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17.36% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 24: 2 years later

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Chapter 24: 2 years later

Two years had passed and the time was approaching to rescue Kuroka and Shirone.

No momentous event had occurred during these two years. Jason attended school, trained in the afternoons and enjoyed Medea's body at night.

Issei spent two weeks trying to get Jason to accept him as a teacher. Jason was fed up with this oppais pervert who called himself the Harem King, it wasn't until he promised to give him some advice on picking up girls that Issei promised not to bother him.

Although he had promised him that he would still look for him along with Irina during recess and after class. Jason didn't refuse his company because he was enjoying the feeling of having a friend.

The first time Jason said he was going to Issei and Irina's house to play with his parents, they became euphoric. Jason swore that he saw his mother crying secretly.


Mrs. Frey heard the doorbell of her house and went to open the door excitedly. The reason she was so excited was because her son had told her that he was bringing two friends home. Normally this shouldn't be such a big deal but this case was special, your son had never brought friends home before!

Mr. Frey was also home. Although he should be working at that time, he still wanted to meet the first friends his son had invited home.

When Mrs. Frey opened the door she found 3 children waiting for her to open. There were two boys and one girl. The older boy had white hair and blood red eyes and looked a year or two older than he was, he was obviously his son Jason. The other boy had a medium appearance, with brown hair and looked about 7 years old. But the one that really caught his attention was the girl with short light brown hair and violet eyes. She hid behind Jason and looked at Mrs. Frey with shame.

Mrs. Frey understood perfectly what was going on with her. She assumed that the girl had a crush on her son and was embarrassed to meet the parents of the boy she likes.

"I'm home now," Jason greeted his mother.

"Welcome Jason, and you two are..." Mrs. Frey asked for the names of her son's friends.

"Hyoudou Issei!" "S-Shidou Irina" Issei responded energetically as was common in him and Irina presented herself with difficulty due to embarrassment.

Mrs. Frey chuckled at listening to Irina's clumsy presentation and began to evaluate her from top to bottom until she gave her the go-ahead.

"Irina-chan, there's nothing to be so embarrassed about, treat this house as if it were your own" Mrs. Frey had quite liked this girl.

Irina blushed and nodded.

Mr. Frey greeted Jason's friends and he nodded satisfactorily to see that they were both good children.

Jason took the other two to his room. Issei upon entering discovered Jason's console and plugged it in to play regardless of the details.

Irina instead set out to observe Jason's room. She felt a little strange when she noticed the smell of a woman in Jason's bed but didn't think too much about it and went to the sword that was hanging on Jason's wall.

"Do you also have a real sword in your house, Jason-senpai?" asked Irina curiously because in her house they also had a sacred sword in a display case.

"Yes, my father gave it to me on my 7th birthday. I've always liked swords," Jason replied with a smile as he looked at Balmung affectionately.

Irina was glad when she found out that Jason liked swords like she did.

"Hey, are we going to play or not?" Issei called them impatiently to play the console.

Jason and Irina no longer entertained themselves and started playing with Issei. Medea watched them from the shadows with a gentle smile. Seeing Jason play with 7-year-olds on the console was something new for her and she didn't want to miss anything to do with her beloved.

(End of flashback)

Jason was currently in the temple training room. In front of him was Ingvild in a combat suit.

Both wore magical costumes created by Medea. Jason's clothes consisted of a white sweatshirt and black shorts. On the back of the sweatshirt the words `Soaring Dragon´ were written in Chinese script. On the back of the hoodie were two holes made so that Jason's wings could come out without breaking the hoodie, in his shorts there was a similar hole.

Why the pants too?

After passing Siegfried's test and drinking Fafnir's blood he managed to integrate with his bloodline blazing blizzard and a tail came out of his backside when it became any of his dragon mode.

Ingvild wore a short kimono that passed over his knees. The kimono had a two-color design, light blue and fire red. The design was made in such a way that it seemed that both colors were fighting each other, as if it were water against fire. As with Jason's sweatshirt, on Ingvild's back the characters `Soaring Dragon´ were written.

