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17.5% Rebirth of 1985's Best Doctor / Chapter 7: Pursuit

Pursuit - Rebirth of 1985's Best Doctor - Chapter 7 by Purple Rain Ripples full book limited free

Chapter 7: Pursuit

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Jinyue opened her eyes and picked up the book on the cabinet. After spending time practising cultivation, she could see through things for more than a minute.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Su Jinyue took note of the time, before focusing all her attention on the book in her hand. The book cover slowly became transparent, and the contents of the book became clearly visible to her.

It wasn't until her eyes were sore that Su Jinyue withdrew her gaze and turned her head to look at the clock on the wall. A happy smile spread across her face. "It can already last for two minutes."

"Master has now reached the limits of the first level, Wisdom Eye. When Master breaks through to the second level, Master's X-ray vision will be able to last for five minutes. It's just that Master has to have a sufficient amount of spiritual energy, in order to break through to the second level."

Su Jinyue nodded delightedly and said, "Two days later, I'll go up the mountains to find herbs that contain spiritual energy."

Teacher had treated the injury on her leg and it was more or less healed. Now, she no longer felt pain when she got out of bed and walked around. Although the injuries she suffered this time were severe, they were all external wounds and her bones were not injured. Otherwise, she would have had to lie down in bed for at least three months.

After making her decision, Su Jinyue immediately got out of bed. In order to go up the mountain, she had to do some preparations. First of all, she had to train her body. These past few days, she had pretty much been in bed the whole time and her physical strength was not as good as it was before.

Seeing Su Jinyue coming out of the room, Song Yiren turned her head away. Neither she nor Jinyue had spoken to each other these past few days. Although she wanted to make peace with Jinyue, she didn't want to be the first one to open her mouth.

Su Jinyue cast a glance at Song Yiren before walking out. The current Song Yiren had yet to partner with the dark side, but Su Jinyue just couldn't forgive everything that she had done to her in her past life.

"Dr. Su, has your injury healed?"

"Dr. Su, you must be careful when you gather medicine in the future," the villagers greeted Su Jinyue one after another when they saw her.

"Yes! Thank you!" Su Jinyue also smiled and responded to everyone.

"Dr. Su, where are you going?" Big Sister Liu smiled and went towards Su Jinyue, when she caught sight of her. After she told her younger cousin about Dr. Su the previous time, her cousin took it to heart and specially came to her house today so as to see Dr. Su. Her cousin was a handsome chap. She was sure that Dr. Su would like him.

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"Just walking around," Su Jinyue said.

"Why don't you swing by my house then. I still haven't thanked you for what happened last time," Big Sister Liu said with a chuckle, as she stepped forward and held Su Jinyue's arm.

She had originally intended to pay Dr. Su a visit, but she didn't expect to run into Dr. Su as soon as she stepped out.

"Sister Liu, you don't have to be so polite. I'm just doing my duty as a doctor. Besides, you've already thanked me," Su Jinyue said. The reason she had stepped in was just so that Teacher would not be implicated by Song Yiren.

"What kind of thank you is that? Dr. Su, just swing by my house for a visit," Sister Liu said while tugging Su Jinyue towards her house.

Under Big Sister Liu's tugging, Su Jinyue arrived at Big Sister Liu's house.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a young man sitting in the main room of the house. The young man had very small eyes, a not-so-sharp nose, and lips that were slightly puffy. His hair was parted in the middle and combed till it shone, with not a single strand of hair out of place. If flies flew onto it, they would probably slide down.

When he saw Su Jinyue, the young man's eyes lit up. He immediately stood up and walked forward. "You must be Dr. Su, I'm Wang Jun. I am working as a technician in a woolen mill at the moment and my monthly salary is 56 yuan." When his elder cousin had first told him about her, he didn't care. Although the other party was a doctor, she was still a girl from the countryside.

He was a skilled worker, so his salary was high and the factory even assigned him a workers dormitory. With such qualifications, it was not a problem for him to find a girl in the city at all. However, his elder cousin kept praising Su Jinyue to the skies saying that everything about her was good, so his interest in her grew a little. Anyways, it was just a matter of making a trip here. If he didn't take a liking to her, he would simply take it as going to his cousin's house to pay her a visit.

"Why are you telling me all these things?" Su Jinyue was a little surprised. However, she soon understood the purpose behind Big Sister Liu inviting her to her house. The previous time, when Big Sister Liu wanted to introduce someone to her, she had clearly refused. She didn't know that Big Sister Liu had yet to drop the matter and even brought the guy over.

"Aren't you here to date me? Of course I have to let you know about my current situation." The more Wang Jun looked at Su Jinyue, the more pleased he was. Initially, he had thought that girls from the countryside were all unsophisticated and sallow. He hadn't expected that not only was Su Jinyue sophisticated, her looks were no worse than the girls in the city and she was even prettier than all the girls he had ever seen.

"You're mistaken." Su Jinyue cast a glance at Big Sister Liu before walking outside without looking back at all. She absolutely hated for others to make nonsensical arrangements for her, without her consent.

"Wait a minute. What do you mean?" Wang Jun caught up to her and stopped in front of Su Jinyue. He didn't even look down on her for being a country bumpkin, so why was she behaving like she despised him.

"I have no intention of going on a blind date with you. Please move aside." Su Jinyue looked at Wang Jun in displeasure.

"Why did you come over with my elder cousin then, if you weren't going on a blind date with me? Are you trying to play hard to get?" Wang Jun mocked her. It was a blessing for her that he took a fancy to her.

Su Jinyue's gaze was frosty, as she looked at Wang Jun coldly.

Sister Liu looked at them awkwardly and said, "Wang Jun, I didn't make things clear to Dr. Su, so don't blame her." She had introduced Dr. Su to her younger cousin out of goodwill.

Dr. Su was so beautiful. Finding a guy from the city was certainly better than staying in the countryside. When Dr. Su rejected her the last time, she had thought that Dr. Su was just shy. Hence, she asked her younger cousin to come over to meet Dr. Su.

However, judging by Dr. Su's current attitude, she understood that Dr. Su was genuinely not looking for a relationship.

"In that case, you should know what you are here for now. Since you're here it means that we've had the blind date and you're my girlfriend from now on," Wang Jun said shamelessly. Who did she think he was, that he could be at her beck and call?

Su Jinyue sneered coldly. Then, she pulled out a silver needle and waved it in front of Wang Jun.

"I'm a doctor and a Chinese medicine doctor at that. If this silver needle in my hand pierces your body, do you know what will happen? Perhaps you might suffer from incontinence, or you might start laughing hysterically without stopping, or your entire body might be paralyzed." She had learned Chinese medicine from her master since she was a child.

Acupoint recognition was the basics of Chinese medicine, so she was well-versed with the outcomes of when the silver needle pierced each acupoint.

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