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Chapter 30: Yuan Shuchun

The elders who were presiding over the exam and observing the current situation in a different room. They had a white screen, built from Qi arrays, in front of them on a wall. This screen was further split into blocks which showed situations from different corners of the cave maze the students were participating in. This special Qi array was like a Security Room from one of the supreme races of the world, the Readers. Though this part is not important right now.

Here, it took a lot of resources to maintain this array and everyone present had to circulate their Qi through its mechanism. This array was commonly known as the Grand Observation Net and was mostly used by big sects, clans, and kingdoms to keep a lookout on important events and places.

At this moment,

"Cough." Suddenly, a loud and clear sound echoed throughout the Observation Room.

All three elders were alerted and they turned around.

Looking at the source, they couldn't help but stare blankly. They saw a young woman pass through the door and enter the Observation room.

The young woman was wearing a tight blue robe, indicating her status of a Core Disciple of the Gracious Sword Sect. She had an alluring curvy figure and was no less than a hand-carved sculpture by the god of art himself.

Not only was her body attractive, but her appearance was also extremely lovely. With round eyes, red lips, and an oval face, it was just like a fox face.

She was a famous core disciple of Gracious Sword Sect, known for her beauty and cultivation talent, Yuan Shuchun.

(A/n: Yuan Shuchun literally means Pure Beauty)

Yuan Shuchun was a very talented individual. She entered the Gracious Sword Sect at the age of 9, cleared the Inner Court Entrance Exam Hunt to become an Inner Court disciple at the age of 13, and became a core disciple at the age of 15, and now, currently aged 17, she was one of the top disciples of the Gracious Sword Sect.

With her crazy cultivation speed, beauty, and background, everyone knew in their mind that she was bound to become the Number One Disciple of Gracious Sword Sect in the upcoming future.

"Young Miss Yuan Shuchun, it's an honour to meet you."

"Hello, Elders. I am sent here by the Grand Elder to assess the current situation. Please give a brief detail about this time's hunt." Without beating any bush, Yuan Shuchun cleared all the doubts the elder in front of her had regarding her visit to the Observation Room.

"Ah, well, I am afraid the report won't sound very good. This time, the participation was lower than the previous hunts with only four thousand seven hundred forty-three disciples, and the average cultivation being only 6th Realm of Qi Refining. And only four hundred sixty-four students managed to pass the First Stage, and now are currently in the cave maze below the Spiritual Medicine Mountain for the Second Stage. And we are currently observing the situation from here."

"This is indeed not good. I have arrived here at the last, and compared to the situation at the other peaks, it really is the worst. And this time, the Ninth Peak is having the fiercest competition of all, with average cultivation of 8th Level of Qi Refining, and Hou Xing in the lead with Peak Qi Refining cultivation, they have come on the top. And then the Fifth, Eighth and Sixth Peaks have a similar scenario and average cultivation of participants being 7th Level of Qi Refining. You can see that the Seventh Peak is at its worst state right now." Yuan Shuchun gave her analysis non-stop to make the elders understand what their Peak's current position was.

Elder Wu couldn't help but sigh at this predicament as he said, "This actually can't be improved as of now. We all know what is actually going on in the sect, and soon the whole situation will be chaotic and burst like a volcano if things aren't corrected before it's too late."

"I have similar thoughts too, the current cold war between the top management, if not stopped, it wouldn't just affect them, but the whole sect and other surrounding kingdoms too." Elder Mu put forward his thoughts on the current situation, "However, it's not in our hand, we can't affect the whole situation and can only calm down and try to do our best,"

"Elders look, what is going on with this?" Lai Chang, who hadn't said a word in this whole situation and was observing the array screen on the wall.

"I've been organising the hunt for so many years but this really is the first time that I've seen a disciple that is killing Qi Stealing Moles at such speed." Elder Lai Chang continued in astonishment.

Currently, only one hour had passed and someone had already gathered more than a hundred Qi Stealing Mole beast cores.

This change grabbed everyone's attention. Everyone else in the Observation room all gathered around and they were all very startled.

"It seems that there's an interesting character within the outer court disciples this year."

Yuan Shuchun also gathered over, and as she looked at the array screen, she nodded with satisfaction, "Since it's like this, we can't let him pass so easily. Let me make it more interesting and we will see his talent on situation handling too."

After saying that, she looked over to a table in a corner. There were three round stones embedded on the table.

Suddenly, she smiled strangely and hit the three stones with three bangs.

"Don't touch it!" Seeing that, all three elders there were alarmed.

But it was too late. At that time all three stones were already pressed by Yuan Shuchun.

"What? Won't these stones make the low tier feel a bit crazy and become chaotic?" Looking at the elders in panic, Yuan Shuchun also felt that something was wrong.

"No!" All three elders shouted at once.

"This is the Seventh Peak, young miss Yuan Shuchun! The entrance here is closest to the high-tier Qi Stealing Moles. And these buttons are precisely for them." Elder Lai Chang who had been calm this whole day couldn't help but shout out loud.

"Those three stones will release a high tier Qi Stealing Mole, it has been caged in the core region of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and the Seventh Peak is closest to that place. Though only one would be released, it alone can lead to a huge massacre." Elder Wu couldn't help but tremble at the thoughts of the current upcoming situation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


A/n: Hey guys, unfortunately, another day with only one chapter. Not feeling well since morning, let's hope I can resume the normal schedule soon.

There may be few typos in this chapter so please to point them out.

And as usual, add this book to your library if you haven't done so yet and don't forget to comment and Vote!

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