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Negotiation 2_2 - Re Istode : Things that kitsune girl do in another world - Chapter 49 by Pandora_Phantasy full book limited free

Chapter 49: Negotiation 2_2

"Treasure?" Kimi and the Fallen Elf voiced that question at same time.

"Yes, treasure. A treasure that will make you rich!" I said in a slightly high tone to convince the Fallen Elf girl.

"Oh... Treasure! Inside the North Forest, there are treasures and you want to share those treasures with me. You are so kind to give me ample wealth. I feel like it's all a dream!" The girl said all of it with passion. She even clapped my left hand with her hands.

Seeing her smile, my ears stood up and my tail swung around at a fast pace. To make her believe more in the treasure, I said, "That's not a dream! The treasure exists! Become rich is not a dream!"

"Then I'll help you find the treasure," said the girl with a smile. A moment later she immediately put on a serious expression. "And do you think I truly mean to say that?"


I was confused and the girl frowned.

She let go of my hand then said, "You think I'll blindly believe your story about this treasure?"

"Why not?"

"Haa... Why is this girl so naïve and innocent," the girl massaged her forehead. "Listen to me. Someone wouldn't believe your story about you knowing the location of a hidden treasure if you didn't have solid evidence to support your story."

"And it's too good to be true, a treasure that makes someone rich in an instant. Where? In the northern forest where the beginner adventurers hunt? As I have said, the story is like a dream, too good to be true."

The girl's explanation made me speechless. A moment later, I realized that what she was saying was true. But, is my story also the truth?

Wait a minute... I found out the story about hidden dungeons from Ark Fantasy Online! And I, I haven't confirmed whether the Hidden Dungeon truly exists in this world!

If that Hidden Dungeon doesn't exist, aren't I in big trouble!?

"An you hope someone believes about that story? You are a stupid girl."

The girl insulted me and more painfully, things she said were true.

As I felt embarrassed after realizing my mistake, Kimi approached the girl.

My little sister's ears and tail stood up. She put on an annoyed expression then pointed at the girl. "Hey! Although it was a fact that my big sis was naïve, innocent, and strange, my big sis wasn't stupid! I can't let you ridicule my big sis!"

"Kimi!" I shouted. For some reason, my face heated up after hearing and seeing Kimi's Bravo.

I'm not angry and strangely, I feel ashamed. Where did this shame come from?

I don't know.

The girl blinked and from the expression she showed, she seemed to be surprised by Kimi's attitude. A moment later, "Hahaha... Well, little lady, I won't ridicule your sister again on a condition, you must teach your this so-called big sis common sense that is being used in society. Your sister is a fat, tasty prey to fraudsters."

"I know. But unfortunately, my big sis's weirdness was beyond repair."

"Kimi!" I cried spontaneously.

My feelings are really in the mess right now. I couldn't say anything when I saw the Fallen Elf girl holding back her laughter.

Ugh! I want to hide somewhere now.

Kimi looked at me and gave me the expression she used to show when she scolded me. "That's the truth. Big sis common sense is too strange and I do feel worried every time big sis goes to the city alone."

"Hahaha..." The girl finally couldn't help to laugh. She can't hold it anymore.

"Ugh, Kimi!"

After saying those words, I caught my little sister. I silenced her in my hug.

The little girl tried to run away and the Fallen Elf girl was laughing. It lasted for some time before the three of us finally fell silent.

I glanced at the Fallen Elf girl as I let go of my little sister.

And yes, I admire the girl. Black glossy hair, gold bright eyes, pink soft lips, and perfect carved nose. She was beautiful, she was perfect.

Lastly, a leaf-shaped pin in her hair. It's give her a childish vibe. That vibe made me nostalgic.


Even though right now I was Giselle Gibson, I still remember the cheerful little Fallen Elf girl clearly. Does, I, the old Eclaite want to satisfy her longing for Cerene by interacting with this girl?

