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75% RE : BIRTH / Chapter 3: CH 3 : Having Tea With King Theodore.

CH 3 : Having Tea With King Theodore. - RE : BIRTH - Chapter 3 by wtvrenity full book limited free

Chapter 3: CH 3 : Having Tea With King Theodore.

Rosanne's body sinking in the bathtub while the maids were bathing her smooth silky skin, she was in a daze of thinking about her plans for today.

'Father had just notified me that we will be having tea with King Theodore... then the headboard meeting. Wait a minute, that's when I'll see Prince Rayko, during tea. That's a great time to try and call off the engagement!' She thought to herself with a determined expression on.

Soon after her little bath, Rosanne had other duties to fulfill which included going to the dress shop and ordering some dresses that were more like her taste from 7 years ago.

"Welcome, my lady! We are so excited to have you as our customer! We actually have our best designer here today. I shall show you the best dresses I have that just arrived today." The male worker said in an exciting tone.

She quietly follows behind the taller man as he stops at a bright pink dress that was ridiculously big at the bottom, topping it off with ribbons at the bottom and a big bow tied in the back.

"Here we have our fi-" The male was cut off by Rosanne.

She cleared her throat, declining the offer "Are there any dresses that are more simple. Maybe that one?" She asked.

The man stared in shock as beads of sweat rolled down his temples as he hesitantly obliged, "If I may ask, my lady, what color schemes are you looking for so i shall order to bring it over to you." The man said.

Rosanne thought for a moment "Something with dark colors like blue, burgundy, green, and black. Ah also makes some attire with pants as well. Then I must go, I have an appointment to go to." She said with a smile.

Rosanne enters the dressing room before fitting into the simple off the shoulder dark blue dress that compliments her frame. Soon after she headed off in the carriage to the castle. She let out a deep sigh before entering the castle, heading towards the balcony to see the king talking to her father at the tea table.

As soon as she stepped onto the balcony she swept her dress into a low curtsey. "Thank you, for the invitation, your Royal Highness." She said with a smile.

"Come my dear, come sit." He said, returning the smile.

She then seated herself in between the two, taking a sip of her tea.

"How have you been, dear?" King Theodore asked.

"I've been doing well, Your Highness. There is something I would like to discuss with you and father as well." She said with a serious expression.

"Ah yes, what is it?" The King asked, raising a brow.

Her father stared at her in curiosity, before she could say anything Prince Rayko stepped in. She locked eye contact with him and fear crept back into her, her small hands shaking, feeling as if she would be engulfed with death as soon as she saw him.

"Oh! I invited Prince Rayko as well. The lovely couple, why don't you show Lady Rosanne around the garden." The king said with a joyful tone.

She looks away fiddling with her dress before putting on a fake smile, "Actually, your highness. There is something I would like to say and I want Prince Rayko to hear as well. As you know I have been acting very immature, but I have come to a realization that I would like to call off the engagement because it isn't fair to Prince Rayko. I forced it onto him and begged my father to marry Prince Rayko. I was a child back then and what I thought was love was just admiration. Your highness, I would like to call this engagement off because I am not fit for the role of queen or his future wife. I cannot be called queen and lead a kingdom where I have not possessed the knowledge of." She said.

The three males were in total shock, the person they once knew as an immature little girl who was obsessed over Prince Rayko had become a mature fine lady.

"You do realize, Lady Rosanne, that you have requested this and now want to step back from this engagement. I am disappointed since I wanted you to be my daughter, however if that is your choice, so be it. But my dear it took a lot of courage and to admit your wrong doing it was very amazing of you. You would have been a great queen." The king said with a sad smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Rosanne, what is the meaning of this?" Her father whispered into her ear with a disappointed tone.

She gave him a smile before glancing back up to Prince Rayko who still had a shock expression.

'What is going on?... She was literally chasing and following me a few days ago, why is she suddenly calling off the engagement. Is this another plan of hers or something?" He thought to himself.

Both Prince Rayko and Lady Rosanne quietly walked side by side in the garden as his father, the King, wanted them to. It was an awkward silence from everything that had happened back there.

Prince Rayko breaks the silence as he asks, "What are you planning?"

"Excuse me?" She questioned at the sudden interrogation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I know you are up to no good, suddenly calling off the engagement when you were literally flaunting over me a few days ago." He said with his usual cold tone and expression.

Rosanne huffed out as she pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, "I am not planning anything, Your Highness. I apologize for being immature and a brat towards you. That will never happen ever again, you will finally be at peace." She said calmly.

Before he had anything to say she suddenly cuts in, "I believe it is almost time for the headboard meeting."

Rosanne gave him a curtsey and walked out of the garden, making her way back to her father. After that situation had ended they were moved into the headboard meeting. As soon as Rosanne walked into the room, all of the men were staring at her as if she was not wanted.

"What is this young lady doing in her, Duke Salvatore?" A man questioned who seems to be Duke of Evington, the perverted and greedy hoary man.

"This is my daughter, Rosanne Langston. She has a proposal that should be included. It is highly likely that it would give us some help." Her father, Salvatore said.

"Please! What could a mere child bring onto the table-" Another elder man chipped in only to be cut off by the prince.

"Enough, settle down. If Duke Salvatore appeals to the proposition then it must be important. Now let's all take our seats and discuss." Prince Rayko said calmly before everyone had obeyed, taking a seat around the long oval table.

"Speak your mind, Lady Rosanne." He said gazing at her with his cold deep blue eyes.

Rosanne slowly stood up from her chair nodding her head before responding, "I appreciate everyone for taking the time to listen to a 'mere child' like me. However, there is a huge problem with the plan of sending the knights into the frodstan forest head on. What you might be all thinking is that the Gantric's knights would all be there but what if there was a possibility that they had half of their knights to go around the forest entering through the Golden-Peach Glaze and attack from behind. With all of our knights being under attack, their wounds will also play a role and effect the situation. The environment we are unaware of can cause a new disease outbreak, there is a high chance that our men will die and our people will suffer through many losses due to this disease."

"Nonsense!" One of the men exclaimed.

"Yeah! You are spouting nothing but speculations! A child like you should just go learn and be ladylike!" Another one chimed in.

Rayko stayed quiet taking in all the information as he gave a little more thinking, "I believe you. There are many possible outcomes. But just so you know Lady Rosanne, if what you are saying is not what it seems to be, you have to take full responsibility of our losses and that's a whole lot of weight on your shoulders." He said calmly.

Rosanne nodded her head "I am sure of it. I would also like to come with and assist the wounded knights." She said with all seriousness.

The older men and her step brother sneered at her as her brother and father smiled in delight. Rayko suppresses his smile, being impressed at a girl who wasn't the annoying little girl he saw, but as Lady Rosanne.

The meeting finally came to an end as everyone had left the room, as Rosanne was leaving the room she accidentally bumps her head against a firm chest. She immediately apologizes, lifting her head up slowly only to see a man with platinum locks that covered nearly half of his golden like yellow eyes.

She immediately backs away, bowing her head slightly, "I am terribly sorry, sir..?" She mumbled not knowing the man.

The man gave her a warm smile, "It's fine, Lady Rosanne. It was my fault, I was practically standing in your way. My name is Alastair, Duke of Eden." He said extending his hand out for her hand.

Rosanne gave him a smile, placing her small fragile hand onto his as he brought it up to his lips, pressing it against the back of her hand. His golden eyes never leaving her beautiful pale features.

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