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57.14% RE:One Piece / Chapter 4: Kalislo, King of Jurrasic Island

Kalislo, King of Jurrasic Island - RE:One Piece - Chapter 4 by Fertility full book limited free

Chapter 4: Kalislo, King of Jurrasic Island

"ROAAAAARRR!!" I heard another roar in the distance as I walked onto the island. This island could be of use, I could test out my 'cheat' ability. As I was in my thoughts, a T-rex on four legs charged towards me. I jumped to the left avoiding its banana-sized teeth and landed on a tree. I jumped off the tree and butterfly kicked the four-legged T-rex into the air. I geppo'd and roundhouse kicked its ribs, the T-rex was sent into one of the many giant trees. It roared in pain and I finished it off with an axe kick to the head.

I gathered some twigs and flint and started a fire. I cooked the T-rex and ate it. I felt my skin getting tougher and my muscles growing denser. My canine teeth grew a little and become pointer. I felt my eyes change, but that'll have to wait until I get a look at myself.

'It seems I can absorb the physical traits of any animal I eat. I wouldn't consider that a game-breaking cheat but it'll come in handy.' I got up and started training while fighting beast.




[3 years later]

"ROOOAAAR!" Another dinosaur died to my kick. My training has gone well for the past 3 years, I grew again to around 20 feet and I seemed to stop growing. My body grew tougher and my physical features have changed from 3 years ago. My eye color is no longer brown and it saddened me greatly, they turned a deep yellow color, and the pupil was vertical, my chest is around a C-cup, the horns on the side of my head grew to the point in which they stand out and can be used as weapons, my canine teeth also grew a bit longer and are noticeable if I open my mouth, my skin received more scars and a large 4 clawed one spanned across my chest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

My observation haki has progressed and I can see half a second into the future, my armament hako changed from charcoal black to a regular black and I've also learned how to use my conquerors haki at will. I looked towards the center of the island and used my observation haki, causing my eyes to flash red.

Around a year ago I noticed most dinosaurs avoided the center, I got cocky and went into the center. I found a giant wyvern who've I've named Kalislo, and we fought. I ended up losing and getting this giant scar on my chest. From that point on I deemed him as King of this island.

'Today, I get my rematch Kalislo!'

I ran towards the center and jumped up, I arrived in a gigantic crash. The giant 300 foot, one-eyed, red wyvern emerged from its cave. We made eye contact and Kalislo roared loudly, trying to instill fear into me. I used conquerors haki and he looked at me with anger. He used his giant claws and tried hitting me, I dodged and used future sight to dodge his next attack as well. I jumped up and crescent kicked his jaw, I backflipped from the recoil and hardened my legs with haki. He recovered and raised his claw to attack, our attacks met and I won the clash. His giant body was sent into a giant tree and I used future sight to dodge a plume of fire. I was caught off-guard by the giant red tail, I was hit in the abdomen and sent flying through multiple trees I counted 3.

"KAH!" I coughed up blood from the internal injury I received.

I jumped out of the tree and soru'd left as a huge pillar of fire struck my previous location. I soru'd forward until I reached Kalislo and I consecutively kicked his abdomen. I felt some ribs break, Kalislo roared and swung his tail at me. I dodged and used future sight to dodge the next strike before I used Iron Whip on his neck. His neck had a deep cut and he was breathing heavily. As they say, a cornered animal is almost as dangerous as a wounded one. I both injured and cornered him, Kalislo got a sudden rush of energy and shot a thick pillar of fire from his throat. The pillar of fire was too thick for me to dodge, so I attempted to block.

"FUCK!!" Draconic fire hurts like shit, although I coated my arms with haki they still have burn marks.

"That's gonna become a scar." I said before dodging a giant claw. I backflipped dodging a thick red tail and jumped forward and hook kicked Kalislo in the sternum. I felt his ribcage break under my foot and he fell back. Kalislo breathing heavily, looked at me with astonishment.

"You are the strongest opponent I have faced so far. I will remember your name as I embark on my goal. Farewell." I whipped kicked his neck, decapitating him. I started a fire and began cooking Kalislo's body.

I began eating the wyvern and my body was filled with a great amount of heat, my pores literally let out hot steam. I felt my skin compact and my bones became harder, my muscles also become more compact especially in my legs. The white horns on side of my head turned red at the tips and my tongue was on fire. I let my tongue out only for it to reach my chest.

"What the fuck!!" I thought I saw everything when it came to my body modifications. My tongue was long and pointy, think of Orochimaru. I also felt my sense of smell, hearing, taste, and sight increase leaps and bounds.

You may be wondering why didn't they increase with other creatures? I literally don't know. My body stopped gaining physical features and only grew in strength as I ate Kalislo's body. I finished the 300-foot wyvern leaving only bones, I walked to the shore and dived underwater today I set sail!

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