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71.42% Re : Child again. / Chapter 39: Awakening.

Awakening. - Re : Child again. - Chapter 39 by Fishball_22 full book limited free

Chapter 39: Awakening.

In the hospital.

More than three days had passed since the the first day Leon fell unconscious.

But even now, he's still lying on one of the hospital beds without showing any changes in his conditionat all.

The doctors can only put some dextrose on him to make sure that Leon will get enough sustenance as it is not possible for him to eat anything with his current situation.

Christina is currently peeling an apple fruit on her hands. Small kitchen knife slowly carved down those thin apple skin continuously without cutting them.

She then began slicing the now peeled apple into bite-sized pieces before putting them on the plate; she put it on top of the table.

Christina has been doing this everyday, again and again four over three days now. All so that Leon will have something to eat in case he woke up all of a sudden.

With the help of her husband, her sister Pauline, her other child, Carla and her other relatives, along with the assurance of the doctors in this hospital that Leon's life isn't in any form of danger, Christina managed to calm down and somewhat accepted the situation.

The hope that Leon will/can wake up anytime made her emotions stable.

Even so, Christina still insisted in living here inside the hospital until Leon woke up. Her husband, Victor didn't approve it at first but he still reluctantly agreed in the end after seeing how determined his wife was.

After receiving the news about what happened to his son, Victor immediately went back home. His employer was also quite understanding and let him go without any trouble.

Victor is a man in his late twenties. He's around 5'6 in height and has a tanned skin due to his line of work.

Appearance wise, it can be said that Victor's also above average, but that's all. He has has a quite bulky body due to his line of work too.

* Creak *

The door opens up and a small figure nimbly entered the room, followed by Pauline.

It's Carla.

Her little feet brought her to where Cristina was in no time at all. " Good afternoon auntie Christy! How's Leon doing? Did he woke up already? "

" Oh, Carla. You came again. Christina smiled seeing the little girl. " Leon is still sleeping. Come here and let aunty help you remove your mask so you can eat this fruit. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Carla did what Christina said as she leaned closer to her.

" Auntie Christy, why is Leon still sleeping? It's already been.... 1...2...3... three days since he started sleeping, right? Why is Leon so sleepy? "

" Hmm....I don't know too, Carla. But the doctor told me that Leon will be fine and might wake up anytime, and on his own. "

" Anytime? "

The adorable little girl tilted her small head, albeit confusedly.

" When was anytime, auntie Christy. I want Leon to wake up now. "

" Come on Carla, stopped bothering your auntie. " Pauline interrupted her. She's afraid that her daughter's persistence will trouble Christina.

" Is there any updates about Leon, sister Christy? Did they already found out what's wrong with his condition? It's almost four days now. "

Though she's not showing it on the outside, Pauline is just as worried as Christina. Or at least, not far from it.

" Nothing much. They only told me a lot of possibilities, Pauline. But as for exact answer, there's none yet. "

Christina gently brushes Carla's hair before giving her the apple she peeled and sliced just now.

"Joseph know us so he didn't hide anything from me and said that Leon's case is just too bizarre. And even now, they still can't find out what's exactly stopping Leon from waking up. "

" That... isn't that a bit..... * sigh *. Do you want to transfer Leon to the other hospital, sister Christy? Perhaps..... "

" Me and my husband believed in Joseph, Pauline. He's capable. "

" Are you sure, sister Christy? "

" Mn. Let's wait for a bit more. "

( Carla's PoV )

I don't like doctors and nurses!

Because they are big baddies.

They always come everyday and keep hurting Leon, so I don't like them.

They do pokey-pokey to Leon with needles; really scary big needles and take his blood.

I want to stop them, but mommy always told me that it is fine. I can't understand it.

How can it be fine if they will hurt Leon?

But I believed in mommy.

Mommy always brings me here every afternoon, after our class is over to see Leon. But mommy also always made me cover my face with ma...maks? Mask!

That's right, mask. It's hard for me to breath though while wearing this but I don't mind as long as I can see Leon.

I hope Leon will wake up soon. I already missed him a lot!

Even our classmates are the same. They want to come here too and visit Leon but they can't because their parents didn't allow them.

Leon... please.... wake up soon.

( End of PoV )

In the afternoon, Christina's husband came back to the hospital carrying some more food and drinks with him along with some toiletries.

Pauline and Carla had left already because Carla isn't allowed to stay in the hospital for a long time.

Jeniffer and Clarissa also visited at noon to see Leon but didn't stay for long as they still have meetings to attend to.

" Tina, it's already been 4 days now and look at yourself, you looked very tired. Please don't be stubborn anymore, go home now, take some rest and let me take care of our son. "

" No. I want to stay here, I'll be fine. There's a chair over there that I can use to take a rest so I'll be okay. I won't leave Leon here. "

Hearing his wife's reply, Victor walked towards her and put his hands on both of her shoulders before looking directly to her eyes.