Once again, I don't know the answer.

"So miss, will you accept my job offer?"

"I don't want to hear your joke anymore! So, don't bother to open your mouth again."


I wanted to give a reply but the girl covered my mouth with her index finger. At the same time, she gave me a menacing look.

She tried to intimidate me but I didn't feel scared. I found myself admiring the charm of those golden eyes.

Then, when I being mesmerized, she moved her lips. "You have to pay me fifty silvers a day if you want my services. You can take it or leave it. Make your choice. I don't want to hear anything else."

I started thinking about the offer after the girl pulled her index finger away from my lips.

Fifty silver coins per day. Yes, that's an amount I can't spend easily. I'm too poor and it hurts so much.

I look at the girl's eyes. With a bitter tongue, I said, "I can't hire your services."

"Then our conversation is over," said the girl.

She picked up her bag and walked away from us

"What's your name, miss?" I asked.

At least, I should get her name before we part ways.

The Fallen Elf girl turned to look at me. She smiled at me. "I'll tell you my name when you can hire my services."

Then, the girl disappeared into the crowd.

"It's very disappointing," I whispered.

"Big sis can hire another Carrier, don't be disappointed." Kimi tried to comfort me. At the same time, she stroked my head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I sighed. "Haa... Let's go home, Kimi."


I'm going to surrender now.

I'll meet and talk to the Fallen Elf girl if I have the chance and… money. I've already remembered the scent of her body, I can find her easily.

Now, I have to think about the side effects of the Heart of Monsters and how to find the Lost City Beldea.

I have to earn money so I can hire the Fallen Elf girl for a few days.

The next day, I visited a shop called Anna Magic Shop.

Anna Magic Shop is a two-story shop made of red brick. This shop looks serene because it is decorated with various types of decorative plants including vines that stick to the walls of the store.

In addition to selling the Spells in the form of Magic Scrolls, the store also sells various types of Magic Tools.

In Ark Fantasy Online, Anna Magic Shop is very famous for having a beautiful NPC who plays as the shop owner. The popularity of this NPC even made hundreds of Players create a Fan Club.

There were different types of quests assigned to this beautiful NPC name Anna. And one of the most famous quests was a quest that could make a Player recruit her into their Party for some time.

And honestly, I say. I am one of Anna's fans. Therefore, I hope to meet her when I buy Magic Tools.

I entered the store with hope.

I did window shopping for a while. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find Anna the beautiful NPC, the owner of this shop.

It's so weird. Usually, Anna will occupy one of the cashier's tables to serve customers. But today, the figure of the silver-haired half-elf woman was completely unseen.

Disappointed, I picked up a Smell Blocker from the display rack. Then, I approached one of the cashier's tables without customers. A middle-aged man gave me a friendly smile the moment I got there.

"Welcome, miss. What do you need from the Anna Magic Shop today?"

"I want to buy this Smell Blocker. I also need a Lantern of Revealers," I told the shopkeeper. At the same time, I put the Smell Blocker on the cashier's desk.

"Lantern of Revealers... Please wait a minute, miss. I'll find the stuff you're asking for."

I nodded and the middle-aged man left his chair. He talked to another shopkeeper for a while before entering a room. A few minutes later, the man returned.

"This is the Lantern of Revealers you asked for, miss," said the middle-aged man who placed a small Lantern on the cashier's desk. "Is there anything else you need?"

"No, I only need these two items. How much does it cost?"

"Smell Blockers cost one large silver and Lantern of Revealers cost one and a half large silver. All become two and a half large silver."

I nodded and paid for the two items. "Thank you."

"No, miss. We are the ones who should say thank you."

I left Anna Magic Shop to start my new adventure.

Pandora_Phantasy Pandora_Phantasy

I don't know how much should I write this, I am sorry, again. I don't have an excuse right now. I hope that you will give me your forgiveness.

Happy reading and have a great day.

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