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100% R.A.N.D.O.M / Chapter 8: Killing Spree: Meetings

Killing Spree: Meetings - R.A.N.D.O.M - Chapter 8 by biane_ full book limited free

Chapter 8: Killing Spree: Meetings

!!! WARNING!!! This chapter is rated 18+. This includes violence, sexual activites and inappropriate use of language. Proceed with caution please:))

"So it is you...


Like he wasn't bothered by Lynn's presence, he only sat back on the black cushion, crossed his leg, lit his cigarette and laid back comfortably with a Colt M1911 on his side.

Lynn scoffed, "I'm glad you've been expecting me but I'm a bit disappointed you're not even a little bit surprised." she sat on the messy glass table beside the dead blondie's body and also crossed her leg.

"I'm shocked, believe me. I didn't believe your father at first but when I think about it, it's plausible. After all, hoes just wouldn't die like that." He stared at her intently without blinking, anticipating her reaction.

'Would she flip out? Would she stab me? Shoot me? Strangle me, perhaps? Or would she just... play along? Well, either way would be interesting.' smiling at the back of his mind.

"But, of course! Who wouldn't want to see you guys suffer before going straight to hell, right? Hehe" giggling while his eyes crossed and licked the bloody knife she retrieved from one of the lackeys earlier.

The man was really surprised this time because Lynn looked like a crazy real maniac specially now that she opened her legs and played herself, showing the red huge scars from the burn on her inner thighs. She was far from the girl he once knew three years ago. She was now witty, confident, seductive, and... mature. Yes... mature. If her purity and innocence back then were enticing, then her dangerous flame right now and matured body on full display makes him crazy for a hard full-on sex.

"If hell is you, then I wouldn't mind suffering at all." he flicked the cigarette butt on Lynn's leg and puff a smoke out.

He's attitude is really ticking her patience right now. The last thing she wanted is to have a nonchalant smile plastered on that monster's face. He's still underestimating her up until now. But thinking about it, it's not a very bad idea at all. An even brighter idea even!

She retracted her fingers that came from her dropping puss and licked it slowly. "Oh yeah? Do you really think you could still handle me? Hm?"

She stood up and reached her hands on his legs, gliding it forward. "Did you miss me? Or perhaps... this?" She said, rubbing hers into his aching bulge. "We have a lot of catching up to do, Commander." sucking his earlobe after she whispered the words.

"I should've bought you from Kendrick if I have known you would be this aggresive and... dominating." his hand crawling up her hips and clasping her big breast while the other down her puss.

She always knew how stimulating it is when her prey falls down her lap. But she never expected how v.e.r.y stimulating it is when her revenge is coming down easily and this smoothly. Just thinking about the countless of ways for her to treat and torture them makes her two mouths salivate this much.

"Yess... you should have." She lift her hips and slipped his in slowly, both of them groaning on the agony and bliss. Without much patience, the monster grabbed her hips and forcefully pushed and pulled her down to him.

She crossed her eyes and grunt loudly before she yank his hair up making her mounts bounce and lick his neck."You know, oh beloved Division Commander Charles... you're really a disappointment." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She slipped her hands inside her dress and retrieved a knife on both hands. With a second delay, the monster's reaction betrayed him as the knives plunged deep into his upper lungs down to the sofa.

He grunted and cough up blood. "Really, Reya? But I find you very amusing." He grabbed the gun and pointed it to her before pulling the trigger.

Unfortunately for him, Lynn snuck and disarm the gun behind his head while he was busy sucking and licking her breast before yanking his hair up.

Seeing her smirk, he felt nervous for the second time. The first time was when he fought Kendrick, Lynn's father. It was even just a spar on their college days yet he moves like his intention is to kill. She really is her daughter. He can see the power in her eyes that doesn't even show any doubt and mercy at all. In fact, she's more monstrous than her father.

Before she can do anything, he smack the gun roughly on her head. However, she only giggled and laughed before punching his nose, breaking its bridge horribly.

'How the hell is her knuckles that hard?!'

As the blood from her temples ran down her cheeks, she grabbed two needles hidden on the hem of her dress and stood up with her knees before she kneed him on his face and stab the needles right on his neck, paralyzing him completely.

"Oh my~ Oh my~ Was that all you've got dear Commander Charles? I was really hoping for some sauce... I guess you were never that much of a deal than I thought you would be. Kehehe~" licking his blood on her finger.

"Shut up! This is unfair! You're only a woman! And women should only be a plaything and be dragged down on the dirt! They are useless! Specially you! You fvckng whvre!"

"Oh, come now~ Are you throwing a tantrum? THE Golemn's DIVISION COMMANDER, HENRY CHARLES, is throwing ME... a tantrum?? Of all people, you're showing me this? Kyahahaha! YOU.ARE.SO.FUNNY!" slapping his cheeks every word on her last sentence.

"Baby, are you mad because you can't surpass my monster of a father in any way and now even his daughter is currently bullying you?" another sharp knife appeared on her hands, glintly tapping on her cheeks pretending she's in deep thought.


"I guess, you are. Hehe~ Too bad though, you now can't follow my father like a dog anymore. You should thank me, you know! Following that brick wall monster is just... monotonous. Even though you four only go to work, pretentiously waved and order people, abuse me and my mother, and salvage what's left of Golemn, your stares at him is ridiculously too obvious. At first I thought, "Holy shvt... does uncle Charles like my dad?!" You were always following him around and trying to please him when he's insanely rvping my mother to death.

Thinking about it now, your face looked like you were screaming at my father to rvpe you instead of my mother! Hahahaha! Anyway, you were too much of a horny pussy. And now you're going to die."

She removed her hips on his manhood and wink before she grab his throat and slice his sword.

biane_ biane_

finally, it's march. did you find the ara ara~? ≧ω≦

btw, Happy Birthday to ma twin sisters!

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