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7.7% Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress / Chapter 39: On Time For the Appointment

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Chapter 39: On Time For the Appointment

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu Xuning lit up a cigarette.

He looked up and saw Xie Zhengyuan gripping his phone with trembling hands. He squinted his eyes and blew out a puff of smoke. "What do you mean? Do you think that this person is her?"

"How could that be?" Xie Zhengyuan stepped on the cigarette that fell to the ground. His eyes were very deep. "I just wanted to see who this person is."

He took his coat and left.

Xie Zhengyuan did not tell Chu Xuning that this tactic and tone meant…

Anyone could not easily copy her skill.

"Please close the door for me when you leave. Thanks." Without looking at them, Chu Xuning replied as he pulled the chair in front of the computer desk and turned on his computer. He sent out a video call invite.

The door closed.

At the same time, someone answered the video call. A middle-aged man's face appeared on the screen. "Captain Chu?"

Chu Xuning smoked and leaned against the chair. "Bureau Chief, how are you lately?"

"What do you mean? The people from the Ministry of National Defense have not had a good sleep for two weeks. Recently, the International Association is having a change of authority." The middle-aged man took up a document. "They refused to say anything and we are not too sure about the situation either."

"I'm sending you a document." Chu Xuning blew away the smoke before sending him the document he had on the table.

The middle-aged man received the document file. Once he saw the title, he furrowed his brows. "Captain Chu, the higher-ups have already declined this contract. Su Family is not suitable. Doctor Luxe's research is not an insignificant matter, so please try to find better ones at the Imperial Capital…"

"Bureau chief…" Chu Xuning looked up and cut off his words. "Young Master Yu decided on Su Corporation. I don't know whether or not they are suitable, but if you have questions, feel free to look him up."


The document file in the middle-aged man's hand fell to the ground. It was only after a long while that he asked, "It was Young Master Yu? Are you sure it is him?"

"Look at me!" Chu Xuning put away the cigarette and pointed at his face. He then seriously said, "Do I look like I'm joking?!"

"Oh, right." Despite seeing the middle-aged man still trapped in a daze, Chu Xuning continued, "Young Master Yu said to give him a confirmation not later than tomorrow."

With that, Chu Xuning ended the video call.

Half an hour later.

He received a fresh notification in his workspace window. "Captain Chu, the higher-ups have decided to collaborate with the Su Family. They will send all the relevant documents to Green City before three in the morning."

Chu Xuning was not in the least surprised to receive such news.

"Young Master Yu's words are always useful," he scoffed.

Previously, he had sent the same contract and if things went as per normal, they would approve it. But the result only came after five working days, and more so, they did not grant approval.

After he had mentioned Yu Shijin's name, even without his presence, a result came in within half an hour. They would even send the contract to Green City throughout the night.

When he thought about this, he took out his phone and dialed a number. After two rings, it…

Got disconnected?!

Chu Xuning glared at his phone and dialed the number again in disbelief. But the call didn't go through again!

"This is indeed her style!" Chu Xuning kicked the chair and stomped away to the living room with his phone on his hands; he wanted to complain to Yu Shijin.

Yu Shijin stood at the living room downstairs with a group of men in a black suit behind him. When he heard Chu Xuning's voice, he turned over to where he was. His eyes were extremely black and even if he was resting, his entire demeanor and presence were cold and stern. "Are you aware of an unspoken rule of sending a text message first before calling?"

That seemed like an excellent idea?

Chu Xuning took out his phone and swiftly typed in a message.[Miss Su, I am Chu Xuning. I have an important matter that I need to discuss with you in person. Can we meet up in the morning tomorrow?"]


The Su Residences.

In a dimly lit up room, the computer screen emitted out a faint light.

Fair fingers gripped a computer mouse as it scrolled through the news on the International Association website.

With her other hand placed on the table, she pursed her lips and squinted her eyes.

"The most intelligent economist internally… Kyle." Su Huiqing lowered her eyes and curled her lips. However, the look in her eyes was very, very cold.


The most intelligent economist in the international arena.

This was how well most economists respected him.

However, very few people knew that this person… was a criminal in the International Association!

Su Huiqing clicked the exit of the webpage and pushed her chair away. She stood up and walked to the window and gazed at the dim street lights downstairs.

Green City was merely a normal second-rate city in Country Z.

But she had already come across a few criminals while in the city; Yu Shijin as well! She was well aware that it was unnecessary to send someone who had the same skill sets as him to catch fugitives in Green City.

"I don't care what business you have here in Green City…" Su Huiqing placed her slender fingers on the windowsill and narrowed her gaze. "The baseline is don't provoke the Su Family."


She pulled the curtain down.

The phone she left on the table lit up.

It was very clear.

Kyle was trying to mess with the Su Family.

Su Huiqing walked to the table and picked her phone. It was a new message.

She glanced at it before replying. 'Not free.'

After she had sent out a reply, she casually threw her phone to the side.

Deciding to meet up with Xie Zhengyuan, made her ponder about it for a long time. She had a feeling that Xie Zhengyuan had a deep understanding of Su S, because if not, he would not keep chasing after a stranger that he met online. Meeting him meant having a monumental risk.

Unless she took him as her own.

The next day, Yu Xiangyang and Qu Yan carried their bags and looked for her in the early morning.

"Qingqing, are you not bringing us for training?" The black car stopped at the city center. Qu Yan carried her bag and got down from the car before looking at Su Huiqing to ask her a question.

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Su Huiqing had both hands in her pockets while her black eyes scanned through the plaza.

She wasn't in her school uniform, and instead, she wore a blue coat and loosely buttoned her buttons halfway, exposing her white T-shirt.

"Where is Time Cafe?" She didn't respond to Qu Yan's question and merely tilted her head.

Yu Xiangyang caught up with them and felt a little strange. "It is in the business district on the left side. Why are you looking for a coffee shop?"

Su Huiqing walked towards that direction.

Under the sun, the contour of her side view was a little hazy. She half-squinted her eyes and looked very casual.

Under the two people's gazes, she spat out six words. "I have an appointment with someone."


In Time Cafe.

Xie Zhengyuan put out his fifth cigarette before taking out his phone to check for any new messages. He did not send the private room number wrongly.

The watch on his wrist pointed to 9:59 a.m.

He lit up his sixth cigarette.

At that moment, someone pushed the door open from the outside.

On his wristwatch, the hour hand pointed to 10 while the minute hand pointed to 12.

A figure stood by the door, and she fished out her phone from her pocket and looked down with a cold expression. She faced the sunlight that shone down from the window, and it looked as though a golden, thin layer of fabric surrounded her. Her face shone with glitter as well.

She raised her chin and squinted her eyes before chuckling. "I'm here for our appointment at ten o'clock."

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