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100% Rastro Rehab / Chapter 8: Love Letters

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Chapter 8: Love Letters

As Rhian frantically tried to spray perfume on her mouth and all over her body while driving like a madman back to the hotel where Glaiza was currently situated, her phone rang. Now, as a master driver, she doesn't usually recommend driving while using the phone except during emergency situations and this right now most certainly qualifies as an emergency situation which could possibly save the life of her dying invisible blue ba.lls.

"Rhian, wait there, I'm coming..."

"Wait, what? I'm sorry babe, those words sound so sexy coming from your lips but I'm the one who's coming! I'm coming to meet you there at your hotel, where are you now anyways?"

As it turned out, the usually sober Glaiza had a little drink which turned out to be too much for her low alcohol tolerance body and was not able to hear her reply that she would go to her. So their vehicles met on the road and she quickly flagged her down, made a U-turn and told her that she would be following and guiding her in her own vehicle so that they could drive to the racer's house which was nearer than the rocker's house or the hotel.

Glaiza's parents and management team thought that she went out with Ben and their other friends so they did not bother worrying or following where she was.

When the two girls arrived, Rhian helped Glaiza park her car on their garage. She was assisting the slightly staggering drunk girl walk up their patio by putting her arm around her shoulders and she herself circling her own arm around the rocker's small, wasted waist, when they met face to face with her mom Clara who seemed to be in good spirits and ready to go out.

"Hi, baby! Who's that? Oh, it's you Glaiza! You're always so beautiful, child." She smiled as she touched the black-haired girl's chin and then gave her own daughter a wink. "Well, I'll leave you two here as I have some party to attend. Take care of the house, okay? Grandma is visiting with our cousins and won't be back until next week."

Glaiza just smiled like an idiot as she leaned on Rhian and walked up with her to her bedroom in the attic.

"Take care of the house, okay baby? Baby! Hahaha!" Glaiza giggled like a little kid and seemed to make fun of Rhian's nickname from her mom.

"Glaiza, you're drunk," Rhian shook her head as she propped up some pillows and help Glaiza sit on her bed and lean back on the comfy bedhead. "Here, drink this water, this well help you lessen your tipsiness."

"I'm not drunk, Rhian, I'm just happy. Because I finally know what I want." Glaiza said cheerfully and matter-of-factly as she took off her shawl and uncovered a clingy little black dress with a very revealing neckline and flowy short skirt that hugged her waist.

"What do you want?" Rhian gulped.


Rhian double-gulped.

"Are you sure you're not drunk? I mean you know I want this but I don't wanna take advantage..." Rhian was sitting on the edge of her bed facing Glaiza intently now.

"I am not drunk, well just a little, but I'm still in possession of my faculties and I have never felt more alive and alert in my entire life."

"Let me just remind you that this time there's no cut, no director, no lines, no one else to stop us... and I don't wanna hope for nothing again."

"Shit, Rhian! Come on, just do it..."

That's it. Rhian got super keyed up at the sudden expression of the girl who rarely sw.ore but now just uttered a pro.fanity which sounded like a prayer to the gods. She was so hot. And her sweet perfume tinged with a bit of li.quor was driving Rhian insane. But she inwardly cu.rsed herself as she had to do one more thing before proceeding, "Wait, G. I have something to show you."

She returned to the bed bringing a small wooden box which was locked. When she opened it, heaps of letters in assorted envelopes jumped out.

"You asked me if I really loved you during our sleepover. Well, I want you to read these and know that I was telling you the truth." Rhian looked at Glaiza intently in the eyes with rare solemnity.

Glaiza was filled with awe as she opened and read some of the letters which were all addressed to her:

Dear Glaiza,

How are you? It's been so boring since we finished Stairway. I don't know about you but I kinda really missed you... remember that time when we packed up early and we got to go out with the crew and Dingdong's makeup artist? That was hilarious! I have never heard you say some words before and I couldn't imagine you doing it but when you said all those words, you were pretty good at being bad, haha, even though you were just acting out from your rock movie script but you are really weird and funny, you know? I like that. And what about that time when we were doing that GMA outreach program in that elementary school, you were really good with the kids and you gave that flirty Akihiro a piece of your mind, wow you are really something. I feel like we could be very good friends if only we could get to spend more off-work time together, you catch my drift? I really feel extra happy and smiley when you are around. You probably don't know this but I like girls... and I mean really like, like... you know... in that way? But I'm just really, really good at keeping it secret. I am well aware that some people are criticizing me for my so called bland acting (well, scre.w them!) and I will most probably never win an award for it (cross fingers!) but if ever I will win an Oscar, it will be in best performance for being straight. Don't cry for me though, no drama or sui.cidal awakening here or any of that emo, I have come to terms with myself and most of my family are supporting me but ya know, we're just keeping it on the down low for showbiz and all that. But I do like boys, too... they are likeable enough when you get around to it, but not as much as I like girls, and not as much as I like you... You are really cool and you act so cool and you really rock BUT, I don't know if you like girls, too? Gosh this is embarrassing. Hey, just keeping it real! I know this probably won't get to you though... I don't think I'll ever get the courage to give you this (or maybe?) but I'm in the bathroom (don't worry its clean! I cleaned it myself! Last week! Haha!) and can't sleep so here I am in the first series of my Rhian's Glaiza Diaries in the Bathroom. Ho! Ho! Ho!

