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7 Home At Last - Reborn in DC - Chapter 7 by WolfSpatial full book limited free

Chapter 7: 7 Home At Last

Adam looked at the door of the house he had left five years ago. He hesitated before walking up and ringing the doorbell.

It took a second as he stood in front of the large brown door, but it finally opened to an old man in a butler's uniform. The butler's eyes widened before he smiled and opened the door more, "Welcome home, Master Adam."

Adam smiled back hearing the kind British voice. He hugged the butler and walked in, "It's nice to be back, Sebastian."

He looked around and saw that some things were different, not that he remembered them very well. At the top of the stairs was a boy who ran away as soon as he saw Adam looking at him.

The boy had short black hair and two different colored eyes. Adam looked to Sebastian, "Who was that?"

Sebastian gave an awkward expression, "I think it's best for Mistress Ella to explain. I'll go get her, sir. You relax in the living room."

Adam walked to the living room. It was a large room with a projector on the ceiling that shed light on a large white wall. The other three walls are black in color to allow the projected images to be seen better.

There were three couches lined up so that they could all see whatever was being put on the wall, with relative ease. In the middle of the room was a small light brown coffee table that Adam used to do his homework on.

He heard footsteps and turned around. Ella was standing in the doorway of the living room with her hands over her mouth. She gasped before running at Adam and hugging him.

He didn't even stumble a bit, just caught her and hugged her tightly. Not tight enough to hurt her, but enough for her to feel he was real.

She extended to an arm's length and said, "You have a lot of explaining to do, Adam."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You got me pregnant." She said, causing his eyes to widen, "And then almost died. How am I supposed to feel?"

"That… that boy." Adam sat on one of the couches, "He's…"

"Yours. Yes." Ella sat next to him and gripped his hands in hers, "Now that you're back, will you take an active role in their lives?"

"Of course." Adam agreed and smiled, "A boy should have both his parents- wait, their?"

"Yes." She said, "I had twins. Adam Jr. and Sora."

"Adam Jr. Sora." Adam let the names roll off his tongue. He smiled to himself, the look dazzling Ella. Adam was lost in thought when a cough brought him back to reality.

"Adam." Alyssa said from the doorway, "These are your children."

The two looked very similar. Sora had long black hair, wavy like Adam's was. Adam Jr. had short black hair, straight like Ella's. They both had heterochromatic eyes. Sora's right eye was ice-blue like Adam's and her left eye was green like Ella's. Whereas Adam's were just the opposite.

They were the epitome of twins.

Adam moved off the couch and kneeled in front of them, "Hi. Can you guess who I am?"

They looked at Ella and Alyssa then looked at Adam with confused expressions. They shook their heads and hummed, "mm-mm."

"I'm your father." Adam said with slight happiness in his eyes. He really was happy. He only had one shot at being their father. If they didn't want him, he couldn't do anything about it.

He wanted to spoil them, and show them the world. Well, the brighter side of the world. Not the side he had been in for the three years before he went into meditation. Unlike Oliver, Adam had stayed on the island for five years. Two of which he spent meditating in his cave.

"Father?" Sora said. She seemed to be the smarter of the two. Adam was hoping AJ was the strong-arm of the two, but he was fine if he wasn't.

"Yes." Adam smiled, "I'm your dad, Sora, AJ."

The two seemed content with that as they both looked at each other before hugging him. Sora looked into his eyes and asked, "Where were you?"

Adam glanced at Ella and Alyssa who were standing by the wall behind the couches. He looked back into Sora's eyes, "I was in a very far away place."

"Where?" She asked. Adam could see the curiosity welling up in her eyes.

"China." Adam said, "More specifically, a small island in the North China Sea."

"What did you do there?" She asked. Adam didn't know how to answer that question. He had a policy of staying mostly truthful, and he didn't want to break that policy on his daughter.

"I made some friends. I played around a bit." His mind flashed to the blood he had spilled and the bodies he had stacked. His eyes flicked to the counter in the top right of his vision that read '3,291' and he smiled, "I met a lot of people."

"Really?" AJ spoke up this time, "What kind of people?"

"Well," Adam fished through his memories, "There was this really mean British man. He made a deal with your daddy, but it didn't work."

The image of him murdering everyone in Fyers camp flashed in Adam's heading.

"Then, there were these Australian men." Adam said, "They ended up losing their head too much."

He remembered the way he tore off Billy's head, and the way he cut off Slade's head with The Brightsword.

"There was a Chinese woman." Adam said, "She was in love with Uncle Oliver."

Adam remembered how he bisected Shado for the experience she would give him and the quest rewards. Oliver thought Ivo had killed Shado.

"I also met a doctor." Adam said. By this point the twins had stars in their eyes. Alyssa and Ella were smiling, "His name was Anthony Ivo, and he set out to save the Human race."

Adam remembered how he forced Ivo's head under water and drowned him over and over for information, "He got pneumonia unfortunately, and couldn't save himself in time."

