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100% Rebirth In The Naruto-verse / Chapter 30: Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Chapter 30

My day had started well until I was ambushed.



I was picked up and spun.

"Hello Kushina, what brings you here?"

And when would I be too big to be picked up?

"Your mother sent me?"

Why did that sound like a question...

"Oh, did she...? What does she want?"

Kushina pressed her head against mine as she 'hummed'.

"Hmmm... She got a mandatory mission, and has to chase some traitor."

Ah, someone got sensitive intel and they needed someone to grab them.

"How many people are on the mission?"

The number of people sent deepened on how strong the traitor was and how much combat was expected.

Though these missions were usually done by the Anbu meaning they were likely short staffed...

"No clue!"


"So, what brings you here?"

I couldn't remember If I got an answer.

Kushina set me down, put her hands on her hips, and adopted a serious expression

"Your mother wants me to stop you from fighting with the Iwa-nin."

She leaned and stared me down, I took the time to take in her new appearance she was wearing the standard Jonin attire and had her hair in a ponytail with her Hiatae on her forehead.


She reached down and started tapping me on the nose.












She straightened and sent me a brilliant smile.


Well, it's a bit late...


I sent her a nod, no more fighting Iwa-nin...

And she ruffled my hair.

"Your so cute Shiro!"

I am cute...


"So... My mission was to assassinate an Iwa Jonin..."

Meaning I was fighting with the Iwa-nin, which was exactly what I was just told not to do...


Kushina bent down and reached her index finger towards my nose.

I deftly stepped away, avoiding more nose taps.

Kushina sent me a pout in response.

She straightened and crossed her arms.

"No fighting with the Iwa-nin."

How am I supposed to do the mission?

I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What am I supposed to do then?"

Kushina smiled at me and scooped me up.

"You're working at the field hospital while I do the mission!"



We arrived at the hospital, a med-nin was waiting for us at the entrance.

He was bald and looked to be furious.

"Shiro, you're with me."

He turned and walked into the building.

I squirmed out of Kushina's embrace and quickly followed after him, only sparing a second to send Kushina a wave as I left.


"I've been told your competent, all you have to do is not kill anyone."

That shouldn't be hard.

"Ok, where should I start?"

The room we were in was large and filled with stabilized but still injured people.

"No one is dying, so take your time and do it right."

He pointed vaguely towards the left side of the room while he started walking to the right, he paused midway.

"Be careful, injured ninja are jumpy. Make sure to speak loudly and tell them what your doing, don't be sneaking up on anyone."


I approached the first bed on the right.

"Hello, I'm Shiro, I'll be healing you shortly."


I was making my way through the injured ninja at a good pace.

My minder was stuck on a female ninja who wouldn't let him heal her.

"Sit down you stupid bitch!"

He gave up and knocked her unconscious and started healing her.

I raised an eyebrow.

What terrible bedside manner.

"So, what's your name."

My minder side-eyed me, I don't think he's looked any less furious than when I first met him.

"Enomoto Keiji."

He grunted his name at me and focused back onto his patient.



I finished my side a little after Keiji finished his.

I raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what's next.

"You didn't fuck up."

I think that was praise?


I sent him a nod.

"Ok, we're on break now, eat and come back in like an hour. I'll be in the next room over."

He jutted his thumb in the direction of the door, before jumping out a window and disappearing.

I was left standing alone in a room full of unconscious patients.

When in Rome?

I jumped out the same window Keiji left from.


I returned forty-five minutes later and made my way to the room Keiji had specified.

The room was the same as the one before except the people here were conscious and loudly moaning in pain.

I spared a second looking for any clan ninja but didn't see any.

I couldn't just stand there and listen to them moan so I got to work.


"I see you've gotten started."

Keiji arrived with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.


I was healing a woman with a large burn wound on her side, it wasn't something I was familiar with as the civilians I healed have never had their clothes burnt onto their torso.

"Why are the people here awake?"

The other room was full of unconscious people, only one or two being awake.

"These are the Genin and Chunin, we're expected to be able to dodge them when they try to hit us."

So, they sedate the strong ones...?


