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70.83% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 101: “Fulfilling my role as a big brother.”

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Chapter 101: “Fulfilling my role as a big brother.”


Jason woke up the next morning, mainly because of the yelling of a certain woman.

"Jason, Lavinia, its breakfast time!"


"Mmh? Five more minutes, please." Lavinia growled.

Jason couldn't get up even if he wanted to. The reason was Lavinia; she was hugging his body so hard that Jason's slightest movement would make the girl wake up.

Why didn't Jason want to wake her?

Well, he would lose the fantastic vision in front of him, as well as the pleasant sensation of Lavinia's voluptuous breasts in his chest.

What had now burst into his vision was the visibly snow-white skin of her thighs. Since it was just a single dress shirt, Lavinia's legs were almost completely exposed. A scene that is poisonous to a healthy high school boy, yet also medicinal. With the sunlight flowing in from the window, the white dress shirt appeared to be transparent…

"Okay, I'm going into the room."

Natsume appeared in the room saying as much.

"It's morning already. Get up quick-like, everything's rea-dy! Waaoh! What are guys doing?"

Natsume was horrified by the situation she saw here. That is to be expected; their positions were too ambiguous.

"Good morning, Natsume" Jason greeted her.

"Oh, it's Natsume" Lavinia opened her eyes slightly.

While pointing her finger at Jason, Natsume called him out.

"Jason! Although it is wonderful to deepen one's relations with a new comrade, wouldn't this be deepening them too much!?"

Jason smiled at Natsume's question and responded with his movements. He grabbed Lavinia's ass and picked her up.

"Lavinia, why don't you give Natsume your place? She seems to be a little jealous."

Lavinia was still a little sleepy, she stretched out and looked at Natsume, and it didn't look like Lavinia had any problem with Jason's hands.

She seemed to be thinking about what she was going to say.

"Natsume, I'm not giving you my place... but you can take the other side."

She pointed to the free side of the bed.

"W-w-w-what are you saying!" Natsume yelled and ran out of the room.

Jason laughed when he saw her reaction.

"Natsume has gone so… goodnight"

Lavinia tried to go to bed, but Jason prevented her from going back to bed.

"Come on. They're waiting for us for breakfast. I hope Tobio's breakfast is as good as last night's dinner."

Lavinia's eyes lit up when she heard Jason's words. She jumped out of bed and proceeded to leave the room.

Jason stopped her. She only wore the shirt he had left her and her white panties.

"Get dressed first, and give me back my shirt."

Lavinia stopped and looked at her shirt. She took it off without hesitation and threw it towards Jason. She quickly went to her wardrobe and took her magic girl clothes.

"Come on. I'm hungry."

She grabbed Jason by the arm and dragged him into the dining room.

In the dining room, the rest of Slash Dog members along with Vali were waiting for Lavinia and Jason.

They all had different expressions on their faces.

Tobio and Sae had their faces flushed, and they were looking at the floor.

Kouki had a playful face and smiled obscenely at Jason. The urge to punch him in the face was burning the already hot interior of Jason's body.

Jason thought that Natsume was going to have a similar reaction to Sae's and was surprised when he saw that she was relatively calm, even giving Jason some strange looks.

The most bizarre reaction of all was Vali's. He had a pale face and seemed to be shivering.

"Are you all right, Vaa-kun?"

Lavinia was worried about the boy.

"I just got an older brother, and now I'm going to have a nephew! This is too much even for the Vanishing Dragon!"

"Can you repeat that?"

Jason repressed all the desire to beat up Vali. Jason felt he should give the young man a second chance because he was in a good mood.

"I don't want to become an uncle. I'm too young!"

While everyone was stunned, Jason grabbed Vali by the collar of his shirt and dragged him out of the apartment.

"Anikiii! What are you doing?"

"Fulfilling my role as a big brother."

They all stunned looked at Jason dragging Vali out of the apartment. Lavinia had an innocent look on her face as she wondered what was going on.

Sounds of blows and Vali's screams were the only thing heard in the next five minutes.

Again sitting at the table, with the difference that Vali's face was covered in bruises.

"Vaa-kun, why did you say that before?"

"Mom told me that if a boy and a girl slept together, then they were going to have a baby."

Everyone sighed at the sound of it. Only one person reacted differently.

Lavinia opened her eyes wide and took her hands to her belly, caressing it with affection.

"Am I gonna be a mom?"

"No, of course not!"

After breakfast, they returned to Grigori.

Barakiel and Azazel were waiting for them there.

The students of the Barakiel class had classes again. It seems that they did not even rest on Sundays.

Lavinia said she had to report something to the leader of her organization and left Grigori territory. Jason was left alone with Azazel.

"Have you talked to Shigune?" Jason asked.

"Yes…" Azazel showed a complex face.

Jason frowned.

"Is something wrong?"

"You see... Shigune's situation is different from that of the other members of Slash Dog."

"What do you mean?"

"Unlike them, she didn't fight the utsusemi agency. In fact, they captured her along with the missing fiend.

She showed up in front of Slash Dog's apartment one night. Apparently, Koga had reached an agreement so that Shigune could be released."

"I sigh, I'm still wondering why you don't tell me all the information from the beginning."

"I didn't consider that information useful. She didn't tell us anything about the agreement or the place where it was based. It would have taken us a long time to find the place without the information Suzaku has given us.

And I'm sure that place is not the base of enemies, that's not Satanael's style."

Jason sighed.

"I'm going back now."

"Aren't you going to help Tobio and the others train?"

"That's enough with Vali. Besides, I have a business to finish."

"Hehe... Speaking of Vali, I think you're going to be surprised tomorrow."

"With a smirk on his face, Azazel sent Jason away."

Jason waved his hand and returned to Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Inside the throne room were only Medea and Semiramis. Jason had warned only a few moments before he was to go to the floating fortress and the rest were not ready to receive him because he had previously warned that he was going to spend the weekend in Grigori territory.

"Welcome back, hubby/master."

Medea and Semiramis received Jason.

"I'm back."

Jason hugged and kissed his two beautiful Servants.

Medea expressed her doubts when she saw that Jason was back so soon.

"Weren't you going to spend the weekend in Grigori territory?"

"That was the idea, but something interesting happened, and I had to come back here. I have things to ask questions to two women."

Semiramis was interested in what had happened to Jason to get him back into the fortress.

"What made you come back?"

"A burning bird that wants to come out of its nest."

"And who do you have to talk to?" Medea squinted her eyes as she looked at Jason.

Jason knew Medea was jealous that he was going to talk to other women. Well, she already knew what was going to happen from the beginning so she couldn't do anything directly but fight for the position of the first woman.

"I need to talk to Shuri. I need to talk to her about the five main clans and ask her about her niece."

A dangerous glow quickly crossed Medea's eyes as Semiramis kept her playful smile.

"And the other person I need to talk to...

She is Nekohime"

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