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100% Quick transmigration of the villianess / Chapter 147: girlfriend vs childhood friend part 2

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Chapter 147: girlfriend vs childhood friend part 2

But before she could retort a faint cough could be heard before everyone turned towards another girl who was seating at the back. Unlike the graceful Qing Feng Mian who wore a white elegant dress that reached the floor. The girl was wearing a warm yellow dress with intricate flower designs on her dress.

"Ahem, this is Qing Ru Shi, my younger sister, please treat her well"Qing Feng Mian gently introduced her sister to Li Jie and Hua yinyue.

Great another eyesore "Sorry I didn't see you back there. Nice to meet you" Hua yinyue greeted Qing Ru Shi before everyone walked towards the dining table Qing Ru Shi was seating at.

Qing Feng Mian graciously asked to seat next to Li Jie while Hua yinyue replied with a "whatever" look. As if that was something trivial to her.

Qing Feng Mian silently glared at her before Qing Ru Shi calmed her down.

(seating arrangement is Qing Ru Shi sat next to Hua yinyue while Li Jie and Qing Feng Mian sat on the opposite sided. Hua yinyue sat directly opposite Li Jie and Qing Ru Shi is seating directly opposite Qing Feng Mian)

The food was soon filling the table as everyone silently ate

Sensing the awkward atmosphere Li Jie felt like something was wrong.

"AHHH!" Suddenly someone shouted, everyone turned towards the source of the noise which was Qing Ru Shi

"What was that?" Li Jie asked, still slightly shocked by her actions.

"Does she do that often?" Hua yinyue suddenly sent a gaze filled with sympathy towards Qing Feng Mian.

Qing Feng Mian's eyebrow twitched as she calmly replied "that's why she's single"

Qing Ru Shi "Hey don't be so mean, It was just so awkward, I had to do something." she shyly replied as she scratched her head.

Sensing the sincerity in her words Hua yinyue patted her head before saying "Well, it's not that awkward anymore." While silently thanking her in her head.

They soon hit off "Have you heard about the top 3 men in Country A ? Chi Jun. Recently there's been rumours that he's gay."

Hua yinyue replied "OOO I knew it ! Chi Jun had that weird vibe of indifference towards me when we first met. Turns out that he's actually gay."as she shook her head in acknowledgment

Qing Ru Shi "Oh yeah have you heard about his younger brother Chi Lie"

Hua yinyue "Ugh you mean that nouveau rich young master of the Chi Family?" she replied as she rolled her eyes thinking about how annoying he was.

Qing Ru Shi's eyes lit up at the sight of her reaction and quickly replied with a mischievous glint in her eyes "hehe, wanna teach him a lesson with me?"

Hua yinyue replied with a devious smile"Something tells me we're gonna be best friends" as they both giggled maniacally together

Li Jie worryingly drank more tea as he asked "Umm should we be worried about those two, seeing the evil atmosphere surrounding the two girls".

Qing Feng Mian "...". 'you should be worrying about others instead' Knowing Qing Ru Shi that troublemaker, now she's even found an accomplice.

Li Jie "I need to go to the restroom, excuse me" as he sped off to the toilet, led by the Qing family's butler.

Hua yinyue "ok bye, have fun!"

Everyone else thought upon hearing her words 'Wait what do you mean?' as they sent a weird look towards Hua yinyue

Sensing that something was wrong Hua yinyue asked "what's wrong?"

Everyone else 'I'm not gonna ask'

Qing Ru Shi not wanting to be caught in between the crossfire left for the toilet to stall Li Jie, she didn't want his innocent mind to witness the bloodbath.

Qing Feng Mian sent a sharp glare towards Hua yinyue as she menacingly said "So, you're the girl he's been talking about."

Hua yinyue "ahh so you're the childhood friend my Li Jie never talk about?"

Qing Feng Mian glared at Hua yinyue as she slightly stuttered "You!" Not expecting a mere nobody to spite the eldest young miss of the Qing family.

"What want to have a glaring contest is it? Let's fight" as Hua yinyue sent a smug glare back towards Qing Feng Mian.

"PRESUMPTIOUS!" as she slammed the table with her hands while shouting loudly.

"WANT TO SEE WHOSE LOUDER IS IT?"as Hua yinyue channeled her Qi to her vocal cords to compete with Qing Feng Mian.

"Don't you know who I am?"Qing Feng Mian asked with searing anger.

Hua yinyue :"Do I look like I care?"as she rolled her eyes in reply.

"YOU!!!"Qing Feng Mian was angry at the sudden turn of events while Hua yinyue was having that stupid smug smile on her face.

"What? Can't take the heat?" Hua yinyue mockingly asked Qing Feng Mian.

"You have truly angered me, the eldest young miss of the Qing Family!"

Hua yinyue happily replied "Oh really? I can tick it off the bucket list now." with a "What are you going to do about it?" face to follow up.

System " this asshole just came the Qing villa to screw around didn't she?"

Xiao Bai "she's having too much fun"

Sensing that Li Jie was returning they both hastily sat down while Qing Feng Mian called the maids to quickly clear the plates.

"Man you're such a funny girl" Hua yinyue teasingly joked with Qing Feng Mian, ignoring the veins popping on her forehead.

"Thanks." Qing Feng Mian spat out her words, trying her best to regain her wits.

Seeing that Li Jie was looking away Qing Feng Mian mouthed out to Hua yinyue "you'll pay for this"

Hua yinyue mouthed back "tch so petty" Which made Qing Feng Mian glare daggers at Hua yinyue , as though she wanted to rip her apart piece by piece.

Qing Ru Shi" ... "someone please pull these two apart!

Li Jie "..."Something's very wrong here

They soon continued their banter until it was late.Until someone wanted to play a game to end off the day.

Qing Ru Shi" hey let's have a drinking contest!"

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