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64.17% Reaching For the Stars / Chapter 42: Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Chapter 42

"Hey, guys."

[blacklily: "Oh he's finally back."]

[LoafOfBread: "We missed you, Charlie."]

"Alright alright, stop being dramatic it was just 10 minutes."

[Yvettel: "You haven't even been talking to us since Saturday! What is wrong with youuuuu?!"]

[bzoomster: "Do you not care about us?"]

"Okay, I'm sorry I'm sorry."

[blacklily: "Losers. Haha, we talked earlier today."

[Rykun: "The favoritism is real here. I bet it's only because she plays the piano too."]

I smiled at their friendly banter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yes, yes, of course."

[Juliamn: "I feel like Charlie is just treating this like babysitting annoying children."]

[Redde: "Hahaha."]

[wipL: "What are you laughing about, huh, Redde?"]

[Redde: "Pffft. Haha, nothing."]

[Yvettel: "He's totally laughing at our misery. Uh dur dur dur, I'm Reed and I'm superior because I know Charlie personally."]

[Redde: "Haha wait, that's not true!"]

[blacklily: "Yeah, I bet he thinks he's better because he knows Charlie personally."]

It's starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

[Poodlefluff: "Let's meet up all someday!!!"]

[Juliamn: "Yeah, let's! By the way wip, I heard what you said in a clip about zoom."]

[wipL: "Wait what?"]

[bzoomster: "Wow! You're talking behind my back?"]

I detected him trying to hold his laughter in and just grinned to the chat.

[wipL: "What did I say?"]

I check the time. 8:10 PM.

Hmm. I might have done an error in planning.

I'm going to be eating dinner soon and I do want to spend some time with my family.

Maybe play some Chess with dad and plan with them to someday go play tennis as a family.

[Juliamn: "By the way what are we doing today?"]

[blacklily: "I dunno, what do you guys want to do?"]

[LoafOfBread: "Videogames?"]

[bzoomster: "I disagree with Bread. Let's not play videogames and instead just chat for the rest of the night."]

[LoafOfBread: "What a great idea!"]

I think their inner cracksters are beginning to come out.

[Yvettel: "How about a horror game?"]

[Poodlefluff: "How about, no!"]

She practically yelled.

[wipL: "Yeah, let's play a horror game."]

[blacklily: "Agreed."]

[Rykun: "Yup."]


[blacklily: "Hahaha. I've gotten over it! This time I definitely won't get nightmares."] I could hear her pump her fist in motivation.

[Yvettel: "That's also what you said last time…"]

[Redde: "You begged us to not leave the voice channel…"]

[Poodlefluff: "Yvette! How do you never get scared of the horror games?"]

[bzoomster: "Yeah, I piss myself every time lol."]

We all laughed at his comment.

[Yvettel: "I do get scared."]

[Juliamn: "Lies. You don't even react to jump scares."]

[Redde: "If you get scared why do you play them? Is that your form of entertainment?"]

[wipL: "I mean, they're kind of fun…"]

"Yeah, horror movies and games are fun to do with friends."

I voiced my agreement with them. Though I get scared and look away from the screen whenever I feel like there's about to be a jump scare, it is pretty funny to react like this with your friends.

[Redde: "Oh god, Charlie is also like them."]

[Juliamn: "Let's get out the pitchforks and torches!"]

[Poodlefluff: "Okay okay, let's all agree on something."]

[blacklily: "Yup! But it's raining right now and it's dark outside. It's the perfect time for a horror game!"]

She yelled with enthusiasm.

[Poodlefluff: "How about later? I'm actually feeling a little scared now."]

[blacklily: "Aww, it's okay! I'll stay up all night with you because I'll probably have nightmares too."]

[Yvettel: "Yeah, me too! We should definitely play a horror game."]

[Poodlefluff: "Please no. I don't want to pee myself live on stream."]

Ah, here come the incoming weird comments. I really don't want to read chat right now.

[wipL: "It's ok, no one will know."]

I glance at chat and immediately regret seeing anything.

"Ugh, someone please get me eye bleach."



Shooghttbebthha: oh god someone get me some too

Bedwaaaaaaaaalt: some people are just disgusting

Honeyypill: lol ill go who wants]

Ah, I really should not have looked at the chat.

[bzoomster: "Well, three people want to play a horror game. Wip, Yvette, and Lily."]

[Juliamn: "How about we just play a peaceful game? Like Lily said, it's raining. It's the perfect time for a relaxing game. Maybe Terraria?"]

[Poodlefluff: "Oh my god, Terraria sounds so good right now."]

[LoafOfBread: "Oooh, I'm actually kind of feeling Terraria right now."]

[Redde: "Yeah same."]

[bzoomster: "Yeah, that would actually sound really good."]

[Yvettel: "Yeah I change my mind. Sorry Lily and Wip, but Terraria's really fun."]

[blacklily: "Dangit Yvette! Of course you'll want to play the game you're the best at."]

[Yvettel: "It's okay Lily we'll play next time. You really want to get nightmares that badly?"]

[blacklily: "No! But I want to hear people yelling!"]

[LoafOfBread: "The screams of other people will be drowned out by yours."]

[blacklily: "Okay… but let's play Modded! Normal is a little boring."]

[Rykun: "Yes yes, but this time don't spend the entire 3 hours killing bunnies and birds."]

[Yvettel: "Kay, I've got the server. What mods?"]

"I'll join later guys, I've got to go do something real quick."

I heard their okays and said goodbye to them and chat.

I disable the camera and on the software put the words 'AFK' on a black screen.

[Achievement Points: 2,721 {2,886/3,000}]

So close! I think I'll be getting it tonight or the next morning.

Oh well.

