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Chapter 44: Generals

It was already late in the afternoon; we might've spent a bit too much time in the library, but for a fact, I didn't really care about it so much. But, I do have to say that with so many things happening, I can't believe that it was only a couple of days. I just smiled as I looked up to the sky whilst holding my… daughter, I suppose, supporting her as she laid on my back whilst the skies were dyed orange, making it seem so peaceful. Heck, this world was already a million times more pleasant and tranquil than on earth.

(...I want to touch Riku so badly… my body feels so hot… especially my… my!)

Elanor couldn't help but keep thinking about Riku, especially now that Riku has acquired quite a high relationship rank with her. She sandwiched her beautiful breasts with her arms as her hand covered her crotch whilst breathing raggedly. All she could think of was Riku; everything on her mind was Riku.

(A/N: I'm thinking of switching between first-person and third-person to keep it interesting, I hope you are alright with it!)

Her ears started to twitch as it turned red and she became hotter and hotter by the moment as she began to… sweat, a little. Noticing that I was quite worried, so I immediately looked at her {Status Effects}, via Party Status, but there were no other changes, and she did not have any adverse effects which gave me a breath of relief. I lightly smiled as I went ahead and approached her.

"Are you alright Elanor, you seem to be sick… if you're not feeling well, just tell me, I'll help you, you know", I said as I held her arm, signifying that I would really help her no matter what. As soon as Elanor felt my touch, she seemed to be electrocuted or to be more exact; it seemed as if she was frozen in ice, unable to move a single inch as she blushed further with her ears and head steaming as far as it can.

[Elanor Yelfiel Affection +3 (123, Admirer)]

"N-no, I'm fine!", she stuttered, and I expected her to shake her arm to remove my hand, but she didn't avoid my grasp. I just smiled at that as I held her arm as I sped up in walking, bringing her along with me. It would be already considered as a sprint, but oh well. Anyway, I'm quite excited to have my armour finally fitted. I should tell the girls that I need to visit that blacksmith tomorrow as they seemed to be quite familiar with her.

I dragged her along with me as I started to use wind magic to make us fly and with that, Elanor's face blushed whilst being in awe of what was happening. (F-Flying! Such a high-level skill… Riku is certainly amazing… But he already has three wives… or possibly more… I wonder if he accepts me as his wife… It's so embarrassing to think of this!)

Well, as you may have expected, they flew together to the castle and arrived in a couple of minutes since Riku didn't actually use his full speed. She probably wouldn't be able to handle the rate and might possibly be injured, and Riku, of course, didn't want that to happen.

As they flew, Yumina woke up, and she thoroughly enjoyed the flight. In fact, she even separated, which worried Riku to a certain degree, but he underestimated her flying speed was also incredibly fast. Riku just smiled bitterly at that as he thought, (I've started to overestimate myself just because I'm powerful… I need to change that about me)

In a span of a few minutes, we soon arrive at the castle whilst the sun started setting down. We indeed wasted a bit too much time there. I slowly descended from the sky to the ground as to not injure Elanor. I could land easily by myself even if I jump from the sky, but if Elanor lands like I do, she will probably break her legs, which is something very awful.

With that said, we landed, and I softly placed down Elanor on the ground to assure that she's okay. She was a bit dizzy from flying, as she was not used to just flying around the skies, but she took it in better than I expected, which was a great result. But I still had to ask her myself, just to be sure, "Are you fine? Are you feeling sick?"

"N-no, I'm fine", Elanor responded as her lips started to arch upwards proceeding to make a beautiful smile as her elvish nature began to show. She seemed so modest and noble that it was terrific. I grabbed unto her hand as I walked towards the gates, meeting the guard, who bowed with full respect. I just smiled seeing that as all Louise's servants, knights, guards, infantry, and the whole community, in general, were all very respectful and friendly.

As I thought about how respectful they were, I remembered what was written in the books. "The Reisfield Kingdom is the kindest, friendliest, and the most good-willed country in the continent", which surprises me. They are in fact very kind, but my delusion of thinking that the whole world was as friendly as this kingdom and I couldn't help but awkwardly laugh.

I just continued with my steps as Yumina started to hug my head tightly. I undoubtedly enjoyed it as I smiled whilst walking along the yard to the castle. I opened the door to the throne room, and as you may have expected, they were all there, but this time, there were more people. They were wearing heavy armour, and they had sheathed great-swords attached to their waists as they gave a curt and respectful nod when we entered. Overall there were 6 generals: they equally split between men and women, and they seemed to have fought countless amounts of battles as they seem robust.

Louise, who was sitting down on the throne, laughed as she said, "My generals just came back. So here they are now. Everyone! I would like you to meet Riku, the man who saved the priestesses', the Alpha's, and my daughter's life", after saying that, the generals seemed to look at me respectfully whilst nodding. They also clapped their hands out of context as they approached me.

A particular old man walked up to me as he smiled. His smile looked so friendly as he walked up to me whilst saying, "Thank you, boy! For saving the ladies!", I just nodded my head whilst smiling. The other generals shook my hand with respect whilst walking away. And a particular one caught my eye.

It was a woman, as you may have expected, and she seemed to emit an aura of a fierce lioness as her beautifully braided red hair swayed. Her eyes seemed to be in tone with a lion and were coloured with the gorgeous tint of gold. It shone as she walked towards me with a confident smile attached to her face. She also had a couple of scars spread along her face that just increased the show of strength that she was a warrior, and I might say as well that… it indeed increased her charm. She extended her hand, and so did I, as she gazed at my eyes.

Good thing I never cast off the illusion that I used on my right eye as it seems to instil fear unto others. The red-haired woman then spoke, "You seem to be strong… I heard that you and the ladies cleared the Vlanreist Grand Dungeon… Since you saved their lives and you went to the dungeon with them, you might be really powerful… but can you compare to the generals' strength? Are you willing to have a battle with all of us?"

Oh? That is certainly of interest! Though I haven't yet checked their skills and stats, so might as well do it now. I immediately used the skill [Observe] to check their stats, and I didn't expect their level to be as great, but it seems I might've thought wrong as they were incredibly strong. Even though they were not that strong compared to me, they were still solid.


[Alcul Hersberth (Level 57)]

HP: 46,910

MP: 27,000

[Ray Ruth  (Level 57)]

HP: 46,910

MP: 27,000

[Ralph Burthwell (Level 59)]

HP: 49,132

MP: 28,199

[Mela Yuel (Level 55)]

HP: 44,290

MP: 24,891

[Heila Wyre (Level 57)

HP: 46,910

MP: 27,000

[Reil Grandhult (Level 69)

HP: 59,321

MP: 39,132


And as you may have guessed, the woman before me was the strongest among them, overpowering them by ten levels which I'm amused about. I just grinned as I said, "Alright! I wanted to test out my strength as well… When shall we battle?"

"Ho? How about two weeks from now as we are really busy… but I'll be sure to enjoy it", Reil, the red-haired woman, seemed to be very amused by this as she didn't expect that Riku would immediately respond with a yes (Even if he loses, I still have to commend his bravery), she thought, but never have she imagined that he was far stronger than any of them, and he could defeat them easily.

"Two weeks from now it is, then. I have to agree with that as I still want my armour to be fitted", Riku contemplated about this, but he reached his conclusion. Reil didn't get what he was talking about so she couldn't help but question, "Armour? Do you not have any armour?"

"Well, yeah… And I won the auction for that dragonscale armour, so I would really want to have it fitted for me, so I'll visit the blacksmith who sold such armour and have y size fitted", Riku added which utterly shocked Reil, but never would she expect, this was only one of his surprises.

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