" That won't do, Tina. I've already allowed you to stay here for more than two days but that's enough. I won't let you torture yourself like this anymore. I know you cared for our son and wanted to stay by his side but what you're doing right now isn't logical anymore. I'm here too, aren't I? Let me take care of Leon, okay? "

" But... I want to-... "

" No buts, Tina. Just listen to me okay? Do you not, trust me? "

" It's not like that, I trust you Victor. I really do but I still want to-.... " Christina still wanted to insist but when she saw her husband's expression on his face, she stopped.

She knows her husband very well.

Most of the times, Victor tend to always agreed to almost anything and everything she asked and say to him. It's not because he's afraid of her or he's an 'Andres' but because he simply loves her a lot and believe in her.

Victor believes that his wife is very capable so he let her handle everything house related. He even agreed in the end to let her work even though he's against it.

But it's a very different case when it comes to her health. Christina recognized that look on his face. She knows that this time, she can't say no anymore because it won't work.

" Fine. I'll go home. But I'll come back tomorrow morning. You won't stop me from doing that, would you? "

" Mn. Thats fine. Thank you, Tina for understanding. " said Victor before hugging Christina gently.

Christina smiled and hugged her husband back before saying, " I should be the one to thank you, Victor. Please take care of our son while I'm not around. Don't leave him alone, okay? "

" Of course. Leave him to me. He's my only son after all. " Victor let go of Christina after saying that. He gave her a last kiss on her forehead before sending her out of the hospital.


In Leon's side.

After a very long time of slumber, Leon finally opened his eyes and saw his surroundings.

" Urg. What happened? "

He found himself lying in the middle of nowhere. He slowly got up.

" This place..... why am I still here? Where am I? "

He remembered this place. It's the last place he saw before he fell unconscious.

" That's right! There's a voice before. " said Leon, remembering something. " Hey, are you still there? Who are you? "

[ At your service, Host. ]

It did came!

" W-who are you? Where are you? "

That mechanical voice seemed to be coming from indide his mind. Leon can't see anything/anyone but he can still hear the voice.

[ I am your helper that came together with you after coming to this parallel world. I'm here to help you fulfill all of your desires and also, to make everything easier for you, Host. ]

" What?! " exclaimed Leon in surprised.

He can't believe what he just heard. ' How can I be this lucky? ' He thought to himself.

First, he got reincarnated. Then he received a free magical storage ring. He also befriended the cutest person to him, Carla.

And now, this?

A system?

Leon can't believe that his luck would be enough to allow him to experience all of these.

Leon wasn't unfamiliar with this event. He has 5 years of experience, reading xianxia novels along with other reincarnation novels in his past life!

And most of them were all about systems. Though he didn't know if it is something that he should be proud of.

He never thought he will be able experience all of these but he still tried his best to calm down.

" Tell me where am I right now? And how did I returned to the past. "

[ Answering Host, you are currently inside your own dreamworld, your thoughts. I'm using this place to communicate with you, Host.

As for your second question, I'm sorry to say this Host but, you didn't actually returned back to the past. Or to be more precise, not fully. ]

That answer sent another wave of shocked to Leon. This is just so shocking for him.

He completely ignored the system's first answer. " What do you mean by that? Are you saying that..... I "

[ Yes Host. Because of the laws of the universe, it's nearly impossible for anyone to return to the past, even for you.

Only a few powerful beings can do that. It seems like you hadn't noticed it yet host, but the world you are currently in right now, although has similarities with your past world, it's still different. I'm sure Host will figure it out soon. ]

Leon fell silent for awhile after hearing that. He's slowly digesting every information he received right now. He's even wondering if everything about this were true or not, in the first place.

" But... how about my parents? How come they are still the same? "

[ It's one of your privilege, Host. ]

Leon can't help but to feel relieved after hearing that but also became confused at the same time. " What do you mean? What privileged? Also, who or what brought me here in the past? And, is there anything I should do in exchange? "

[ I'm sorry Host but.. I don't have any permission to answer that question. ]


[ The only thing I can tell Host is that, everything will be clear at the right time. Also, Host doesn't need to do anything in return. Just be true to yourself. Live whatever life you want. Things that are bound to happen, will happen at the right time. ]

Leon then continuously asked questions after questions to the system and he also became more and more familiar with it as he do so.

Most of his question had gone unanswered though and received [ I don't have permission to answer that question, Host ] instead. This made him a bit helpless but decided not to pursue it for the meantime.

" So, how long have I been staying here already and, how can I get out of here? " he asked after thinking about it for awhile.

[ Answering Host, You've been here for more than 4 days already. If Host wants to leave here, Host only has to say the word, ' Leave. ' ]

" LEAVE! "



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