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91.12% Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) / Chapter 225: Garyu X vs Kicking Master

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Chapter 225: Garyu X vs Kicking Master

"Hey, What's wrong? Do you need a hand?" asked Garyu Z as he bent down, offering a hand, though his eyes were glinting with power that shone through the eye holes.

Oosugi's mind shouted at him to fee, and flee he did. Oosugi abandoned all pretense of fighting and dived out of the ring into the water surrounding the ring, eager to get away from Garyu X as far as possible.

"I can't explain it, but after 11 seconds, Oosugi forfeits the match without even touching Garyu X" shouted the announcer.

"Wh...What just happened?" blinked Tsuji.

"I don't know" said Yuma with a sweat.

"Lalalala, the youthfulness of Gary X pushed him away!" sang Siegfried though he was also clueless as to what really happened.

"Little beard, explain this!" said Niijima to Master Akisame

"Eh? You didn't see it?" asked Akisame instead of answering the question of Niijima

"Elder used his incredible speed to make Oosugi stumble with his right leg!" stated Kenichi.

"What! You were able to see it clearly!? I barely saw the movements" Bobbi said in shock.

"For real!?" asked Niijima.

Before Kenichi could reply, Diego's voice carried over "Everybody watch the big screen".

There in front of everyone was an instant replay of the 11-second match. The video was played at 1/10th speed, but nothing seemed to show up.

"We still can't see," said the announcer when the speed was 1/100th

When the speed reached 1/1000th that they saw something weird "Looks like we have something" said the announcer as they played the 1/1000th video again, "Even with the high-speed camera. We can't see the right foot! Wha-What is all this?"

A commotion rang up at what this was until Diego explained that Gary X basically tripped Oosugi for the whole 11 seconds with just his right legs. Everyone teenager who was sitting on with the Ryozanpaku Masters were impressed by Kenichi's ability. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Leader isn't this guy too dangerous?" said a bald man to his supposed leader

"Umm... Yes..." said the supposed leader.

"Hey, that Oosugi his in the cabin, and knocked himself out!" said the other member of the team.

"Hmph... Stop playing around, and come forth!" scoffed Garyu X before pointing directly at them.

"Oh, what's this? Is Garyu X challenging the leader of the Muay Thai team?

"Wrong! I am addressing to the guy behind him! Kicking Demon... Robusaki Gorobe! I mean you!" shouted Garyu X.

The nervous-looking male suddenly changed visage, his eyes narrowing with blood lust in his eyes.

"Uwaaahh!" shouted the leader and other members of the team as Robusaki Gorobe kicked them down.

"A bunch of useless brats... I told you not to let me stand out too much.." said Robusaki

"Stop it right now!" shouted Garyu X.

"Diego! What is going on!" asked Fortuna.

"It's look's like a Master Class fighter is under the participants..." Diego said.

"It's an honor to meet the Invincible Superman. As you expected, I am already 51. The people are referring to me as Master Class Fighter! How did you know?" asked Robusaki.

"It doesn't matter how good change your appearance, I can still hear every cell in your body!" said Garyu X

"Phew! so there was a Master Class between them?" said Niijima

"As I thought?...." Akisame thought

"That guy can't control his urgency of participating?" Miu stated.

"Although I don't have the chance to win the Millions as the champion of D of D... But the Invincible Superman's head is worth 100 times or more!" said Robusaki as he jumped in the air and launched a barrage of kicks towards Elder.

Robusaki had heard about the Elder but kept on thinking that people were so exaggerating his accomplishments. After all, he was nothing else but an old man, what's the worst he could do? Those were his last thoughts before Garyu X knocked him out with a two-finger flick to the face, sending him flying to Diego.

"Wrong, it's a million times more worth!" declared Garyu Z as he sent Robusaki flying.

Diego easily snatched the unconscious Robusaki out of the air, his hand gripped onto the man's head.

"Masked Host, isn't this guy a Master Class Fighter?" asked Gary X, his finger still pointing at Diego.

"Hoho, I am sorry, But it did allow me to witness a great performance," replied Diego with a smile.

"Hmph, so you already noticed it from the start, but let me handle it.... I don't care" sighed the Elder.


"Oh, that Garyu X really is cool!" commented the Elder sitting right next to Apachai and others, as if he had never left.

All the teenagers except Kenichi yelped and jumped back in surprise.

"Whoa, when did you get back here!?" shouted Tsuji.

"Hmm? I have been here whole time" replied the Elder.

'Liar' thought everyone even the masters.

"Well since Garyu X finished his job, that means he's done with the tournament right?" asked Niijima, "It's a tournament for teenager after all"

Everyone nodded there head thinking that's what will happen but they were shocked what they heard next.

The Elder took a deep breath for a second before turning on all of them, his eyes glowing in power as his whole figure somehow grew larger, "Garyu X is a teenager in the springtime of his youth! Of course, he aiming for the title of the champion!"

He then relaxed as if he didn't yelled at them "At least, that's what I think."

The teenagers turned white with fear while Kenichi couldn't help but shake as he was holding himself back from laughing too hard. This was the moment that he loved the most in the manga when he read the story in his past life all because how it was depicted showing Choju Giga animals pushing the soul back inside of Matsui and others.

"Why are you laughing Kenichi!?" asked Niijima

"Oh! nothing I was just thinking about something that's all!" replied Kenichi.

"No you definitely know something that's why you are laughing! Tell us what it is!?" asked Niijima again.

"Yes Kenichi any good news know will be better after the shock we were given by the Elder!" said Takeda.

"Yeah! If its something to laugh about please tell us as well" said Tsuji

"Fine! he he he...the reason I laughed because...

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