XoXo (That's hugs and kisses in case you didn't know yet),



Dear Glaiza,

I wish we had another project together. I miss you. Wait, did I say I miss you? Yeah, I miss you.


Dear Glaiza,

I am secretly going out with this none showbiz girl. She is really great but not as great as you. But she is here and you are not. You are straight and I am not. Speaking of straight, I saw you on TV today and you look amazing with your long and straight hair. You give me the tingles. When your hair is straight I AM SO NOT!


Dear Glaiza,

I think I love you. Seriously, I might be falling madly in love with you. Is it because I miss you too much? I mean, I have said I love you to others before, even to family, and those moments were sincere and real but nothing feels more real than when I say it to YOU... and you're not even in front of me. Do you think I'm weird?


Dear Glaiza,

I heard that Patrick Garcia is courting you. I wanna drown myself. In yogurt.


Dear Glaiza,

Sorry I haven't written in a while, just been busy, yeah I know I always write to you even when I'm busy but this is the end, I really have to forget you and get seriously involved in my own life. The people around me deserve a real Rhian who is not a zombie with its brains left in Glaiza's heart. And I think I'm too old to keep a diary. This is not even considerable as a real diary. Well, if it is then it's a weird one. Just like my feelings for you. Bye. (PS-I know I am also partly to blame coz I am a coward when it comes to telling you how I feel and the fear of you rejecting me is eating me from the inside out. Wait, eww that sounds gross. Now, bye, for real this time. Signed, sealed, NOT delivered.)


While Glaiza read the last one of the many letters piled in front of her, a tear fell from her eye as she smiled and looked at Rhian tenderly. The girl had so articulately written the very words describing her own feelings that she have been denying for so long even to herself.

"I love you, too..." Then without any more hesitation, Glaiza closed her eyes and leaned over to kiss Rhian.

Glaiza found herself melting into Rhian's arms as their kisses grew deeper. The racer's hands were really good in kneading and holding her close. But the redhead slowly let go of the lip lock and looked right into her deep black eyes.

"Is this how you want it? I don't wanna go too fast and scare you like before... "

"No, it's okay... I admit this is entirely new to me but you make me feel comfortable and secured now. I just love this feeling of being near you, kissing you, holding you..." Glaiza smiled at her mildly.

"Tell me more... tell me what you want, Glai..."

"I want you to do everything you have always wanted to do to me..."

"Okay..." Rhian looked at Glaiza with such impassioned eyes, "first, I would like to see you..."

"But you're already seeing me..."

"I mean, all of you..."

"Oh... Okay..."

"May I?"

"Go ahead, Rhian..."

Without averting her eyes away from Glaiza's own, Rhian let her arms encircle round the other girl's body and slowly unzip the back part of her dress. Then she slid it off her shoulders and down her waist as the other slightly lifted her bottom from the bed so Rhian could pull it down to her knees and out her legs.

Glaiza was wearing one of those dresses which had attached chest pads so she was uncovered now and what remained was just her lacy white undies down there and she shyly looked down while smiling and holding her arms in front of her to cover her chest.

"Hands up! This is a hostage situation!" Rhian pointed her hand which was formed as a makeshift gun towards Glaiza and cleverly uttered a way to make the rocker show her ample and perfectly shaped mounds.

"Oh! Sorry! Okay, I surrender! Please don't hurt me..." Glaiza raised up her arms as she laughed and caught on to Rhian's play acting.

"I won't. Never. My mission is not to harm but to please." Rhian vowed solemnly but hungrily as she envisaged Glaiza who looked incredibly gorgeous in all her glory amidst the dim light of her bedroom. "Absolutely beautiful..."

