not manage to perform their job properly.

The reason was... it was the incident two days before that night.

The incident where his servant clumsily stained the clothes of a noble lady.

Because of that, the Emperor did not bother to question him and replaced his servants with the new ones.

Qiao Chen lowered his head and took the teacup closer to his mouth. The aroma instantly invaded his nose, a sweet yet bitter aftertaste linger on his tongue. The maids earnestly observed his actions, but Qiao Chen only smile and put down the cup.

Sadly, it was making him irritated. He was trapped in this invisible cage with countless guards.

He can't blame them, though. Because he knew, that these servants was not only servants. They were the secret army of the Emperor that has undergone training at the young age. And now the Emperor has regarded him as a traitor... although not vulgarly. Of course, he will really place into a strict observation. Qiao Chen smiled wickedly.

Now, how can the protagonist approach that the Emperor was intensely doubtful to him?

It was already the last day of the festival. As their carriage passed in the countryside, several lanterns and stalls was displayed in each side. Some children were joyfully playing…and running in the road. It was very lively and majestic.

Once the royal carriages passes by, some individuals hurriedly pay respect to the Emperor even though the latter did not bother to come out.

It takes a couple of minutes before Qiao Chen and the others finally arrived at the palace. Qiao Chen immediately returned to his resident and rest.

Qiao Chen sighed while he lay down on the soft mattress. His expression was still calm and collected as he organized his thoughts.

The bait was already set, but the progress was still slow.

He chuckled lowly. The crown prince selection was getting near, and even though the Emperor did not want to step down at his position, a crown prince was still needed. And Qiao Chen knew that the Emperor was very wise and cunning, he knew what to do at these circumstances.

In the original plot, the Emperor choose the second prince as a crown prince, due to Qiao Chen interfered. The original host manipulated the Emperor in his palms to choose the second prince as a puppet, and held the position of the crown prince.

But right now...

Qiao Chen evilly smiled.

It seems like, he needed to be wary of the watcher, now that the plot turned upside down.


The Emperor angrily throw the teacup at the servant kneeling in front of him. His expression was very ugly and intense due to the message the spy has sent.

He was observing this the whole time... he changed the servants of his beloved sparrow and placed several spies under his command... and yet he did not still manage to caught them in his trap.

He massaged his temples and flashed an intense glare at the kneeling servant, "Leave!"

The servant bowed and rapidly leave without hesitation. Once again, the silence envelop the dragon's room.

The emaciated Emperor with drooping eyebrow and an indifferent expression suddenly stood at his bed. The robe on his skin faintly loosen, revealing a healthy muscle chest. However, his mind was a mess of echoing words, with a single phrase repeatedly invaded his mind.

Has he mistaken?

His speculation conducted that his sparrow and the second prince was working behind his back.

But it is indeed the truth?

According to the spies, the two suspected individuals had no contact even in the hunt.

But those ambitious looks...and unusual expression of his beloved sparrow...

"Lu Fang!" he called, and a shadow immediately flew in his back, "Find out the whereabout of the second prince!" he gritted his teeth, whispered a severe word, clenching his hands into fist, as if trying to suppress his emotions.

The shadow guard nodded and instantly disappeared in one's visible eyes.

Once again, a pool of darkness enveloped the Emperor's eyes. Various theories gradually started to appeared in his mind. He knew very well that in this life, he can never attain peace when it comes to his lovely sparrow. His body was like an active volcano, on the verge of eruption at any time. It doesn't matter who Qiao Chen keep meeting with, as long as those pale beautiful eyes with a little hint of green showed a rare emotion, the Emperor will instantly get paranoid. Like a wild beast in the forest, always bubbling violently, ever active and never silent.

"Qiao Chen..." he whispered lowly.

His darken face glowed radiant in a difficult light. It appeared that it doesn't matter anyone or anything, as long as those figure with an emerald eyes belong to him. And only to him. He will be satisfied.

It was different in the past... those sensations was not very severe on the verge of making him crazy. But right now, the sight of not seeing the sparrow even just a second will make his mind go wild.

In the end, these feelings rapidly formed into an obsession.

"There are several guards supervising Qiao Chen." Wen Yang stated while staring at the man opposite to him.

The fact that the unexpected cooperation of Qiao Chen made them put in advantage, and made their future plans go smoothly. But now... there were few servants under his majesty's palms attentively observing Qiao Chen. This situation caught them off guard.

