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78.94% Reborn as The Strongest Mage / Chapter 15: Chapter 15- HellFlame's number one enemy

Chapter 15- HellFlame's number one enemy - Reborn as The Strongest Mage - Chapter 15 by zzANzz full book limited free

Chapter 15: Chapter 15- HellFlame's number one enemy

TrueFlame was livestreaming the entire boss fight. Everyone saw when The Seer appeared all of a sudden and stole the boss. That event was trending at the forums, and players thought that The Seer was even more mysterious.

"Is he a game master? That would explain how he managed to vanish."

"Don't talk nonsense. If he was a Game Master they wouldn't let him mess up with players. It would affect the company's reputation."

"The Seer is just too good. Accept it, losers."

Vincent's actions had once again shocked everyone. He couldn't care less as he was distributing his free points and looking at what exactly the boss had dropped. .

[The Seer] [Class: Mage]

Level: 6

[HP: 130] [Mana: 390]


[Strength: 2]

[Dexterity: 1]

[Endurance: 3]

[Intelligence: 25]

[Wisdom: 18]

[Free points: 0]

"I'm getting stronger, hehe. Let's see what goodies that boss gave it to me."

[Blazing Tunic(Bronze Tier(High Quality)]

Description: a magical tunic crafted with fire affinity materials.

It boosts the user fire spells by 10%]

"That's actually quite good. My Fireball will become even deadlier. And I also got a unique skill from being the first killer of the boss, and judging by the looks of it, it's probably a fire skill."

Vincent was correct.

[Firestorm tome(Upgradable)] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-number-one-enemy_56797044622289272">;s-number-one-enemy_56797044622289272</a> for visiting.

Description: a unique fire skill used by the long lost Fire Giants. It can be learned by any class.

Punch the ground to created a Firestorm around the user, causing fire damage in a large area.]

"An AOE skill, that's exactly what I needed to grind levels fast."

The last item Vincent got was a necklace. It didn't give any attributes at all.

[Fire Giant Necklace(Bronze Tier(Low Quality)

Description: a piece of jewelry that has the Giant Race symbol in it. It is damaged and no one knows if it can be restored.]

"This item is strange. Perhaps I can restore it somehow. Well, I'm sure it will take a long time..."

Vincent was happy with the items he got. He also earned 1 gold coin from the system, plus 50 silver coins from the boss itself. He was still poor but at least he wasn't completely broke.

He turned back to a crow and flew back to the village. One cool thing about Rise was that the played could dye its equipments any time they want, so Vincent did just that. He though it was way cooler a black tunic. His new acquired Blazing Tunic was that of a red color, and didn't fit his style, that's why he changed it back to black.

With the coins he earned back in the boss fight, Vincent would buy some HP and MP potions to go out adventuring in his task of reaching level 10.

When he was almost arriving at the village, he decided to not change his appearance this time. He would enter as The Seer, just to see the enraged HellFlame guild members who died and respawned back there.

Vincent wasn't afraid of getting killed. PK was forbidden inside villages and cities. They could only kill him outside. But of course, he would just turn into a crow and escape.

As soon as his black figure entered the village, everyone noticed his deep red name.

"Wait, isn't that The Seer? I'd only seen him in videos. He's even more badass in person."

"Huh? Where?"

Quickly everyone noticed his arrival. They also thought he was crazy to walk inside a village with a red name. The guards would attack and kil him.

"Hey bastard!" TrueFlame shouted.

"You stole our boss. Yet you are dumb enought to enter the village with a red name, Hahaha." every HellFlame guild members laughed.

"What do you mean?" Vincent asked, playing along.

"You're the first ranked player and yet don't know about that? Your leveling was made purely by luck then," they couldn't believe that Vincent didn't know about that.

Soon, two guards came towards Vincent. Everyone thought that it was the end, and TrueFlame could already imagine the items he would get from The Seer.

"Hello sir," both of the guards said.

"Sir, what's the reason behind your red name? I'm sure a person with your status wouldn't do the dirty work." they continued talking respectfully towards Vincent.

These were level 40 guards. They could kill all of the players in that village.

"I didn't want to, but I had to. You see that player over there," Vincent pointed towards TrueFlame.

"He disrespected me, so I had to teach him a lesson."

The guards looked towards TrueFlame, looked back towards Vincent and said.

"We can arrest him for an entire day if you want. It usually costs a couple of coins but its the first time so we do it for free. What do you think, sir?"

"Oh, you would do that for me? You're truly devoted to this empire."

And just like that, TrueFlame was arrested, unable to do anything during 24 hours. He had already lost a lot of time trying to kill the boss and didn't even get the XP from it, and now he couldn't play.

Everyone that watched the scene was astonished. Soon The Seer went trending in the forum, as usual. This all happened because of his title, Sage's Apprentice. It turned him into a noble in all human cities, and being a noble had its perks.

"Now, let's go shopping and get the hell out of here."

Vincent bought HP and MP potions from a NPC merchant that sell its goods on the street. It didn't cost him that much as they were low level potions. It costed him a total of 1 silver coin. He bought a high amount of potions that's why it costed him that much. Vincent was probably the richest player in Rise at that moment, and he planned to get even healthier once he gets into the city.

"All right now it's time to power level all the way to level 10 and reach the city. Let's go baby! But first, I really need to eat..."

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