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92.65% Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) / Chapter 226: Ryozanpaku's Turn

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Chapter 226: Ryozanpaku's Turn

"Fine! he he he...the reason I laughed the next round The Shinpaku Alliance will be fighting against Mysterious Teenager Garyu X" Kenichi said with a laugh.

"Wh-Wh-What!? How do you know!?" asked Niijima.

"That's because the tournament plan has been published right there" said Kenichi pointing towards the big screen which showed the the fighting plan on it.

Ryozanpaku's fight was next and it was against the Spears-men team after which Busujima dojo was next but the interesting thing was that tomorrow in the next round the first match was The Shinpaku Alliance vs Mysterious Teenager Garyu X.

Maybe it was Kenichi's imagination but he saw The Shinpaku Alliance's turn white in fear as their souls almost leave their body, only for Choju Giga animals to push them back in.

"Ho ho ho looks like Mysterious Garyu X will love his next fight!" said Elder.

"Alright the next round will be Ryozanpaku vs Spears-men, we will be taking a break of 5 minutes after which there match will start" declared the announcer.


Since the next fight was of Ryozanpaku Renka was excited so much that she forgot about The Shinpaku Alliance's crisis.

"Ken-chan, please come a side I have to talk to you about something" said Elder Hayato.

"Yes! Elder" said Kenichi as he walked towards Elder Hayato and the two of them left the sitting area to talk alone.

"What does Grandfather wants to talk to Kenichi right now!?" asked Miu.

"He must be warning Kenichi to make sure that you don't get hurt otherwise Elder may hurt him!" said Akisame.

"WHAT!? But we are in a fight so how could he protect me all the time if I myself went on a one on one fight." said Miu.

"OH! I also have to warn Kenichi to not let my daughter get hurt!" said Kensei as he left the sitting area to follow Elder and Kenichi.

"NO! Papa stop it!" said Renka but Kensei was already gone and there was no way she could catch up to her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-turn_44777079622921640">;s-turn_44777079622921640</a> for visiting.

Outside the Colosseum, Elder was standing in front of Kenichi looking intimidating as ever.

"What do you want to talk about Elder!?" asked Kenichi not getting intimidated from Elder.

"Kenichi I have to tell you about something important!" said Elder Hayato.

"Yes! What is it!?" asked Kenichi.

"One of the person you are going to face in Spears-men team is-"

"A Master Class fighter! I know" Kenichi said interrupting Elder Hayato from finishing.

"You know!! How ?" came the voice of Ma Kensei from behind Kenichi as he walked towards them.

"Well, you all already know about my technique Ki sense right!" Kenichi said to which both Elder Hayato and Ma Kensei replied by nodding their head.

"Perfect! Now I found out that if I focus more then I usually do for Ki sense, I can also sense the Ki radiating from a person. Now it's not that I was able to sense his Master Class Ki but that guy wasn't hiding it at all and along with the killing intent which he didn't tried to height it was easy for me to come to this conjecture" explained Kenichi.

"Hmm..... that's quite an ingenious way to use your Ki sense Ken-chan, I am impressed" stated Elder Hayato.

"So How do you plan to deal with this situation Kenichi because even though you can deal with a Master Class Fighter but that's not true for my daughter and Miu!" asked Kensei.

"Well I am just going to roll with the punches here, if it's one on one then I can let the girls fight others while if it's battle royal then I will focus on the Master Class Fighter while the girls will deal with the rest after which I will make them give up or just stand aside." stated Kenichi.

"Hmm..... it's fine but don't you think that we can stop them from participating in the match all together!" asked Kensei.

"Oh! then how are you going to do it!? By knocking them out cause if that's what you are thinking then please plan somewhere else I won't be part of this!" said Kenichi.

"Why!? Isn't this better Ken-chan, you won't even have to worry about them getting hurt and focus on your match" said Elder Hayato.

"Yeah but knocking them out won't work you know! Miu and Renka are already Mad at you both so you may don't seem to care to catch a little more of there ire but please don't forget that they are my girlfriends with whom I am gonna spend my life so there is no way I am making them angry on something like this" explained Kenichi.

"Yeah! Trust me we know that you are dating our daughter/granddaughter" said Elder Hayato and Ma Kensei in unison.

"Good if that's cleared then I should go back my match will be starting now in any minute" said Kenichi as he jogged back to the Colosseum.

Looking at his back Elder and Kensei could only sigh as they looked at each other then Kensei asked "So should we try to stop them Elder!?"

"I will talk to Shizuha! Miu is her daughter as well so she will like to know about it!" said Elder Hayato.

"OK then let's go inside before the girls enter the stage" said Kensei and both of them disappeared from there leaving only the dust behind.


"Kenichi! You came at the right time, our match is going to start any minute now. Let's give those spears-men guys hell!" cheered Renka

"Easy Renka! Don't forget we are only here to beat them not crush them!" chimed in Miu.

Elder and Kensei reached as well and they straight away went towards the other Masters to discuss there plan but Shizuha straight away rejected them saying "I know you both care about the girls but please do't forget that they are martial artists and in this fight against YAMI they will be there as well we can't be protecting them every time if we want the to grow. Moreover, have some trust on Kenichi will you! He clearly love those two so do you think that he would let them get hurt at all"

Hearing those words from Shizuha both Elder and Kensei decided to just trust Kenichi and even if something goes wrong then they could just swoop in and save the girls.

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