I exit out of my room into the dining room where my parents are just now setting the food on the table.


"Good evening, Charlie."

I reach to them for a hug.

"Smells nice. Who cooked this time?"

My dad pointed to himself, "Not me."

Mom laughed and slapped his elbow. Inside joke maybe?

I help them set the plates on the table while chatting with them.

"When will you two be free?"

"Probably Tuesday."

"Tuesday?" Mom stared at him.

"Yup. Tuesday. What's happening?"

"Oh, well maybe we can go do something next Tuesday. Maybe play Tennis?"

My mom's eyes instantly lit up. I could see her grip dad's hand very painfully with a very bright expression on her face.

"We think that would be amazing!"

Dad smiled at her and gripped her hand to remind her that she was crushing it.

"Yes, let's go Tuesday. We already have the rackets and a few balls. Do you want to go to the Tennis Courts over in the park?"

I nodded at them and they smiled back at me.

Dad poked me as we watched Mom cutely prance around the kitchen happily.

"I think she's gone coo-coo."

His frame shook in amusement.

She looked back at him and threw her arms out to begin chasing him.

He turned at her and began running away.

Haha, they're literally just like children.

I watch them move in circles around the table.

Charlotte poked my shoulder from behind and just looked at them with mirth.

"Done your homework yet?"

"Yup. There's still a project that my groupmates haven't finished, though…"

I pat her back, knowing full well how it feels to have incompetent group mates.

We see the small frame of our mother chase our dad until at last she catches up to him and jumps on his back.

How youthful.

He catches her and begins piggy-back riding her as she shamelessly snuggles deeper into his back.

They really look like a young couple right now… Is this some place where you should be flirting openly? In front of your children?

I scoffed jokingly, how irresponsible.

"So uh, Charlotte are you free next week's Tuesday? We'll be going to play Tennis." I awkwardly ask her while trying to ignore our parents.

"Yup... I have exams that day, though. You'll have to wait for me after class." She says, also a little concerned about how our parents are behaving.

"No problem."

I got back to streaming and they had made a new Terraria world with very, very difficult mods.

Of course, being the complete noob gamer I was, I walked around cutting trees and getting killed by the overpowered zombies and slimes that were 20x harder to kill than before.


Vieweex: charlie get a yoyo n theyr rlly easy to kill

terrax: lol whats the death count at]

Our death count probably was at more than 100 deaths. Most of them from the beginning when they were setting up for survival and had no items.

Of course, I didn't have to go through much suffering since by the time I had come back they already had a few weapons.

I was still getting demolished by the occasional zombie and explosive bunny that my friends would kill me with.

[Yvettel: "Charlie, guess what?"]


[bzoomster: "Charlie just run away."]

[blacklily: "Don't. She has a really nice present for you."]

[Redde: "Charlie it's a good present."]

[wipL: "Charlie, don't it's horrible."]

"How bad could it be?"

I walked over to Yvette's character. Of course, I think she's going to try to kill me but she'll probably give me a few items after killing me in compensation for making fun of me.

I'll probably include this in the highlights and just edit in Yvette's facecam into the video.

To my expectations, she places a bunny down on me and explodes it with her boomerang.

'Charlie was cut down the middle by explosive bunny.'



[blacklily: "He's just so innocent."]

No. I just want free items.

[Juliamn: "That's how I learned to never trust them again. Probably 20 of my deaths so far have been from explosive bunnies."]

[Poodlefluff: "Hahaha, look Charlie."]

Her character walked over and placed an explosive bunny right next to Yvettel.

While Yvette laughed her nose off, Poodle took revenge for me by exploding her.

[Yvettel: "Hahaha, wait nooo!!! Poodle!!!!"]

'Yvettel was turned into dust by explosive bunny.'

"Thanks Poodle. At least there's someone here I can trust."

[Yvettel: "Hahaha okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was actually going to give you something but I got an explosive bunny on the way here."]

[LoafOfBread: "You can always trust me Charlie."]

[wipL: "Yeah, get away from these fake people."]

[Redde: "Yeah, they're so rude."]

[Rykun: "Haha, Redde you were one of the people telling Charlie it was a good present…"]

[Redde: "What? No clue, honestly."]

'Redde was chopped up by an explosive bunny.'

[blacklily: "PFFFFFT— Hahahahah."]

[Redde: "Sigh…"]

I smirked at Reed's sigh of resignation.

[Yvettel: "Okay Charlie, here's a little gift."]

I ran away from her.

[Yvettel: "Haha wait, it's not an explosive bunny this time!"]

I reluctantly went back to her.


Boxman1: cant trust anyone here

Yvvvx11: bro i dunno i kinda ship them

laltr: bruh they kinda cute together ngl]

Uh, okay then.

A little strange.

"Thanks, Yvette."

[Yvettel: "Do you like my gift?"]

"Yup. It's a nice gift."

[Yvettel: "Okay, do you want to live together?"]

[blacklily: "Wait no, I want to live with you."]

"Why not just make a really big house?"

[Redde: "Yeah, I'm already building it."]


[The Host's Achievement Egg is cracking!]

We were all gathered around the build Reed had made when I suddenly heard this message ringing in my head.


We got 3,000 achievement points so quickly!

I immediately go to the system tab and click on the Achievement Egg symbol that was situated next to my total achievement points.

The golden egg had cracks around it which emitted rays of light from within.

Do I just… wait?

Oh, of course! Let's tap it!

[Author Note: oop. it's cliffhanger time LOL.

Well, did you guys enjoy? I really did enjoy writing this chapter and their interaction. I've never played Terraria before but I've watched YouTubers play the game and honestly, it looks really fun.

Is the story feeling a little slow right now? I feel like it is a little bit right now.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Thank you very much, once again!]

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