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83.33% Reborn as a god in highschool dxd / Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Husband and Wife

Chapter 5: Husband and Wife - Reborn as a god in highschool dxd - Chapter 5 by heavenlydawn_ full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Husband and Wife

In the forest, Avos and Serafall are embracing each other, enjoying the aftertaste of their recent activities.

There are traces of madness all around them. Only God knows what these two have done!

"Serafall, thank you for your hospitality"Avos smiled with satisfaction and said as he played with the girls' smooth black hair.

"You are welcome, my husband"

Feeling weak, Serafall looked at someone with endless love and affection on her face.

Although she thought that she and Avos might get to this point, she didn't expect it to be so fast!

This guy, Avos, took her so domineeringly!

"What's wrong with you, isn't this also what you expected?"

Avos teasingly said as he leaned down to the young girl's body.

"I didn't…I didn't…"

Feeling flustered and shy, Serafall would never admit this kind of thing!

"Oh, just a while ago you wanted more"

The teasing on Avos's face intensified, while Serafall had an embarrass expression on her face.

"Serafall, don't feel ashamed, you like me, and I also like you and that's why I did this to you."

With a deep breath Avos told her about his real identity, at first Serafall was shocked but after listening to her 'husband's explanation her calmed down look at his and continued.

"I am really, surprise that the you are one of the most of powerful high class god but it doesn't matter no matter who and what you are, for me you are my husband"

Listening to her domineering words, Avos slowly stood up at that beautiful and resolute face and he is thinking is he a boy or she is born domineering.

"Anyway,You don't need to say anything, you don't need to think about anything, just leave everything to me."

"I have enough power. I will protect Serafall from now on!"

"But that's not enough. I have to get stronger and stronger. I have to stand higher and higher!"

"I will have everything I want, I will protect all the people I want to protect!"

"Serafall, will you help me?"

Looking at the Avos at this moment, Serafall couldn't help but be smitten –

"I will…"

In spite of herself, the girl almost blurted it out.

With their eyes facing each other, the two of them could clearly feel each other's mood, and they kissed each other at the same time, wishing blend each other into their own bodies.

After a long time, the two people separated and looked at each other with a smile on their faces and the last trace of barriers in their hearts disappeared.

Looking at the appearance of her man Serafall said with pouting face"when are we going to do again"

"Oh, you want more?"with an amused expression Avos asked.

"Husband, one more, one more time ..."

Recovering quite a bit, Serafall said with a blushing face.

Looking at the young girl beneath him who seemed to have become obsessed with that feeling, a smile also surfaced on Avos's face.

He is also not satisfied yet, so let's do it again!

His figure falls on top of the girl and soon the girl's depraved voice sounded again in the forest…


Somewhere, in the underworld at a big castle an old man wearing casual clothes standing near the chair while there were countless bodies of girls that were fainted due to being ravaged by the young man who has silver hair.

At the corner of the room, a beautiful young woman who looked like in her early 20s with a long silver hair wearing battle armor stood there with a pale expression on her face.

"Hahaha, bitch see, I have told you one day I will ravage you, hahaha just you wait after that I will have your daughter hahaha"said the silver hair youth while looking at the woman lustful.

"Please you can have me but don't touch my daughter, I beg you sir Razevan"with a begging face the woman asked Razevan.

Who looked at her with an amuse expression after taking a good look at her seductive body continued"Oh, Freya, ok I will give you a chance if you can satisfy me then I will let Grayfia go"

Looking at the guy with endless sorrowness and hate but after carefully thinking about his words she lowered her head and started removing her robe.

While thinking in her heart' if I can satisfy him with my body then he won't harm my child' Freya took his rod and placed on her pussy.

And continued to move her hips. Razevan looked her beautiful body with a lustful gaze and started to increase the pace.

Making the woman streaming with endless sorrowness and her expression becomes pale because of the fast he is pounding, so fast that she could break at anytime.

Her whole body started hurting so painful as she couldn't take it anymore and shouted.

"Stop, stop, please it hurts... It hurts"her whole body was hurting like craze like she would die at any time if she continued.

Razevan was very happy that he could see this woman begging because he loves breaking girls and killing them while having sex.


Back to present Avos and Serafall were having a talk about the condition of ordinary people who were having problems because of the civil war.

As they were having a nice moment, but the sudden a destruction aura made him alert as he couldn't take it anymore looked towards a branch and asked.

"You should come, I can clearly see you"

"It's indeed, Serafall's boyfriend"said a crimson hair young man with a smile as he emerged from the branch.

Along with two other people one with a brown hair and the other with a green hair looked as if they are normal people with no energy signals.

But for Avos he could clearly feel their aura while Serafall who is looking at them with annoyed expression shouted.

"What, Sirzechs, Ajuka and falbium why the hell are you guys here?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Well if it isn't our lazy Serafall who left the battlefield for 2 days without notifying us"said Sirzechs with a smile but you can see it's not really a smile.

"We were worried where hell you would be, but never in the name of satan I have thought that you'll get a boyfriend itself"continued Ajuka with calm voice without any angry expression.

"He is not my boyfriend"Serafall said with calm voice.

While both Ajuka and Sirzechs were dumbfounded by her answer while Falbium who was quiet couldn't help but asked her.

"So, why are you clinging with him"

"You misunderstood me, I said he is not my boyfriend because he is my husband and I am his wife"hearing her last words made the trio shut for a minute.

After a minute they shout at the same time.



After telling them about the identity about Avos. Serafall explained about their relationship, earning a look of disbelief from the trio.

While Sirzechs was muttering in his heart'what the hell I thought I can test him but thank satan I didn't ask him if I did then I would have lying on the bed'.

Ajuka, who is been keenly listening to Serafall's words titled his genius head towards Avos who is clearly making sleeping.

Falbium is rather quiet about the fact that Serafall got a husband so he asked curiously"So is highness will help anti-satan faction"

"Yes"this time Avos answered before Serafall who cutely pouted.

"But, I want you guys to hide my identity because it will create problems for my faction and I don't want my father to scold me"

Both Sirzechs and Ajuka who were in deep thought looked towards Avos in unison with a amused expression said.

"Leave it to me"

"Yes, leave it to me and Sirzechs"

After that the trio left the couple alone and went to their respective works.

After checking the surrounding a little bit Serafall looked at her right side and said"Avos can you accept a request from me"

"What is it?"Avos answered her in laze tone.

While Serafall who has a playful smile told her about the two members of the Leviathan clan.


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