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Chapter 10: Velana is in charge of the situation.

In the territory of the Gremory clan in the Sub-World, in the castle of the clan.

There was a very serious discussion, Lord Gremory was furious, for he had just found out about the situation in Rias.

-You're telling me Rias already lost her virginity to a low-class demon, and you did not bring her back?- What were you thinking when you let this happen? (Lord Gremory) shouted as he released his magic.

-I did not bring her back, because if I tried, he probably would have killed me, you can say whatever you like about Hyoudou Issei, but there's something you can not deny he's monstrously strong, I'm sure you felt the power his magic, without even leaving the underworld, the density of magic power was so high that I could not even stand in front of him, if you think you can push the two away then feel free to try. (Grayfia), she knew that if she had tried to force Rias, Issei would have killed her.

-You speak as if Rias would allow him to kill you.- (Lord Gremory)

-Rias would not have allowed, but Issei was too fast and too powerful, in a moment he put Riser on the ground, like a cockroach he could crush, and from what I noticed Issei loves Rias and he does not mind starting a war, if to prevent her from feeling sad. (Grayfia)

-Riser Phoenix was in that room, Issei suppressed the immortality of the Phoenix Clan, as if it were nothing, tell me how many people do you know they can do the same? (Grayfia)

-Even if that were true, why did not you stop her from losing her virginity?- (Lord Gremory)

-The seal did not react, we're still trying to figure out what happened, it should not have been possible for the seal to fail, unless Rias had left our territory, but that should have been impossible since she never left the city before. (Sirzechs)

It seems that everything is related to this boy Issei, but we can not know, from the information that Rias told us Issei has at least one Sacred Gear of the class Longinus, however she has not yet identified or does not want to tell us what he has. (Sirzechs)

-Looks like this kid is quite mysterious, I refuse to believe that a being of extreme power just came out of nowhere, I want to know who this Hyoudou Issei is. (Lord Gremory)

-I'm not sure about the subject, however I get the impression that he has a relationship with the Agares clan, it seems that Issei has the same kind of ideology of the

of the chief of the Agares clan, and he said he learned this from his grandfather, I believe we should ask Lord Agares about it. -(Grayfia) said, for she actually sees similarities between Issei and a man who was feared in the entire underworld .

Grayfia was one of the few people who could call themselves friends of Bellial, and she had the impression that Issei was extremely similar to him, from being extremely protective of those he loves to exaggerated jealousy, everyone may think Issei alone was protecting Rias, but Grayfia could feel that the reason why Issei was relentless against Riser was indeed jealous, and Bellial was the same at that point, Bellial had a sister and when any man tried to approach her, Bellial would make a person's life a nightmare most of the time he attacked to a point where the person would only trauma from the mention of his name.

-I know all the descendants of the Agares clan, and none of them has a son named Issei. (Lord Gremory)

-There is one who is known to have had a child, but no one knows who the child is. (Sirzechs)

-You do not mean ... (Lord Gremory)

-Yes, exactly the son of Bellial, his second name was Hyoudou, if it were he would make sense, Bellial was monstrously strong just as Gabriel their son would certainly not be weak, and if you think about it a little, it would not make sense. may have Evil Peaces, for he was a Nephim the demons would never allow someone with overwhelming power to even found a clan to become even stronger. (Sirzechs)

-That is not possible, many clans tried to kill the son of Bellial, our clan Gremory also tried, I still remember that day, Bellial killed thousands of demons and angels as cockroaches, and if it were not for Gabriel had interfered we would all be dead, I do not believe that Bellial would let the son become a servant of the clan princess who tried to kill him. (Lord Gremory) said trembling, he was there that day, and he still has nightmares with what Bellial did that day, was cruel even to the demons, Bellial impaled the heads of all that he killed, and set up a barrier in the middle of the battlefield preventing people from taking the cuttings off the ground and the heads of the stakes.

He left that battlefield as a reminder to everyone who even thought of hurting his son, as a reminder that no one could be saved if they even tried.

-And since when Bellial follows logic?- (Sirzechs)

-He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and whatever he wants, and I do not believe he's going to stop his son from doing the same, after all one of the clans of the Agares clan is letting men deal with their own problems, that's exactly why that when we went after Bellial the head of the Agares clan did not move a single finger to prevent it. (Sirzechs)

-That clan has always been strange, they do not care about anything, they do not look for trouble, but they are not afraid of them either, they are the second-highest clan of the seventy-two pillars, and they are always the moderators when a clans, and the most important thing about this clan, clan men always solve their problems and the clan does not interfere, however if you try to hurt one of the women, all members of the Agares clan will treat you like an enemy and they will hunt you down and kill at all costs. (Lord Gremory)

-The Agares clan has an interesting philosophy [Men are Warriors who usually start wars, that's why it's the women in our clan who will always be the leaders who make the most important decisions] This philosophy of them is something that despite me I do not support, nor can I deny the logic, if Issei really is part of the Agares clan then it would make sense for him to agree to be part of the Peerage de Rias because women make the decisions and as Issei's first wife, Rias is the one who makes decisions about how to proceed when they are in a dilemma. (Sirzechs)

(N / A: I invented the story of the Agares clan, because in the novel it does not explain what kind of clan they are, so I adapted it by something that I think will develop better and explain some points that were left behind in the story)

-I still think we should force Rias into marrying the Phoenix clan, for this would not only unite the two families as it could generate strong heirs. (Lord Gremory)

It was at that moment that Lady Gremory who had been silent so far was manifested.

-Enough, Zeoticus. (Lady Gremory)

-But Venelana. (Zeoticus)

-SHUT UP, I'm tired of hearing about this wedding, it was clear that the Phoenix clan boy has no balls, I was against you forcing our daughter to marry someone she did not want to, however as I wanted to see my grandchildren, and you insisted a lot I ended up giving in, but now enough, whether or not you accept Rias will stay with this boy called Issei, for three reasons. (Venelana)

1) He was willing to face two clans to stay with her. (Venelana)

2) The Phoenix clan boy came out with his tail between his legs, so he felt that the other person was stronger, which means that if one day someone stronger than him comes and wants to sleep with Rias he'll probably give away just like he did now. (Venelana)

3) From what Grayfia told us the boy has the power to destroy us all which means he is monstrously strong, and will be a good match for Rias, someone who can defend it against any opponent. (Venelana)

-You're going to let Rias stay with this kid because they've already done the action so it's pointless, you try to prevent something inevitable, and if I hear another word about you trying to force Rias to marry someone she does not want me to I swear I'm going to rip off what makes you a man, am I being clear enough Zeoticus? (Venelana)

-Yes Dear. (Zeoticus)

After the explosion of Venelana, Zeoticus did not dare to continue the matter he knew that she was able to fulfill his threats, he also knew that she was against this arranged marriage and only managed to convince her through her unwavering will to see her grandchildren, otherwise there would be no marriage the first time.

Sirzechs was laughing at his father's situation inside, he tried very hard that Rias was not forced to marry Riser, but he failed to see his father pay for this marriage now, it was a show he was more than happy to watch.

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