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Chapter 5 - Rainbow academy 2.0 - Chapter 5 by Tawy_Rae full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Kanisha is looking nervous, and thinking 'I can't do anything, I don't have any magic'.

Sciencia gets a test tube and drinks it, then gives one to Kisa and Dumbra.

"Don't worry, Kanisha, I have a solution", said Sciencia.

"Huh?" asked Kanisha, looking confused.

Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa start glowing, which amazes the students and Mr. Nickels.

After they stop glowing, everybody can see Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa.

By the way, Sciencia is wearing a white dress with brown stripes, test tube earrings, a belt that has test tubes, a test tube hat, and matching shoes with a test tube on it.

Dumbra is wearing a yellow shirt, blue pants, both of the shirt and pants have zebra stripes, an ax hat, and yellow shoes with an ax on both shoes.

Kisa is wearing a purple dress with blue stripes, pearl necklace, blue lipstick, a ribbon wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet, and matching shoes.

"Are you happy now?" Dumbra asks The students and Mr. Nickels, while looking angry.

"They look cute", said A girl.

"So, the deal is that if we become visible, then you would let us stay with Kanisha, and I hope you are going to stay true to your word", said Sciencia.

"Of course, I would, it would be petty if I didn't", said Mr. Nickels to Sciencia.

"Good, and you don't need to worry about us disappearing or becoming invisible", said Kisa. "And for all of you I hope you welcome Kanisha".

"Yes of course, anyway please have a seat", said Mr. Nickels.

Kanisha, Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa find a table that is close to the back.

"Okay, class, we will continue practicing your potions, get them out from the cabinets", said Mr. Nickels. "Kanisha, since you can't do magic".

Mr. Nickels pulls a bunch of books from the desk, and says "You can study these, you see I need a little assistant to help me, but since you don't know this world of magic very much. Please study these. You only have read the first three books".

"Okay", said Kanisha, then walks up to Mr. Nickels' desk and grabs three books.

"And Kanisha's friends I would like you three to come up here and bring your chairs", said Mr. Nickels.

Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa grab their chairs, then put the chairs by the desk, and they sit down.

"I'm going to have you three try some potion tasting", said Mr. Nickels.

"You want us to be taste testers?" Dumbra asks Mr. Nickels.

"Excuse me Mr. Nickels, what kind of potions are these, you having us test? I would like to know in great detail", said Sciencia, while holding a clipboard and pen.

"Well, I assigned each of the students to make potions that express their personalities, so each one is unique, the students will tell you what kind of potion you are tasting", said Mr. Nickels, acting professional.

"Hmmm… Alright, as long as you sign this contract", said Sciencia, then gets paper out of her pocket and gives it to Mr. Nickels.

"I hope you don't think I will hopelessly sign this without reading it", said Mr. Nickels, as he takes the contract.

"Of course not, you are a teacher, so of course you wouldn't be stupid enough to sign it without reading the fine print, but don't worry I didn't put anything outrageous on the contract", said Sciencia, sarcastically, then smiles.

"She's messing with him", whispers somebody.

A boy who has short green hair, white skin, ram's horns, wearing a green shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes named Orange.

Orange looks at Kisa, seeing a pink aura by her, and has dreamy eyes.

Kisa is looking at herself in the mirror, then sees Orange, and smiles at him.

"There signed and I hate to say that you are clean", said Mr. Nickels, looking annoyed.

"Thank you, and Kanisha in case you are worried it was just a little treaty to make sure he and the students don't cause any unnecessary trouble for as an 'assignment', so nothing to worry about and the ink I used is magical thanks to Alex, so they can't break their promise", Sciencia reassures Kanisha.

"I should've expected that, thanks Sciencia", said Kanisha.

"It was nothing", Sciencia kinda blushes.

"Okay, I want to test my potion that I fixed, it's a love potion", said A red-haired girl named Eln, while holding a cauldron that had a spoon in it.

"Sorry sweetie, I don't do, love potions or any spells like that", said Sciencia.

Eln looks at Dumbra.

"Don't even think about it", said Dumbra, looking angry.

Eln sighs, then looks at Kisa, and says "I guess that leaves you".

"Hand it over, sorry for my friends", said Kisa, looking kind.

Eln gives the cauldron to Kisa.

The cauldron has pink liquid.

Kisa grabs the spoon and tastes the potion.

"It works immediately when you fall in love with the first person you see, well at least that is how it is supposed to work", said Eln.

Kisa's eyes turn pink and turn into hearts.

"You know you look nice, the aura I sense around you is so sparkly, would you mind if I gave you a hug?" Kisa compliments Eln.

"Sure", said Eln, looking nervous.

Kisa hugs Eln.

"Seems it's a success", said Eln.

