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28.47% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 40: "Where the fuck am I going to get the materials?"

Read Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System - Chapter 40 online

Chapter 40: "Where the fuck am I going to get the materials?"

[Name: Jason Frey

Age: 10 (28)

Title: `The Chosen´

Bloodline: Elemental Dragon

Soul: Ashura (Baby)

Shop Points: 200

Summon Points: 0

Ability Points: 0


Strength: 20500 -> 24600

Speed: 20500 -> 24600

Lifespan: 1000000 years

Mana: 26500


Death Eyes Lv MAX

Sword Master Lv 7 (1500/20000)

Fire Magic Lv MAX

Ice Magic Lv MAX

Thunder Magic Lv 1 (0/100)

Wind Magic Lv 1 (0/100)

Earth Magic Lv 1 (0/100)

Dark Magic Lv 1 (50/100)]

Icycal flame Lv 4 (2767/10000)

Siegfried Blessing (Innate)

Jason Descendant (Innate

-Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (Ex) (sealed AA): 15000 mana every shot

-Rho Aias (None)



-Noble Phantasm


-Lottery (next ticket 10000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 10000 summon points)




-The Fate Path

-Siegfried Fate Path (Completed)

-EMIYA Fate Path (Sealed)

System Note: Support author with power stones and go to authors P/atreon if you want to read chapters in advance.]


"Is something wrong?" asked a worried Nekohime.

"It's nothing"

Jason turned his attention back to the system.

(System, What is Ashura Soul?)

[Ashura soul is the original soul of the user]

(I don't understand)

[The user's soul had always been Ashura Soul, but the user had never been able to awaken it]

(And now it has woken)

[Not exactly]

(What do you mean?)

[Ashura Soul began to wake up when the user killed for the first time, Ashura Soul fed on the souls of your victims to slowly wake up]

Jason remembered hearing a voice urging him to kill.

(Was the voice I was hearing Ashura Soul?)

[That's right, Ashura Soul prefers souls of people who have committed countless sins]

(Is that why the voice incited me to attack Semiramis?)

[Semiramis is a queen who has committed countless sins during her life, that together with her great soul power made her irresistible to your Ashura Soul who needed an almost infinite dark soul power to be able to awaken]

Although Jason had an idea of how he woke up, he asked the system to clear up his doubts.

(How did he wake up then?)

[A few hours ago, the system noticed an external force entering the user's body. This force has awakened your bloodline by force. Then countless amounts of dark energy have entered into your soul, that dark energy has awakened your Ashura Soul.]

Jason understood why he had received that increase in skills. What he didn't understand was because his level in elementary magic was 1 when with fire and ice it was Max level.

[The thunder, wind and earth magic have been awakened manually and not with the help of the system so the user will have to train them from the beginning].

[As for the magic of darkness, the magic will rise as the user absorbs dark souls]

Jason nodded, apparently he was going to have to dedicate time to train the different magics.

(Why is my Ashura Soul a baby?)

[Ashura Soul has different stages. The first is Baby which is where you are now, at this stage the combat capabilities of the user improve by 20% permanently].

[The user can activate his dark energy, it will surround the user improving his physical capabilities X3, this form is called Ashura Mode]

[Ashura Soul is divided into: Baby, Kid, Teen, Adult and Ashura King]

[Legends say that if one perfects Ashura King to the limit one can become a God Ashura]

(What do you mean by legends?)

[The system has no record of any Ashura reaching that level]

Jason was amazed to hear about Ashura Soul. He was really OP! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason still had a doubt about Ashura Mode.

(Can I use my Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode and Ashura Mode at the same time?)

[Yes, but the user's mana will be reduced three times faster. User capabilities will be multiplied by 5 when you activate both Modes]

Jason sighed, it seemed he had to increase his mana capabilities in the future. The Noble Phantasms and the different Modes drained his mana very quickly, which was going to be a problem in future battles.