"We need to revise the plan." A firm and determined voice responded.

Wen Yang slowly lifted his eyes and met the warm gaze of the latter, very different in his voice. His heart started to melt by those pair of eyes.

"Qiao Chen will be a great use in our plans. His ability to manipulate the Emperor was what we needed the most. And beside... if he will no longer use to us." Yong An gentle face turned vigorous as he imagined a few scenarios making his voice creepier, "He will become our scapegoat."

This made the curve of Wen Yang's lips wider. He chuckled faintly, exuding a very beautiful charm that can make anyone melt down in his guffaw. His slender fingers touches his lips as he visualized the tragedy of Qiao Chen.

Then again, he stared at his beloved gently, "Your highness, ... we need to move fast. The Emperor was still not cautious to me, this allowed us to meet frequently. But for how long? What if the Emperor no longer wanted Qiao Chen? And turn his attention to me?"

"Shh. That won't happen." Yong An embraced the whining sparrow, his voice turned soft, "Xiao Yang will be free from all of this. I will make you the first male Empress."


"I promise."

Wen Yang's eyes redden. He placed a soft kiss on the latter's lips, and the prince wholeheartedly responded. Their lips intertwined for a couple of minutes before the two finally separated, creating a silver threads of saliva.

"I will go now." Yong An smiled and slowly removed his body from the beautiful sparrow. He gave a last and warm look to Wen Yang and finally departed.

Once his foot stepped outside, his gentle face turned wicked and his hands hurriedly wiped his lips. His indifferent expression gradually exhibit as he walks his way into the dark part of the palace.

"Your highness, the third prince started to make his move." A shadow guard hidden in the dark stated.

Yong An coldly paused, "And the fourth prince?"

"Based on our observation, there are something going on between the sparrow and the fourth prince. I believed that they are allies."

"I see." Yong An smiled wickedly, "Continue to monitor them."

Only in front of the people would he be able to restrain his pride and rage, and expressed a very friendly countenance sincerely, earning the trust and hearts of each individual. But when he turned back, his real face will become visible.

Yong An, at young, already knew what is his priority. His morals and dignity was far very comparable at his age. His ability to mask his vigorous face and wear a sheep-clothing was no false, a great one. He knew how to act, and he knew what to do.

He wants power.

And that Emperor has that. So he wants to become the Emperor.

He knew that this inclination was impossible if he remains foolish and naive. He needed to put all the matter in his hands. Not only that, but he had a very dominant nature and wants everything under his control. Towards the outside, he was a very gentle prince. But in real, his mind was full of wicked thoughts and ideas.

In result of those cunning performance, he easily obtained several comrades and servants that was deeply devoted to him. As a manipulative person itself, Yong An knew how to use them. Just like how he use... Wen Yang.

He did not really love nor like Wen Yang in the first place. He was just a chess piece that he vow to place. Wanted to become the Emperor because he wants to made Wen Yang his bride, was only a veil underneath his plans. His real purpose was he only wanted to become the Emperor. He doesn't care about anything.

In fact... Wen Yang was a great beauty and good at sex. But he was stupid. If he really wanted to have a male Empress... a better candidate was more suited than the latter.

Qiao Chen...

Yong An grinned foolishly.

He observed how that beautiful sparrow manipulated his father, the Emperor. Indeed. He was amazed in his ability and astute mind.

Yong An's figure was darker than night. Trampled with his cold and indifferent countenance, making the abyss more detected.

He licked his lips. Sadly, Qiao Chen chose a wrong prince.

Unknowingly to him, Wen Yang was also displaying his cunning smile. He was already dress in his beautiful robe and was staring at his reflection in the bronze mirror. His blue eyes gradually glowed radiant under the scorched light, his lips curved.

"You think, you got me, huh?"he whispered like a chill of voice, very scary and terrifying.

He was already aware on how Yong An acted sincere and displayed his smitten face in front of him, but betray him at his back. In the beginning... his father sent him just to obtain knowledge from this place, for them to easily take over this country.

He was a secret spy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He acted like a stupid and foolish prince at the first place, just to mislead those people in easily manipulated him. Yong An, Qiao Chen and the Emperor was only a pawn in his plans.

BunnyDubu BunnyDubu

I want villains with a proper objectives and goals. I'm not a fan of dumb and foolish villains. It's going to get darker and bloody soon.

Qiao Chen will have a hard time.

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