She then quickly took off her own strawberry designed pajama top and bottoms, revealing her amazing body and was now unhooking the back clip of her bra while her other arm gently held down Glaiza to fully lay on the bed. She closed her eyes and moved forward for a kiss when Glaiza held her smooth shoulders and stopped her a few inches away from her face...

The gorgeous Glaiza tenderly looked up at Rhian's angelic face and gave her the most charming, benign smile she had ever seen in her entire existence and the racing champ's eyes almost welled up with tears as she saw how much she was loved.

By the time they continued the kiss and her lips touched the other's lips, she had already gotten rid of her bra and an animalistic sound escaped both their throats as the now super sensitive tips of their chests touched and pressed together.

They then moved to a rhythm that only their ablaze bodies could hear as their arms and legs intertwined in a tight embrace. Rhian once again unlocked their lips and looked down on Glaiza's eyes, as if asking more permission to proceed which the other gladly and yieldingly gave through her gaze. The redhead then went on to plant wet, tender kisses on the singer's cheeks and neck and startled her by squeezing her two front mounds with her hands.

"Hnnnnngggg...." Glaiza gave out a low as bolts of electricity seemed to burst through her entire body and cause her lower core to moisten and pulsate. Her hands were lost, either trying to grip the sheets, caress Rhian's hair, squeeze her shoulders or dug on the racer's back.

Rhian got fired up by what she just heard so she got brave and bent her head down to take the tip of one of Glaiza's mounds into her mouth... another from the bottom girl made her say, "fuuuwckk!" as she went on to flick her ton.gue at first slowly and then rapidly.

Glaiza was now moving like an electrocuted eel under her.

Then Rhian extended her agony by giving attention to the other mountain, suc.kling and making reddish marks on its valley before licking its peak and gently biting and slightly pulling it with her teeth.

Meanwhile, in the land down under, one of her hands was making its way to the underwater cave which was now soaked with the rising tide. Determined to finish what she started this time, she slipped two of her digits at the now drenched and softened center. She looked up from her mountain suction and was pleased to see a very beautiful Glaiza with eyes tightly shut and lips parted wide open while giving out a loud squeal.

Rhian herself released a low as she started to move her two digits in and then out, and so on. She kept at it while still doing a good job of suc.king upstairs. It took all of her self-control to stop herself from just losing it and biting hard or swallowing her love's amazing knolls.

While downstairs, at first her two digits moved slowly and teasingly but as Glaiza was moving wildly and making so much noise, she got more inspired to quicken her pace and now she was digging her rapidly like a sewing machine while her thumb flicked and rubbed the knob just outside the entrance.

"You like this, baby?"

"Yes! Oh God Rhian!" Glaiza's breathing was hitched and she was either biting her own lip or parting it wide open. But then she let out a whimper of disappointment as she felt Rhian's mouth leave her mound and her hand abandon her cavern. "Baby, please... I need you... Don't stop!"

"Hush, baby... you're close... but don't let it go yet... we can still extend this incredible journey." Dripping wet with sweat, Rhian breathlessly whispered reassuring words unto her beloved's ear. She then went on to kiss the other who received her with much longing and thirst as if she had missed it for many years when really, they were just kissing a few minutes ago.

But Rhian detached again and took her mouth down, leaving a trail of hasty marks on the terrain and then down to an underwater cave expedition. Her soft, red hair trailed along downwards and tickled the ignited pores of Glaiza's skin.

Rhian slowly removed the last remaining barrier down Glaiza's feet which then kicked it away, and she kissed, su.cked and nibbled on the soft inner side of Glaiza's upper legs for a few seconds which seemed to have elated the receiver who didn't know whether to laugh or scream as she tried her best not to squeeze Rhian's head with her thighs in excitement.

Then without further warning, the racer started the onslaught of her mischievous little ton.gue towards the moistened core in between the jellyfish folds.

"Holy shi---AAAGH!!!" Glaiza felt like she had just died and went to heaven as a few drips gushed forth from the waterfall of her underground cave. She had no idea she was only on the first heaven.

"Umm, Glai..." Rhian lic.ked and lapped up everything like a hungry wild wolf, especially paying detailed attention to the protruding knob on top of the cave's opening. Su.cking, eating, swallowing, like a deprived mongrel.

Her driving was so intense that she didn't even realize she had moved Glaiza up to the point where the rocker's head was now touching the cushiony headboard. The pillows and sheets were now on the floor. She was an unstoppable bulldozer.

When she felt the cave walls about to tighten around her ton.gue and close up in an avalanche, she suddenly pulled out and let go, taking herself back up to look down at Glaiza's face, which contorted in disappointment as she let out a very feisty, "FVVVCK YOU, RHIAN!!! WHY???!!"