"Kisa, hold on, I have an antidote", said Sciencia.

"Antidote? For what?" Kisa asks Sciencia, looking confused.

Sciencia grabs a test tube from her belt, takes the cork out of the test, and puts the test tube in Kisa's mouth.

Kisa drinks it, her eyes turn back to blue, then takes the test tube out of her mouth.

"You okay?" Eln asks Kisa, while looking concerned.

"Yeah, and by the way I wouldn't suggest using that unless it's for a small experiment", said Kisa, while looking at Eln.

"Okay", said Eln, while she is being given back her cauldron.

Next, a girl who has long green hair with hints of red, white skin, wearing a jet black jacket, white shirt, red jeans, and black boots named Nash walks up to Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa holding a cauldron.

The cauldron has green liquid.

"This is a truth potion, and don't worry I made an antidote as well, so science girl you don't have to waste your test tube", said Nash.

"Well thanks for being such a considerate, biker girl", said Sciencia.

"So, which?" Nash asks all three girls.

"I'll do it, I like your outfit and aura", said Dumbra.

"Thanks, uh", said Nash, as she gives Dumbra a cauldron.

Dumbra takes the spoon out of the cauldron, and says "Dumbra, I know it's an odd name".

Dumbra takes the potion, a blue aura surrounds her, and her body starts glowing.

"Alright, what were you or are you?" Nash asks Dumbra.

"I was Kanisha's imaginary friend I was made by her imagination along with Sciencia and Kiss along with a few others, in her role I'm an alien princess that also is a vampire; and now I can use my powers which is the ability to make any weapon appear", Dumbra explained. "I'm also her sister".

"So the rumors are true, that mortals do have friends like that", said Nash. "Okay, what about these two? What are they to you?"

The students start to look at Kanisha.

But, Kanisha continues reading and doesn't pay attention to any of the students.

'I know, they are staring at me, but I don't care; I'm going to read all these books', thought Kanisha.

"Mr. Nickels, is one of these books a dictionary?" Kanisha asks Mr. Nickels.

"Oh no, hold on I'll give you one", said Mr. Nickels, then grabs a purple book.

'Somehow this girl has created these girls and probably because of Moon Dozen that they were brought to life', thought Mr. Nickels. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Dumbra explains Sciencia is her girlfriend, and Kisa is just a friend of hers.

Nash asks who are all the other imaginary friends she mentions, while holding a clipboard full of paper and has a pen.

Dumbra explains about Wolfie, Alex, Aki, Max, Lukas, Jack, Ryan, Kennedy, Daisy, Dandy, Lily, Hayuki, Clay, Alyma, Jordan, Flynnfield, Detective Z, and Betty.

"Twenty one imaginary friends, whoa!" Eln gasped.

"Well, they're not imaginary anymore", said Nash. "So, what are all of you to the Mortal?"

"Family", said Dumbra. "Are you done?"

"Not yet, how do you feel about this school? Answer honestly", said Nash.

"Frankly I don't trust this school or any of you, but I do trust Kanisha's judgement and if she is willing to give this place a chance; then I will", said Dumbra.

"Here's the antidote", said Nash, as she hands it over.

Dumbra takes the antidote, then gives the bottle back to Nash.

Dumbra's body stops glowing and says "Are you happy now?"

"Yes, thank you, oh Kanisha", said Nash, then walks to Kanisha with a smile on her face.

Kanisha puts her book down for a minute.

Nash starts talking to Kanisha.

Kanisha starts to Nash as well.

"Any more potions you want to test, we only have time for one more", said Mr. Nickels.

A boy who has short blonde hair, white skin, wearing an orange shirt, red pants, and brown shoes named Leo.

Leo walks up with his cauldron and says "My potion is a dark potion".

"I guess I'm the last one left", said Sciencia.

Sciencia tastes the potion.

Sciencia's hair goes up and an evil look appears in her eyes.

"Oh no", said Kisa.

"Such a lovely time to return, hi Dumbra", said Sciencia.

"You better not cause any trouble", said Dumbra.

"You mean like that bomb?" Sciencia asks Dumbra.

A bomb appears in the shape of a test tube.

"Sciencia", said Dumbra.

"Don't worry it's nothing toxic", said Sciencia.

"Dumbra plan c", said Kanisha.

"Got it", said Dumbra.

Dumbra pulls Sciencia in and kisses her on the lips.

Sciencia's hair goes down and her eyes turn back to normal.

The students looked shocked.

Dumbra lets go of Sciencia.

Sciencia grabs a test tube and drinks from it, then puts the test tube back.

"Thank you and did you use your tongue?" said Sciencia.

"Yeah", said Dumbra.

"Okay, thanks enough for today", said Mr. Nickels.

The bell rings.

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