"And these are the ones with minimal injuries, there's another section dedicated to surgery and stuff."

I paused to watch him swat someone's hand away from his cigarette.

"That's mine bitch."

I blinked.

Keiji had destroyed the filter on the cigarette with his teeth making it unusable.

Cotton was coming out of the cigarettes filter...

I turned back to the woman, cutting parts of her shirt that were burnt into her skin from her with a chakra scalpel.

If these were minimal injuries, I wondered what was considered major injuries.


We made through another room after the second before calling it a day, Keiji's mood never seemed to improve as he seemed to be perpetually angry.

We didn't run into any other med-nin, the only people I saw were 'trainees' who were changing diapers or cleaning wounds and sometimes sedating uncooperative patients.

The hospital was divided oddly, the lower your rank the more 'roommates' you had. If you were a Genin you pretty much shared your room with five other wounded Genin.

It sucked in my opinion, but I guess you couldn't treat the Jonin like Genin.


I was sneaking out of camp hoping to escape Kushina's affection.


But of course, it wasn't to be.

Kushina picked me up and held me to her chest leaving my legs dangling.


Kushina used one of her hands to ruffle my hair and set off.

Kushina started making her way through the camp, I had to endure the stares of my fellow ninja as I was carried.


Kushina spent the walk telling me about Mikoto.

She was pregnant and moody.

Though Kushina used the words 'not fun' instead of moody.


Kushina brought me to a tent and set me down before entering.

I followed her in wondering what was up.

"Fuinjutsu time!"

Kushina proceeded to fill the room with smoke as she unsealed an assortment of paper and sealing tools.

"Is it alright to do this in the camp?"

Kushina smiled.

"Don't worry."

That didn't answer my question.


"You are doing amazing Shiro!"

I apricated the praise, but the supportive backrub was too much.


My progress in Fuinjutsu was mediocre, all I could do was copy excising seals, I wouldn't be making anything original anytime soon.

I think Fuinjutsu bullshittery was a few years off, which sucked as I wanted to use Fuinjutsu to get to the moon.

So, no Tenseigan for me...

Should I have gotten into Fuinjutsu earlier?

I finished the final stroke on the Silence Seal I had been making.

It worked but even I with my mediocre experience could tell that it was clunky.


"Fuinjutsu is all about intent, there is no correct alphabet. You can draw whatever you want as long as there is structure and intent."

That sounded too good to be true.

"However, if your intent wavers during the drawing of the seal it becomes unusable."

That still sounded too good to be true, but who was I to argue with an Uzumaki...

"Do I need to have intent for each character or just the seal in general? And what do you mean by structure?"

Kushina picked up a brush dipped it in ink before infusing the tip of her brush with chakra. She drew a perfect circle with the Uzumaki swirl spiraling into the center.

"This is the structure or the foundation if you prefer, and you need intent in every brushstroke."

That was not how I was doing seals.

"What's with the chakra on the tip of the brush? And can you do that again I want to watch with my Byakugan."

Kushina dipped her brush tip into the ink and started on her circle.

I activated my Byakugan eager to see what was happening.

"The chakra is how I infuse my intent into the seal."

I watched her chakra drain at an astonishing pace, though at the rate her chakra regenerated I imagined her reserves would be full by the time she started on a second seal.

She slowed her pace while doing the Uzumaki spiral, her chakra expense stayed the same though the amount used changed as she needed more time to make the spiral.

"The structure of each seal depends on what you want it to do, you'll get a feel for it in time."

The way Kushina was doing Fuinjutsu was completely different from how I had been practicing, perhaps this is how you do it when you reach mastery?

I deactivated my Byakugan and closed my eyes.

I need to write this down and memorize it.

I opened my eyes to see Kushina had started on something else, her brush flew across the page without an ounce of hesitation in her movements.

Her movements were fluid and natural, born from countless hours of practice and repetition.

It was something I hoped to one day achieve myself.

I turned my eyes away from her and looked at my paper.

I picked up my brush, dipping it in ink, gathering chakra on the tip, and bringing it down onto the page.

Mastery would come with time.

Though now I had something to experiment with.


I arrived the day after ready for another day at the hospital.

