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25% R.A.N.D.O.M / Chapter 2: Killing Spree: Congressman Mayr

Killing Spree: Congressman Mayr - R.A.N.D.O.M - Chapter 2 by biane_ full book limited free

Chapter 2: Killing Spree: Congressman Mayr

!!! WARNING!!! This chapter is rated 18+. This includes violence, sexual activites and inappropriate use of language. Proceed with caution please:))

[~The MMDA up in my veins...~] *sniff*sniff* [~making me insane~]

"Hey! Lynn!"

[~warm squiggles up and down my brain!~]

"Release me!"

[~brain! brain! brain! brain!~]

"I said, release me. NOW!" *sniffing*tack*coughs*

"Urghh~ nice."

Drugs, she doesn't even know their names and classifications. Not that she cared. She doesn't intend to. The power was what she needed... not some silly things like names.

The woman with white skin and messy hair stood up and walked towards the tied man around his middle thirties on the ground. "Saving your voice for later would be very beneficial for you, Congressman Mayr."

"Ughh!" She stomp his chest with force and looked up at the ceiling feeling every ecstasy and power of the drug running through. The man with his caramel-colored business suit squirms and shouts under her foot as he spouts nasty things at her.

'Poor guy, really. He looks like a pig that is soon to be cooked.'

While the music booms at the background, she reached for some rag and crouched beside him putting it inside his mouth. She then proceeded to the basement underneath the bedroom with fading music and open a steel cabinet filled with different kinds of weapons arranged perfectly.

'I worked my ass hard to get these.' and took a deep breath of contentment and excitement.

She grabbed a simple knife for now and licked its blade before going back to tonight's prey.

"I see that you did not catch what I said." She crouched near his chest and drag the end of the knife slowly across his face and down to his manhood, teasing him a little. "Moo... phease!" but stiffened knowing how this is going to end up.

This young-looking man right here although a bit old in age, drags me to the office and forced his way on me, if he just wanted to plug me, he should have asked nicely. Well, she's going to make him suffer either way. She never did forget.

She remove the cloth as he tried to bit her hand. "Hahaha! That's it! You're finally acting like a rabid dog you are!" She continued to laugh while he gave her a dark chilling glare, mumbling something. "Should I be scared?" she said and smirk. She raised her hand with the knife and quickly stabbed the hole on his thigh and twist it roughly before pulling it out. "Urgh! You sick bvtch! What's wrong with you?!"

The woman lick the blade now drenched with the man's blood. 'Goodness. I have been waiting for these moments for three years! Three years, I tell you! I'M ECSTATIC AS HELL!!!'

She licks the drool dropping from her lips. Aside from drugs, she enjoys tormenting people... specifically those monsters who torment others for fun. She feels like she was born solely for this. Because she worked fast, many have hired her for businesses alike. This is where she gets her necessities and things needed for her job. She was only working at that coffee shop who this bastard owns because she was undercover. 'Who would have thought one of my archenemies owns the place?!'

She closed her eyes and smiled, 'I have taken my first step forward towards my goal. I feel the ecstasy and power running towards the very end of my body.'

"You mean, what's wrong with you??!" she said and laughed. I know this two-faced monster from the his very rotten core already. "Are you trying to kill me because I fucked you?!"

"Isn't it a good reason to die? Kyahaha!" his ignorance is too damn funny! He's smart yet naive. They all are! "Are you serious? I thought you're craving for it. Your eyes told me so." now he smirked.

'This is unbelievable... he's unbelievable! Even in the brink of death... heh, I couldn't even said it as I am one of those monsters myself.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Oh. Did I, really? I do not remember, hehe." Pretending to scratch my chin, I plunge the knife on his thigh repeatedly as he screamed and squirms through my blade. "Please, do enlighten me, Congressman."

Thinking she can't hold her lust, she unzips and unbuttoned her pants pulling it off with her panties and threw it at the back. The Congressman's state right now is just too stimulating for her. She's under his control in the past but now... look at him squirming like a sliced worm. His agony is very tempting for her. She should be feeling more angry and furious... but why is it that she felt lust and desire right now?

She began stimulating herself touching his nipples down to his toned torso.

[~I got that funky feelin~] ...

"Hahh... ah ahh..."

[~I feel it all around~] ...

"Ahh... hmmm" the music blasted through the speaker as she stroke herself faster shivering full of lust. She pushed him on his back as she lick and suck every inch of his chest down to his abs. "Uhh... ahh *slurp* hmm... so good."

She spread her legs further and thrust another finger harder and felt the urgency to cum. 'Not yet.' As she cut and ripped his pants, straddled on his waist and stab his shoulder. "Urgh! Sick bvtch!"

"Kyahaha! Am I that yummy? I hope you didn't forget me." I drag my fingers on my lips. "You didn't, did you?" Shr grabbed his' and rubbed its prepuce slowly on her clit. As soon as she did that, she heard him moan and shiver underneath.


She slowly put it inside her as she remembers the past. Scenes of memories flashed across her mind as she felt weak, violated, in pain and... vulnerable.

She had gotten herself used to it that everything didn't matter anymore, that everytime it would happen, she would just focus on the delight and pleasure it always gave.

Quivering with mixed emotions, she started slamming herself hard and leaned her head back and used his wrecked legs to support her weight. She closed her eyes, ram harder and grinded furiously along the music. She licked her right bloody hand and bit her lip causing a wave of urgency. "Yum~" She remove her shirt and play herself. Shockingly, this monster grew bigger inside me. I thought this bastard will scream at me as his last breath but I was ridiculously wrong. Even if he was about to die, he knows how to have fun. Well, it's not that shocking knowing what kind of hideous monster this man is.

"Hehe... sick fvck. I take that as more, yes?" drooling all over, I crawled closer and lick his neck. I, again began banging myself into him but faster than ever before. As I kissed him and bit his tongue, I finished it with one last ram and came. "Well, that was more satisfying than I thought. Hahaha" I remove myself slowly with shaking legs, stood up and wore my shirt. I watch him shivered and came right after. Tsk. Sick bastard.

"Welp, very fun while it lasted, right?" I chuckled and crouched towards him and pulled the knife out but not before dragging it an inch, making him and the metal music on full volume scream in unison.

biane_ biane_

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