Ivo had indeed had too much liquid in his lungs, but not from some disease. It was from Adam. He couldn't save himself in time, because he didn't tell Adam what he wanted to know.

"Wow." Sora exclaimed, "What else?"

"I…" Adam hesitated, "Learned a magic trick."

He pulled a deck of black cards with gold designs on them from his suit jacket and showed them to the twins. He took a single card from the deck and stuck the rest in his pocket.

He removed his midnight blue suit jacket and set it on the back of the couch. He then rolled up his sleeves, exposing his black tattoos.

"Alright." Adam held the card loosely between the index finger and thumb on his right hand, "Watch the card carefully."

The twins nodded. Ella and Alyssa became intrigued and watched closely as well. He rotated his wrist and hand so the card was out of their view for a split second. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When his hand came back around, the card was gone. He spread his fingers and showed them both sides and both hands.

He suddenly flicked his hand up and the card reappeared. He smiled, "Wanna see another?"

The twins nodded whilst Alyssa sent a glance at Adam's happy expression. She smiled too.

Adam pulled out the full deck of cards and had both twins choose a card whilst he looked away. He then had them both show Ella and Alyssa the cards, but make sure he couldn't see them.

When they put the cards back in the deck one at a time, he stuck them in his inventory. He made a show of shuffling the cards, then set them on the ground.

He was still crouched in front of the twins, his arms resting on his knees as he looked them over, "What if I told you, your cards aren't in that deck?"

"That's impossible." Alyssa said, the twins and Ella nodding along with her words.

Adam smirked, putting his hands together. His hands horizontal with the palms touching. When he pulled his hands apart two cards were in his hands. He turned them to the twins, "Are these your cards?"

The twins shook their heads. Ella and Alyssa were a bit disappointed, but continued to watch as Adam still was smirking.

He flipped the card back to face him and frowned, "I grabbed the wrong ones."

He shook the cards gently and turned them again, "How about now?"

The twins nodded with happy smiles, whilst the duo standing behind them couldn't help but try and figure out how he did the trick.

He packed the deck back up and stuck it in his back left pant pocket. He unbuttoned the top button of his black shirt and stood up, "Wanna see another trick?"

"I think that's enough for one day." Alyssa said.

The twins please with their eyes and words, "Please, Auntie Lyssa."

"Fine." She said, "One more, Adam."

Adam thought for a moment before deciding the perfect trick. He walked behind a wall and came out a second later. The four were confused as to what he was trying to accomplish.

"Now." Adam said, "For my next trick, I've brought in a guest."

They looked around but didn't see anyone. They suddenly heard his voice from behind them, "Thanks for having me."

They turned rapidly and saw him sitting with his legs crossed on the furthest couch. They looked back to the other Adam, but found he wasn't there anymore.

"How did you do that, Dad?" Sora asked in surprise.

"Do what?" They heard his voice from behind again and turned to see him standing where he was. When they looked back, he wasn't sitting on the couch anymore.

"Seriously, Adam." Ella was clearly surprised as well, "How are you doing this?"

He smiled and walked forward, "Just a little trick I picked up."

He wasn't worried much about someone realizing he had powers at this point. He may only be level 10, but he had the stats of someone much higher, and his skills pushed him every further.

Besides, he wasn't even really showing his abilities. He was using a single Mana Clone and that was it. He made sure not to let them see both of him at the same time. Maybe they thought he had a special ability, but he doubted it. The world wasn't crazy enough for him to have an ability. Not in their eyes.

Adam smiled and grabbed his suit jacket from the back of the couch. Ella grabbed his arm, "How did you do it?"

He winked at her, "A magician never reveals his secrets."

He smiled and walked away as she released his arm. He made his way up stairs - which were by the front door - and headed to where his room was.

He stopped by the door. It still said 'Adam' on the door. He put a hand on the doorknob and was about to open the door when he heard a small crash.

He turned and dashed as fast as he could, getting to the top of the stairs in a mear millisecond. He looked down and saw Ella cleaning up a vase from the ground.

He walked down the stairs and began helping her clean up the vase. He took the pieces from her and looked into her eyes as they stood up, "I'm sorry I left, love. I promise to do my best to stay in the future."

Ella looked down, "Adam, there's something you need to-"

"Are you okay?" Alyssa asked from a doorway with the twins next to her.

"Yeah." Adam said, "What were you saying, Ella?"

"No, it's nothing." Ella didn't look up.

"It's obviously something." Adam rubbed her shoulder with his hand, "What's up?"

"I-" She was extremely nervous, "I cheated on you in high school."

[A/N: Thanks for reading. Let me know if I missed anything. As always, I don't want your damned Power Stones. Have a great day.

~Wolf out.]

WolfSpatial WolfSpatial

Got bored of writing the island. I’ll do more island chapters later though, so watch out for those.

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