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Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

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Orphaned at the mere age of seven and thrown out on the streets with no place to go. Kana lived the life of a street rat. She did what she could to survive from digging through the trash and stealing what she could. But even after almost ten years of surviving, her life still ended short.

Holding her head feeling slightly dizzy, her lips slowly curled up into a sinister-looking smile as she let out a laugh. "Maybe someone was listening to me after all! I do not know which god heard my last dying wish, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I, Nagano Kana, owe you a debt of gratitude."

In a new world, reborn as a dragon, Kana will begin her new journey. She will experience many things along her path as she struggles to grow stronger to evolve and survive in this new world.

"That's another one!" Kana spun around in a circle, put her left paw on her hip, and gave a V sign with her right claws while winking… It was a strange pose indeed.


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    The moral of every story should be to not lose your virginity to a rock XD

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    I Like this novel, the quality seems good, but it's only beginning so I think is not right do judge story development and world background yet, the MC seems 'cool', she's not the cliche kind of "hero of justice" or "one of a kind genius" that always' exist in fantasy stories that's enough to me. The "system" part is good too, it's not too complex and doesn't have unnecessary stats and information, for me it's shows potential and I'll continue to read for now.

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    The character design is good . So is the background setting Some might think she is stupid at the beginning and that is true , she was still a kid . And its good that she has an optimistic personality considering the life she had in the alley when you get home she died I honestly respected that because she still had a will to live. and I know that you want to have a serious novel but that's going to happen a little later on due to Kana becoming stronger . Later in the hundreds of chapters there will be a lot of battles and problems with the world . The friends Kana meet and make died while she did mangage to revive them and save ... ok im going to stop there since I might reveal more spoiler . The world was destroyed and all kinds of chaos but I honestly like that despite all that drama she still had the personality she had in the beginning of the novel. Also one more thing Kana have been reincarnated countless times and one of those lives she met her current husband so you can say they've known each other for a life time . I know many may reading this review to see how the story is going but I strongly recommended due to Kana personality and the development of the story. Its not too slow and certainly not too fast . I honestly love this novel and will forever be a fan of the author . Amazing work author-chan If you have any questions do feel free to ask at your own risk .[img=update][img=recommend]

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    Absolutely loving this book the main character is very likable and actually shows some development to her character which drew me in more the romance in this book is amazingly done and not over shadowing over elements and has well versed comedy in there that most can get on board with storyline soo far with 170 chapters is a brialliant read I would recommend this

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    I quit reading after chapter five. I just felt the MC's narrating voice doesn't suit her background. She sounds like a spoiled kid from birth, her thoughts are like optimistic and kind of stupid and she hasn't got an unsilly thought inside that noggin. She is a kid, so everything is somewhat justified. I just think, well, a girl who was a 'streetrat' should have a mentality like that too. Even after reincarnation, even if she is a silly and optimiatic girl by heart, her first thought should be 'I need to find food and shelter.' 'This might be dangerous' and 'I need to be careful'. Especially if she has been on the streets for a long time (and she should be, or this detail isn't quite so important to put on the first chapter and launch the beginning of the book) then her personality should also be imbued with a mature and pessimistic nature. I am not saying she cannot be silly, she can, but for her to have survived in the streets for some time, that requires a different kind of worldview that doesn't match her persona. So she needs a sort of hidden rational side that comes out in times of crisis. Which is absent. And thus the character becomes two dimensional and somewhat illogical to read about. The beginning was strong and good, but the rebirth... Nah, pass. And how does she know about systems and statuses anyway? Don't tell me they have internet in the streets? The 'losing virginity to a stone' part was overkill, if you ask me. Anyway, these ditzy type protagonists are not my preference, I only read them if they are COMPLETE MASTERPIECES, this book is very good, promising, just doesn't match my tastes. Try the book if it matches yours, if you don't fancy cute and silly girls, try something else.

    View 8 Replies

    One of the greatest books I’ve read and I’m making another review as some people seem to not give this book a chance as it is not that great at the start but once it picks up, it really starts going. This is also a book that has great updating stability and the bonus chapters give you even more content.

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    Its Invayne thats all i gotta say.

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    LV 14 Badge

    Great book! Wish I could travel to the future so I don't have to wait for more chapter to be uploaded. It's about a girl who gets reincarnated as a baby dragon with a system that allows her to evolve and get stronger, She also has another dragons soul inside her which guides her. The story portrays humans as scum which should be wipes out as well which seems to be a big part of the story so far at least.

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    So I've read 150 chapters so far (Using FPs). I liked the idea, beginning showed a lot of promise... then she reincarnates and weird stuff happens. If you're looking for something serious, this isn't for you. I was hoping that maybe the MC would be mature but she is not. To summarize this novel, I'd say its a novel about a little girl who gets reincarnated as an OP Ultra Lucky baby Dragon that crushes all who stands in her way. How she meets her companions is super unnatural. But one of my biggest dislikes is how the ML falls in love with her super easily. Just like how females in Wuxias fawn all over the ML just cuz. Overall, good to read if you want a happy go-lucky story.

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    interesting story with ok Characters , while there's some aspect that need to be improved like improving mentality of the Mc in the later part of the story. Sadly A story of female lead with no Yuri tag simply make me feels wrong.

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    LV 14 Badge

    real score: 3.5/5 By all accounts I should not like this story. It indulges in it's own whims of power fantasy and in the second ark the literal Gods come down from the heavens to say that the MC is unambiguously right. And will one day be a God like them. The plotting is terrible and seems to have the clasic d&d "and then" story structure. And it throws out ideas for realy cool story threads within chapters of them being brought up. But... its fun. Like actually fun storytelling. It's random and has no sense about it but maybe that's the point the fact that anything can happen and the fact that our MC despite her power's, potential, and position, really adds a sense that this is a world where we literally dont know what's going on. And I love it That is the heart of this story the "controlled randomness" of the world and whims of the author. Its boldness to just say a part of the story is boring or dumb and just throw it in the trash and then find a gold nugget in that trash can and bringing it back in a new way, fee li s good. It's just fun and who doesn't like fun?

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    Dragon book about a girl, having a system like existence. invayne style to a fault. hopefully this one continues as well. ☺☺ definitely don't want to love this story for it to end.

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    The story is developing too fast...too much romance,the way they all just find love so easily and start dating quickly is not normal lastly too much cringe Besides that its all right [img=recommend]

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    if this book was to be put into an anime then I wold be blessed and I would watch the anime nonstop over and over and over again and also be put into a comic also an not just a light novel and if it was in hard copy to then I would by all the light novels and comics so I wold have a physical copys to.

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    I really love this book. it has everything that I like in a book like comedy, and a tragic beginning. I also like how everyone loves her and respects her.

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    Grammar and spelling is good Author is on some Joker "We Live in a Society" drugs while writing this Chapters are too short Overall good book

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    Good book ✌️

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    So the girl dies. But who cares? Now she's a dragon! A baby dragon at that! Who doesn't want to see a cute little dragon going on adventures and having fun. Only at chapter 9 so far and I can't keep the smile off my face!

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    Author invayne