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92.85% Rebirth:son of Lucifer / Chapter 38: Chapter 38:The aftermath

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Chapter 38: Chapter 38:The aftermath

James woke up in his bed. His phone was next to his head, and his blankets were over him. 'huh...O right.' James rolled over onto his side and looked at the window in his room. The sun was already past the midpoint of the sky by a little. So it was sometime past noon. 'Hey, Nessie. Can you explain what happened after I passed out?'

*Sorry but not really. Although I can tell you that you passed out due to physical exhaustion and low mana.*

'Ok. But I could have guessed that much. Well, thanks anyway.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Sighing James picked up his phone and checked group chats and servers he was in. Maybe he could find out at least general info from this. He laid there scrolling on his phone for an hour or so, reading messages. From what he had gathered it was as much of a pain as he thought it was. Everyone was talking about both him and his brother, and trying to find out more information about them. Although most people don't know much about them anyway. But there were a bunch of rumors going around. Some about whether they were single or not. Some about how they obtained their magic and physical strength as well. Simple but annoying things like that.

James got up and walked downstairs. He noticed his body was all sore, and it was a little fogy. Walking into the kitchen, Jess was standing there cooking. While Isaiah and Nicole were in the living room. Jess noticed he was thereafter a few seconds, "O hey James, you felling be-" Jess stopped midway through and stared at him. Jess's face started blushing and put her hands up over her eyes but left one uncovered by her hand. James saw this and was confused before realizing he was only in underwear.' shit....' James went back upstairs and got dressed. Then came back down. "um. sorry about that, I didn't really notice at first."

"O um..yea its ok, w-well the food is made so sit down."

James sat down and picked up his fork and knife, cutting the pancakes and putting syrup on them. Some of the syrup got onto the scrambled eggs, but that didn't bother him. The two sausages were touched as well. It tasted good. James went out back and meditated for a bit before doing some minor workout. On the TV was re showing the tournament as well as ones fro other schools. It also was talked about on some news channels as well. James didn't really pay attention to it much though.

He lost his weapons which was annoying as he didn't really have the money to just go buying swords left and right. Sighing he tried thinking of a way to make some money. He could go back to the cave they had gone too when they were younger. He didn't really have any way of knowing if there were monsters still in the cave. But it would be worth checking out. He decided to work on his Unholy Magic. Since the only form he knew to use at the moment was fire, he might as well strengthen it for now. He repeated the process his father showed him once again. The small fire appeared above his hand. This time he tried slowly converting more mana, and controlling the amount effectively. At first, it was hard to control the speed of which is converted into the flame, but after a few hours, he had gotten the hang of controlling it a lot better than before. He had also learned how to slowly turn his magic back into mana in his body once again.

This had taken up a lot of his time and focus. So he felt a bit tired afterward. Getting up he walked inside and over to the living room where the other three were still hanging out. Isaiah and Nicole were sitting on the couch while Jess was sitting on another. James stared at this scene and smiled a bit. He was glad everyone was getting along. It felt almost like a family at the moment. It...Was nice.

The two couches were almost like half an oval, and touched on one end. In front of the couches was an Asian style rug, and a long coffee table. Against the wall was a large TV on a long wooden TV stand with 3 cabinets in it. James was too tired to care and sat down next to Jess. They all sat there watching TV and movies together. Well...Until James passed out and ended up with his head on Jess's lap. In which his brother smiled and kept watching the movies, while Jess sat there blushing the entire time. She couldn't bring herself to wake him up so she just let him lay there while they watched movies. While James on the other hand, had a lewd dream. The details of the dream does not matter much.

When James did finally wake up, Jess had fallen asleep sitting there and some of her long hair was against his face. Looking over slowly, he saw that Isaiah and Nicole had both fallen asleep as well. James closed his eyes and went back to sleep. His mind slowly drifted off and felt calm.

Once again the moon shun light down on the streets, while bugs hoped around. The wind blew, and the stars shined.

*Isaiah left the tv on, so that's gonna keep playing all night long. Damn it guys. Not like I can do anything about it though... Sigh...Well they'll figure it out in the morning I guess.*


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