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Chapter 224: Garyu X

"Hmm, you would think Chou Enshin would be interested in this fight, considering its Chinese martial arts" commented Rachel. "Though wouldn't you be interested too since you practice it?"

"Bah, I can take all Five of them out easily. It's just ants vs ants. Eight seconds flat to kill them all" bragged Sho.

"Ten for me" analyzed Tirawit calmly.

"I don't see the point of watching these fights" stated Chikage stoically.

Boris just remained silent, standing straight and observing, mostly watching Kenichi.

But he didn't saw Takeda who just came back from checking on Mizunuma staring at him.

All five competitors fighting heard YOMI's claim and resisted the urge to just team up and fight those damn braggarts. It was so tempting as they were so as they were of the same nationality.

In the end, the Three-headed Dragon Team won in the 1v1 matches, with only Chou Yin Lin and Yo Tekai, the female of the group and the other male with an eye patch, coming out to fight. Kaku didn't even need to get up, though he glared at Ryozanpaku and YOMI before gesturing them with a finger across his throat.

"Heh, he is underestimating us all" grinned Takeda as he showed him the middle finger.

"Bah, I didn't even get to fight! And there is someone already egging me cause of it" said Tsuji.

"Hmph, I will show him the power of Ma Family and Phoneix Alliance!" stated Renka.

"Alright, the third round is... Muay Thai Taifun Team's Gaien Oosugi versus... Mysterious Teenager, Garyu X!" declared the announcer.

This time every teenager except Kenichi, face fell as soon as they saw that Garyu X was an elder wearing a mask with a robotic design similar to the famous Super Sentai series.

"Hoho please be gentle with me," said Garyu X a.k.a Elder. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hehehe..... Father is enjoying his life" said Shizuha when she saw Elder on the stage.

"OK, what the hell now!?" shouted Sho, "That's a disguise!"

"Hahaha, I am the judge, and I make the rules!" laughed Diego, "I thought you knew this!"

"I can't tell you just how wrong this is! For one he's obviously past 20! Look at his damn facial hair!" exclaimed Sho

"Hmm, but on the application, he put his age as 20" hummed Diego.

While Sho was bantering with Diego! Kenichi was enjoying seeing the different reactions of his friends.

The shock was clear on their faces but everyone had a different way to show it, Renka and Kisara were purring as cat's, while Miu was holding Noir and petting her real cat.

Saeko was looking at her sister and asking "Did you entered the competition as well!?"

"No I didn't but I should have! At least I can pass as someone below 20" replied Rukia.

"WHY!! are you even asking that look at the old man in what universe does he look like a 20-year-old!" Bobbi shouted.

"WHAT is that old man thinking? Even with my sensor called sixth sense, I can't understand?" Niijima stated but no one was replying to him.

The audience was confused but let it slide, as they knew Diego would do anything to make it entertaining. Apachai was stating that he was confused "Why are you calling him elder when he is sitting right next to me!?" he said as he pointed at the makeshift disguise that anybody but Apachai could see through.

"Bah, it's just an old man" sneered Oosugi, "What is there to freak about! Heh go home and practice for 10... no for 90 years more, old man!"

"Call me big brother" shouted Garyu X.

Sho heard Oosugi's comment and couldn't help but shake his head "You know what, forget it. I would also like to see how does it feel to be on the viewing side than on the receiving"

"Alright round 3 fight one start!" declared Diego.

Fortuna chuckled as he asked why he would allow someone so obvious to potentially ruin the show. Diego merely smirked as he told him to just enjoy the show.

"Prepare to die!" shouted Oosugi as he dashed towards Garyu X.

"WHAT is he thinking!?" Ukita almost shrieked out loud while other members of The Shinpaku Alliance tried to comprehend what was happening.

"Will you guys relax, there must be a good reason for this so just wait and watch the match" Kenichi stated as he couldn't control his laugh anymore so he decided to shut them up.

Suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, Oosugi stumbled and fell on the ground.

"Oh, it looks like Oosugi pushed too much and stumbled!" said the announcer.

"Dang! How could I make such a mistake!" Oosugi cursed himself.

"He quickly recovers but Garyu X seems to be someone truly Honorable, not abusing this moment for strikes" stated the announcer.

"Hoho.... Don't rush, do it slowly...." said Garyu X.

Oosugi stood up in embarrassment ready to attack Garyu X but he stumbled again.

"What is going on? He stumbled again!" said the announcer.

Diego who was watching this couldn't help but giggle like a child while Fortuna asked what was going on.

"He can't stand up! For some reason, Oosugi isn't even able to stand up! He is nervous!?' the announcer stated as Oosugi stumble again and again.... and again.

None of the teenagers could tell just what was going on. Sho, Tirawit, Kushinada, Boris, Ethan, and Rachel had fallen silent, trying to squint to see why Oosugi kept stumbling. The same was with The Shinpaku Alliance members. Even Renka, Miu, and Saeko who were possibly the third strongest experts after Kenichi and Bobbi had trouble seeing what was going on.

Back in the stands hidden from the view, Natsu lightly sweated at seeing the fight. Even though he couldn't see it, he could tell that the disguised Elder was doing something. His master, Ma Sogetsu, had fallen silent while watching this spectacle.

Bobbi squinted her eyes at the fight, just barely making out Elder's movements. That said, it was quite impressive for her to do so when she was only 19 years old. On the other hand, Kenichi focused his Ki on his eyes and clearly saw Elder's right leg moving and making Oosugi stumble him.

Meanwhile, Oosugi was sweating buckets, his hands barely able to grip the sword due to the sweat.

"Hey, What's wrong? Do you need a hand?"

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