"Hehe, you look so beautiful with your mad face, babe... ssshhhh.... Im not done yet..." She smiled with her moistened and sticky lips as she kissed Glaiza and gave her a taste of her own medicine. It was scrumptious.

Finishing where she left off, she dug her out again but this time, with three of her digits. While she was intently kissing her and also rapidly increasing the speed of her underwater fing.ercise, she felt the other girl's hand move towards her hips and tried to slip down her own lacy barrier.

To her much delighted astonishment, Glaiza also introduced the same amount of digits through her incision which has long been ready and moisturized since the series of fortunate events started taking place. G was certainly full of pleasant surprises!

Splish! Splash! Digits from both hands were moving extremely fast now as Rhian relished the sounds of humans mo.aning, bed creaking, mouths locking... and realized that Glaiza was imitating and mirroring what she was doing with her own hands. Her lady was so generous and thoughtful that no matter how much she wanted it, she was not about to go off into the deep end without taking her teammate with her.

Then, as she could no longer take the anticipation, she curled up her digits inside, stirring G's... well, ya know... spot... which act elicited the same response for her from G and both girls saw an explosion of lights that would shame even the big bang theory. They saw stars, constellations and the entire multiverse.


Rhian could only respond with a loud as she arched her back and looked straight into Glaiza's impassioned face and finally collapsed her tired body down on her.

"Glai... I love you so much..." She finally managed to whisper as she rested her head on Glaiza's heaving chest and feel the girl give her hair a long, soft kiss.

"I love you, too... so much..." Out of breath Glaiza replied as she gently caressed Rhian's bare back.

"If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledgehammer..." Rhian lazily smiled.

"Crazy, that's a song. Again. Haha..." Glaiza laughed and teasingly pinched her arm. But then, she went on and say, "So are we gonna do this from Dusk 'til Dawn? (Referring to her own single on her album)."

"Heck, yeah!" Rhian pretended to wiggle an invisible rope like a cowboy and accidentally brushed Glaiza somewhere down the road.

"Aww... be careful Rhian... I'm still sensitive down that part right now..."

"Oh, sorry baby..." Rhian kissed her chest and played with it gently.

"So I'm really your baby now? We'll call each other that?" Glaiza asked as she felt tickled again.

"Yeah, please... let's call each other that and not the super cheesy Lablab term that Suzi coined for us. Baby sounds way cooler. I'm your baby... G..." Rhian sweetly remarked as she gave one last criticism to their TRMD Headwriter.

"And I'm yours, Rhian. Your baby."

"My baby? My Glaiza? And not anymore that hypothetical and confusing Althea of yours?"

"Yes, your baby Glaiza. Who would you choose anyway? Althea or me? Just curious."

"You, of course! I don't even know if Althea can sing, play guitar or do that surprise move you just did to me.... Heheee...."

"Haha! Well sometimes I like calling you love because I got used to our Lablab in TRMD... I got carried away... so far away..."

"Then we can also use baby love... double the sweetness... hehe..." Rhian teased as she rained little kisses on Glaiza's collarbone.

"Hmmm... nice... But you know babe, after all this, I will really miss you whenever we are not together..."

"Awww, I will miss you, too... so much, baby..." Rhian hugged her tighter, "I'm so happy when I'm with you..."

"And I'm sad when I'm not with you... I wish I could have something of yours that I could take with me to my own bed, like a T-Shirt or something that I could wear while I lay in bed thinking about you... with nothing else on..."

"Wait, babe, I think I got just the right stuff for you." Rhian pulled one of the sheets to her chest and left the warmth and comfort of Glaiza's body to retrieve the item for her. She was already missing the way she feels on her skin. She sensed that the other girl felt the same way coz she heard her let out a discontented sigh but just appeased herself with the thought that Glaiza was admiring her sexy back right now.

After she got one of her favorite shirts inside her closet, she rejoined her baby in bed and gave her the loose white T-Shirt with the words "WEIRD" imprinted on its front. "Here, I thought of you when I got this, anyway. I liked it so much I bought extra. We can both wear one whenever we miss each other."

"Haha. Weird. We are both weird. Thank you, baby... I shall treasure this and think of you."

"You're welcome baby... I'm so, so happy that I found someone as weird as me... and I look forward to more weird things we could do together, and do to each other... hehe..." Rhian laughed naughtily as she moved upward to capture Glaiza again and they share another passionate kiss.

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along." -Rumi

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