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Taylor and Edward are now inside Taylor's room, upstairs. Taylor sat on his bed, while Edward on the chair beside the bed.

They are now having a staring competition. But poor Edward's head is a little bit puffed up as Taylor knocked it, with his knuckle a few times for his loose mouth.

"Boss, so you didn't die."

Asked Edward with a face full of sadness.

'This guy never learns. Even after that much beating'

Thinking like that Taylor shook his head and answered Edward with a smile.

"It might be a hard thing for your black heart to accept this, but yes, I didn't die."

"Boss. What is your level now?"

Edward questioned with hopeful eyes that Taylor wouldn't have levelled up.

'Please say you didn't level up'

But Taylor answer send him into the abyss,

"I'm level 10"

(Yes, Taylor reached level 10 after the kill he got from the Twoheaded snake. But he couldn't check anything out due to that King Kong's entry.)

Hearing those words, Edward stood up,

"Boss, I will go and train, until the penalty is over."

Taylor was shocked hearing that,

'So Fatty wants to get stronger, well, it's good for me to have a strong sidekick. But what if he became super strong than me?'

'Competition is always good when you are the winner'

"Okay, after your penalty is over, call me"

After sending away Edward, Taylor walked upstairs to the roof of the mansion. In the past, this was his favourite spot for relaxing.

'Next time, I should bring some furniture'

With that thought, he looked around. Everywhere he saw was glowing with beautiful lights. It was like seeing the stars on Earth. Under the light of the full moon, the city glowed even more.

'City of Alma.'

'Even if you travel around the world, no place is better than hometown.'

The City of Alma is a metropolitan city, and it was a never-sleeping city. Here shops and all facilities are open from dusk till dawn. It's was a partying city.

Taylor felt inexpressible emotions, welling up in his heart.

Then he laid down on the roof floor and stared at the sky. The time was around 8 p.m., so the sky was dark. Since it's full moon today, Taylor saw the moon that he didn't see for a long time. That beautiful moon like a luminous pearl in darkness, tears dripped out of Taylor's eyes.

'Desire, I have this desire to catch it in my hands. Crazy, I think.'

Taylor let out a chuckle to himself as he looked at the moon.

While laying down on the rooftop where the cool breeze hit him, with his hands supporting his head, Taylor closed his eyes and drifted into sleep. With a calm breath.

An hour later,

Beep... Beep...

Waking up due to his mobile alarm, Taylor let out a yawn,

"Damn, it's already an hour"

With a reluctant to separate look, Taylor walked down to his room from the rooftop.

Then he had a cold shower, to freshen up.

Taylor wore a white t-shirt and black night pants.

''One hour rest time is over, its time to get back to Fantasy World.''

After you wear the VR helmet, it is pretty much the same as sleeping. Only your mind works like a lucid dream, the rest of your body enters rest mode. But still, Taylor felt that until the second update, he need to relax often and free his mind, so that he can make the long run.

Taylor wires the VR helmet and lay down on his bed. He took a deep breath and equipped the VR helmet on his head and pressed the START button on the VR helmet.

Just like his first-time entry, a fairy came and flew around Taylor. Seeing that fairy, Taylor said,

"Now, it's 9 pm, remind me by 9 am."

The Fairy replies with its beautiful voice,

"As you wish Ranger"

'This is one of the several functions of these fairies, they will send you a notification for the reminder to you, as per your requests. After the second update, they will be of greater assistance with massive features.'

Thinking about the second update capsule, Taylor passed into the Fantasy World. As he opened his eyes, Taylor lay down on the treehouse from where he logged out.

'Breathing in the fresh air'

Taylor sat up and looked at the place where before was a cave, but now just debris.

'It looks like the monkey is not out, yet'

Then Taylor stood up and stretched his body to loosen up his muscles.

Open my stats window,




SPIRIT - 15. }

"Add all my points into the constitution,"




SPIRIT - 15. }

It was 10 stats points as he levelled up two levels continuously. And why the constitution.

Because what he now needed the most is vitality and defence.

"Now it's time for the ceremony"

Taylor drew out his warblade and started to draw a big magic circle on the treehouse's surface. It had seven big circles and several ancient characters that even the Fantasy World people don't know of. These are the things, he learned from the Gods Shrine which he stumbled upon in the past timeline. It is this very circle that will help him, to absorb God's Blood.

After finishing the magic circle, Taylor took out the Illusion Soul Crystal that was pulled out the two-headed snake's, silver head. Biting his fingertip, Taylor wrote some words in the surface of the Soul Crystal, upon which it started to let out a bright light. With a smile on his face, he placed the brightly glowing Soul Crystal on the ground. Then the light started to spread out with a flash. As the light subsided there was no change inside the tree cave, but if you look from the outside, you couldn't see the treehouse. The tree that Taylor was residing in became invisible. That was the use of Illusion Soul Crystal.

'Still, I have the touch'

Seeing his own success, Taylor took out the canteens that are filled with the Level 12, Two head Snakes' blood. Then he started to pour the blood on the marking of the magic circle. It started to let out a bright red light with a powerful aura awakening.

'I hope that the crystal can hide this aura.'

When he emptied the canteen, the blood spread throughout the circle upon which the bright red light started to change into golden light.

As the golden light started to shine brighter, Taylor sat down at the heart of the magic circle. With a resolute face, Taylor made a small cut in between his brows with a small knife. Blood started to trickle down from the wound. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But with an unfazed look, Taylor took out God's Blood, from his inventory,

"Finally, we are gonna merge again."

With a hint of a smile on his face, Taylor opened that Bottles lid and poured the blue blood in the bottle on his forehead, where he made a cut before.


A bloodcurdling scream could be heard near the tree cave, scaring all the beast in the vicinity, well now there is no beast to be scared as all ran away in the fear of berserk king kong.

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