(What about Death Eyes?)

[Death Eyes are the result of the fusion of the Rinnegan and Ashura Eyes]

(I know that, tell me what they do)

[Death Eyes Skills:


-Amenotijara (Sealed)


-Mortal Perception]

(Have I lost most rinnegan skills just for one skill?)

[That's right]

Jason wanted to curse every living thing on earth. His favorite eye powers had disappeared just like that.

[Calm down, all abilities that brought the Rinnegan and the Mangekyo Sharingan would only be useful against beings of lower worlds, in the god Realms there are much better flames than Amaterasu and illusions like kotoamatsukami are useless there]

Jason really wanted to cry, there was still a long way to go before he got to God Realms.

(I hope Mortal Perception is a useful skill)

[Mortal Perception: The user can see the enemy's points and death lines, the user can also see through the enemy's weaknesses]

(Aren't these Shiki Ryougi's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception?)

[The concept is similar. But unlike Ryougi's eyes, your eyes do not have the effect of killing instantly but produce a fatal wound that can be healed if attended to perfectly. Besides, you can see the enemy's weaknesses at the moment].

(Although they don't have the effect of killing instantly it's still a pretty good skill)

This was a skill that told the enemy's skills and Jason only rated it as pretty good. If people in God Realms heard him they would probably drown him in curses.

Jason didn't ask the system any more. He decided to test his new skills the next day and fell asleep.

Jason went to school the next day. As he left, he walked with Irina and Issei. Jason was irritated with Issei as he kept talking about thunder and hurricanes.

Jason realized that Irina had a blank stare.

"Is something wrong?" he asked with concern.

Irina came out of her stupor and blushed. She looked at Jason and Issei and a sad look passed through her eyes.

"It is nothing" She smiled as best she could.

`What a false smile´ Jason thought.

`Now that I think about it, the moment Irina goes to church with her father is coming soon´

Jason didn't think too much about it, that day was bound to come and he couldn't do anything to stop it. It's not like he's going to threaten Irina's parents or anything.

Jason came home, left Shirone with Kaida and took the other 5 with him to Kuoh's temple.

Jason arrived at the shattered temple followed by 5 girls with ears and cat tail.

"Welcome, Master"

Although there was no temple, the 20 maids still received Jason. The 5 Nekoshou gave Jason a strange look, especially Nekohime when she saw her cousin being the Maid-chief.

Jason ignored them and headed for a tent where he could feel the presence of three women.

Medea, Ingvild and Semiramis were having tea at one of the stores. When they saw Jason come in, they greeted him before going on with their business.

Jason went to Semiramis and asked her directly.

"What materials do you need for Hanging Gardens of Babylon?"

Semiramis opened his eyes in disbelief, but soon recovered recalling the conversation he had with Medea before and having observed what he is capable of.

"I need XXX Kg of XXX metal, XXX Kg of this other metal..."

Semiramis continued to quote a lot of materials, Jason looked at her in shock.

"Stop, stop."

Semiramis looked at him calmly.

"Where the fuck am I going to get the materials?"

Semiramis looked at him in shock as Medea and Ingvild laughed.


New novel coming soon: The Apocalyptic World


And the end came.

God got bored of humans and decided to kill them. To do this he transformed animals and other species into monsters to start a game of hunting or being hunted.


First-year class D at the Hunter Academy. Only the garbage in the garbage entered this class.

"Sahazel, are we going to train in the dark forest?"

"I'm not interested"

"Sahazel, they say Jamie and Tom from class A are fighting again for the second year second beauty. Shall we go see him?"

"Two idiots fighting for a slut, I'm not interested."

"Sahazel, I've heard..."

"I said I'm not interested!"

"But I've heard that Miss Long of the Long family is fighting a hydra, her clothes may tear."

"Sahazel don't run, wait for me!"

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1


I am trully disapointed. We have gone from top 40 to top 67.

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