During these two years Ingvild had been learning to control his devil power with the help of Medea. Her control had reached such a point that she was close to perfection, it would not be a lie to say that she could now fight 1vs1 against an experienced ultimate class devil and not necessarily lose. Although she lacked a lot of combat experience her large amount of devil power being a descendant of Leviathan made up for that.

Obviously Ingvild was not going to fight Jason using his devil power. When she and Jason did training fights it was to improve their water magic while Jason used it to warm up. Although at first he could not control his water magic very well and was only able to summon floods, he improved little with the help of Medea and Jason who mastered ice magic which was a variant of water magic.

Although during these two years Ingvild's growth had been enormous this had not been an increase in his power but he had learned to control the power that already belonged to him. What disappointed Jason was that Ingvild's Sacred Gear had not yet awakened.

Unlike Ingvild who had not improved his power, Jason had improved a lot. Although the magic of gravity no longer worked in his body thanks to Siegfried's blessing, he still had other ways to improve his stats.

2 years ago, when Jason realized that gravity magic no longer affected his body, he asked the system what the reason was.

[ User has received Siegfried's blessing. A sheet of leaf was placed on User's back when he bathed in Fafnir's blood just like Siegfried in the legend. Siegfried decided to interfere with the test and removed the leaf from User's back, thus fulfilling Siegfried's desire to help someone of his own free will].

[Siegfried's Blessing: No change of state can affect User]

Knowing the reason why the magic of gravity didn't work on him, Jason smiled as he looked up at the sky and thanked his great friend who had accompanied him during the test.

When Jason discovered that breaking the limits could significantly increase his Stats he decided to use this method for his training.

For his strength, Medea created just as powerful barriers so that he could not break them even if he used all his strength. Jason then hit the barriers with only physical force constantly and did not stop until the barrier was broken, once the barrier was destroyed Jason's strength increased.

For speed, Medea and Ingvild would take turns to fire magic or devil power at Jason to make him dodge. Each attack was slightly faster than the previous one. Jason cursed the two girls inside his mind while he dodged the obviously dangerous attacks - he could swear they were both having fun while he ran for his life!

When he asked the two girls why their attacks were so powerful the answer they told him made him puke a bunch of blood.

"Who doesn't risk, doesn't win!" And they left laughing.

To increase his mana capacity Jason summoned Rho Aias and kept him as powerful and for as long as possible. Although this method could only be used once a day, since unlike stamina his mana took a whole day to recover, the growth in his mana was also quite high. Although he could not yet summon the third petal, Jason felt that with Rho Aias he could for two strokes of an ultimate class although after that he would run out of mana.

His skills had also improved during these two years. Although he had not yet managed to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, he had greatly improved the control over his Sharingan. His skill with the sword had improved but he had not managed to level up either.

The only skill he had improved was Icycal Flame, now he could summon her into his human mode with some difficulty and could easily control her with his Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Name: Jason Frey

Age: 10 (28)

Title: Murder of criminals/ `The Chosen´

Bloodline: Dragon of the blazing blizzard / Descendant of Hero Jason the Argonaut

Shop Points: 0

Summon Points: 4800

Ability Points: 0


Strength: 3500 -> 6000

Speed: 3500 -> 6000

Lifespan: 200000 years

Mana: 5000 -> 8000


Sharingan 3 tomoe (600/1000)

Sword Master Lv 7 (1500/20000)

Fire Magic Lv MAX

Ice Magic Lv MAX

Icycal flame Lv 3 -> Lv 4 (1000/10000)

Siegfried Blessing (Innate)

-Noble phantasm:

-Balmung (A+) -> (Ex) (sealed B) -> A: 3000 mana every shot

-Rho Aias (None)



-Noble Phantasm


-Lottery (next ticket 10000 shop points)

-Servant summon

-Random Servant (Next ticket 5000 summon points)



-The Fate Path

-Siegfried Fate Path (Completed)

-EMIYA Fate Path (Sealed)

System Note: Support author with power stones and go to authors P/atreon if you want to read chapters in advance.]

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

3 extra chapters -> top 60

5 extra chapters -> 10 patrons y P/atreon


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