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72.72% Quick Transmigration: She Would Show Them How To Live / Chapter 8: Chapter 8 - Phoenix Bloodline [+18]

Chapter 8 - Phoenix Bloodline [+18] - Quick Transmigration: She Would Show Them How To Live - Chapter 8 by mirror_on_the_wall full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 - Phoenix Bloodline [+18]

More clouds gathered above the still peak, making the atmosphere a bit gloomy it was a bit abnormal because they gave off the feeling that they weren't meant for cultivators at the golden core formation, sensing this abnormality Heng Hui sat up a blocking barrier around the peak just in case.

After some time, red dense lightening descended strangely enough it didn't hurt Chang Ling at all, on the contrary she felt like she was wrapped in a warm embrace. More lightening struck continuously for a long time and it was absorbed by her blood and soul.

At that moment her soul power soared greatly, rivaling even cultivators at the last steps of the soul formation. With it a burst of memories came.

As the clouds dispersed, the spiritual energy inside Chang Ling's Dantian flowed through her body southing the remaining pain from the burning sensation she felt before breaking through.

As her spiritual energy circulated around her body, she floated from the ground by a gentle force, golden flames runes appeared on her body, on her back, collarbones, between her breasts and circling her wrists and feet.

They were visible very clearly despite her black robes. As they all the runes completed at the same time, the flame between her eyebrows shone as if it became alive, giving signal to all the other runes to shine, then a pair of flame wings burst from her back, her hair color also changed from jet black highlighted by gold, to the color of phoenix flames, from red to gold at the ends. Opening her eyes, they also became gold with tint of red.

At that moment her eyes showed her true nature for a split second; extreme indifference, playful and cruel. They changed only a little, showing a little bit of innocence and care that she should have as the Chang Ling of this world while hiding her extreme indifference and playfulness.

Looking at the two men in front her she finally has the answered she wanted.

From the moment she started cultivating the soul technique she created she could tell that these two people has something strangely familiar between them.

Now that she has stronger soul she can tell that they have the same strange soul fluctuations but also different a little.

This is only left her with more questions.

All these musings only took few seconds in real life.

Deactivating her phoenix bloodline she changed back to her human form.

Yes, this body she took over is a descendant of the phoenix clan. Her ancestor is a phoenix who fell in love with a human girl and married her after, that's why all her clan had the phoenix blood in their veins it's only a question if you can activate it.

Her soul power affected her bloodline and also bloodline awakened her phoenix soul that's why this happened. The previous host of this body also awakened it but it was later or how do you think she met the leads in the immortal world as the novel said.

Now that she has the memories LiLi gave her and what happened in the immortal world she understood many things and felt extremely happy, because unlike what the novel said, she was indifferent to the leads and the same way around, she instead took revenge on them, making them worse than dogs in the immortal world.

Now she feels very comfortable deep inside knowing this truth.

She also knew that the more runes you have around your body, the more you're valued in the clan.

There are a total of six runes, between the eyebrows and breasts, collarbones, back, wrists and feet.

The more you have the more powerful you are.

The former Chang Ling had four of them crowning her as a queen and the future head of the clan.

Five are the maximum for human, since they are not truly pure blood phoenix it's impossible to open more than five; it was extremely rare to open even four let alone five.

As for sic runes that means that they are pure blood phoenix. Chang Ling could achieve this feast only because of her mysterious soul and the efforts she put to nourish her soul and strengthen it.

Feigning nervousness and panic when she looked towards the two masters stuttering weakly with a voice filled with fear while trembling faintly but those eyes are still filled with hope and expectations, an evidence of her trust in them: "Masters- this… Ah- it's…"

She really wanted to know what their reaction and decision will be; based on them she will know what to do, either going in the line with them if they didn't hold any malice, or crush their souls completely because of their greediness.

After all, a human with phoenix blood is considered an extremely rare treasure. Their blood and features could be used in many things, or they could slave the entire person making full use of his power.

How could the two not understand what does having an immortal blood like the phoenix means. But they didn't have the slightest bit of malicious thoughts of using her, only that this is a chance to try and make her theirs.

Heng Hui and Kuo Shan walked towards her, looking in her eyes that still had trust in them, Heng Hui said:"Ling'er need not be afraid, we will never tell any soul about it, it's just we want something from you"

Looking in their eyes and seeing no evil in them but only possessiveness, she smiled a happy smile whilst still a little nervous:"As long I have it I'll give it to Masters"

Arriving in front of her, Kuo Shan pulled her into his arms and said:"we only want you to try loving us"

"What does Master Kuo Shan mea-"

Before she could finish asking her lips were already captured by him, opening her eyes wide from the 'shock' she 'struggled fiercely' in his arms but was hugged and controlled from behind bu Heng Hui.

"Ling'er should be obedient, we will make sure you will feel good" while whispering hotly in her ears he massaged her bunnies with his hands from above the robes while kissing her neck and leaving red marks along it.

Even though she was only fourteen years old she grew up sinfully beautiful, every part of her body was perfect and mesmerizing, she had curved in all the right places, not too much and not too little, coupled with her tall figure compared to her peers gave her a unique sense of allure.

Master Kuo Shan and Master Heng Hui were also tall men, handsome and had a unique air engraved deep in their bones that could draw anyone in.

In front of them she didn't appear small or overpowered by their auras instead she fit perfectely in their arms and between them. They were simply the epitome of pefection.

Being attacked in both her mouth and sensitive bunnies and being deprived for a long time caused her to be extremely sensitive, letting out a soft moan "Nng…"

Seizing the opportunity Kuo Shan dove his tongue into her mouth, licking every inch of it, then hooking up with her small tongue sucking on it and playing with it, causing both of them to be hit with extreme pleasure.

Heng Hui wasn't idle either, he already opened her robes, letting out her bunnies to the air, sucking on her milky white shoulder he played with her soft peaks while twisting her nipples between his fingers, then giving them a fierce pinch making them hard as rock.

She was already a mess from the handling, she could only moan sweetly while diving closer to them seeking more pleasure. They already noticed her little action, Kuo Shan slipped his hand to her panties finding her already wet, he said:"Ling'er sure is sensitive, just some few touches and you're already this wet"

Touching her clitoris a little she trembled in his arms, her legs giving out while letting out the sweetest moan they ever heard:"Naaaaaagh"

With hazy eyes she saw him licking his hands like he just had the best juice ever causing her body to heat up.

Heng Hui touched her twitching opening he said in her ear:"Ling'er is really slutty coming just from few touches, how did you live without a man all this time"

Saying those dirty words he felt her opening spitting more honey like crazy causing his eyes to darken and cock to twitch.

With a single step he was already in his room, putting the slut that made him suffer for years on a cold jade bed causing her to shiver from the cold touch against her fiery body.

Opening her legs widely he observed with a heated gaze her mess of a p*ssy, and twitching opening.

Like he was possessed he licked her strongly without paying attention to her little struggle. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"N-no, nghh M-Mast er aahnn s-stop naaahn"

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