I walked into what was considered the staff room and took a seat waiting for Keiji.

I liked him so far, he wasn't friendly or nice but I got along with him.

I held my finger out and a tiny Rasengan swirled into existence, I let the chakra unravel and the Rasengan dispersed.

I formed the Rasengan again this time adding some electricity to it.

The lightning was gathering in the center of the Rasengan and lashing out in tiny steams of blue lightning, I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted but I couldn't imagine a way that it would go better.

I let it disperse and leaned back into my chair, throwing my leg over my knee and crossing my arms.

That felt too easy.

Would it shock or would it pierce?

Did it need more electricity?

I blew a breath out of my nose and closed my eyes.

Questions... Questions...


"During battles, the thing that kills you isn't enemy ninja, it's usually explosions or Ninjutsu."

This came from a ninja that was laying on his stomach as he had six Kunai jutting from his back.

"An explosion did this?"

He Chuckled.

"After I killed this bastard with an explosive tag his friends fill me with kunai."

Fair enough...

I hummed in reply.

A quick scan revealed a shuriken in his leg.

"Hmmm... the shuriken hit an artery."

He let out a pained laugh.

"I didn't feel it until you talked about it."

He had a senbon stuck his femur...

Who was throwing senbon hard enough to pierce bone?

"That's how adrenalin works when your no longer in danger you start feeling everything and experience a bit of a crash."

I hit him with the Anesthetic jutsu, before putting my hands on either side of the injury.

"Don't move, you're only feeling better you're not better."

He quirked his lips.

"You won't get any trouble from me."

I snorted.

"I hope not, I'd hate to have to tell your family that you died because I slipped."

He chuckled and his body shook, making me nervous.

My joke could become reality...

I nervously scratched my nose with my thumb before getting back to work.

I started manipulating his tissues to push the shuriken from his body, the process only took a few seconds...

Sadly I had to do this seven more times...

Blood started to spill from his injury.

Oops, forgot about the artery...


"...Ya, so my brother said 'Keiji I bet you're too scared to climb on the roof' and I showed him I climbed up the wall like a spider."

Keiji chuckled and scratched his face.

I asked him why he became a med-nin and was now getting his life story.

"And that bastard got mad and threw a rock at me!"

Keiji slammed his fist on the table making water slosh out of my glass slightly.

"So, I fell from way up high and hit my head and boom! I was different!"

Keiji took a sip from his glass before continuing.

"The moment I woke up I realized I wasn't the same, I couldn't stop myself from telling people to fuck off and I couldn't stop my thoughts from leaving my mouth."

He had what I'd call an evil grin on his face.

"Anyway, weeks later it became obvious I was now amazing with chakra. Ya see, the fall knocked some stuff loose but also tightened some stuff up!"

Keiji rubbed an arcing scar that went across the top of his head.

"Sadly I couldn't be a ninja, I kept running directly at my enemies and disobeying orders so they made a med-nin and now I fix idiots for a living."

Well... What an interesting life you've had Keiji...

"Thanks for telling me."

I sent him a nod.

"Any time you little shit!"

Keiji was one of a kind... as he got to know me better, he hid less of his true self.

He was one of the villages most accomplished medics, I had wondered what motivated him to become a great medic.

Turns out he hit his head and couldn't become a ninja... and thus was forced to be a med-nid...

Keiji was probably one of the most unique people I've ever met...


"I want to go home! I want to go home! I want to go home!"

Someone was wailing on Keiji's side, I took a peek over my shoulder to see what Keiji would do.

Keiji stopped what he was doing and stalked over to the screaming teen.

"I want to go home."

The teen had stopped screaming when Keiji got close to him.

"Go ta sleep ya silly bitch!"

Keiji then hammer fisted his head.


My jaw dropped and I had to close my eyes for a moment.

What just happened?

I opened my eyes and Keiji had returned to healing his previous patient like nothing happened.

Did Keiji just punch one of the patient's unconscious?

I looked around looking for someone who had just seen what I saw. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I and a female ninja with a broken arm made eye contact and we shared a moment.

I broke the eye contact and rubbed my face with both my hands.

What a day...


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