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7.63% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 10: A day in Gremory Palace

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Chapter 10: A day in Gremory Palace

[Barrier has been lifted]

Jason let out a sigh as he was about to go out the door, but before he could get out the door opened and a body crashed into Jason causing him to fall backwards with the body on top.

The rest of the Gremory entered behind that body and were shocked to see the state of the room. A luxury room specially prepared for guests had been reduced to an empty room.

Jason with the help of the false Medea had taken charge of erasing any trace that remained in the room before the barrier was lifted so the Gremory did not understand what had happened but let out a sigh of relief to see that Jason was intact.


The Gremorys in the first few hours after the barrier went up simply let him through, but seeing the barrier go on for so long they were worried that something had happened to Jason. Grayfia and Sirzechs began to feel that the seal was weakening as Jason regained consciousness, quickly alerted the rest of the Gremory and ran to Jason's room.

They were amazed to see that even with the seal weakened they could not open it. Sirzechs was staring worriedly at his little sister behind her parents. Rias was behind her parents with a pale face and biting her lips, obviously worried about Jason. Sirzechs seeing her that way decided to make fun of her to calm her down.

Sirzechs: "Are you worried about our little guest, Rias-chan?"


Rias' face went from pale white to blood red in less than a second when she heard her brother's question.

1 hour later.

Sirzechs: "The barrier has disappeared"

Grayfia: "Yes, we can pass now"

The words of Sirzechs and Grayfia were like the starting gun for Rias. Rias rushed into the room and when she saw Jason she threw herself at him and hugged him tightly.


Zeoticus: "I hope you can give a good explanation Jason"

Jason was ashamed and although he had already prepared his words of apology, he was still having trouble saying them.

Jason: "`Cough, Cough´, sorry Lord Gremory but yesterday I was training a new power and it got out of control, I almost died in the attempt.

Hearing his words, everyone sighed because that was what they had thought more or less, while Rias tightened her grip even more.

Jason: "Mm, Rias?"

Rias: "Yes?"

Jason: "Could you do me a favor and get up? You're crushing me."

Rias then remembered what she was doing and quickly got up with a red face.

Rias: "Don't think too much, I wasn't worried about you or anything like that, BAKAAA!"

With that she turned around and ran back to her room.

Everyone smiled as they saw this attitude of hers while Jason had a confused look (Did I do something to her?)

Sirzechs seeing Jason's confused face couldn't help but laugh loudly.

Sirzechs: "JAJAJAJA" After he calmed down he continued: "So you're our little guest, I heard what you did to my little sister yesterday."

Jason was tense listening to Sirzechs but relaxed not noticing any malicious tone in his voice.

Jason: "Yes, I'm Jason Frey, thank you for letting me spend these two weeks here!"

Sirzechs: "Don't thank me, I no longer belong to the Gremory house. I introduce myself, I am Maou Sirzechs Lucifer".

Jason had already guessed his identity so he was not too surprised to see it but Medea was surprised from the shadows to know that the Maou looked so young.

The problem was solved quickly as no one really cared if the room was destroyed or not as the Gremory did not lack money.

Sirzechs: " I heard from Grayfia that you've come here to train these two weeks, haven't you?"

Jason: "Yes, I'd like to train physically as I have no problem with my magic."

Sirzechs: "Well, then I'll take you to the Gremory's special gym."

That morning Sirzechs and Jason were walking through the Gremory training territories while Sirzechs showed him each of them.

It was lunchtime, on a large table in a big hall in the Gremory palace the dishes were being served.

At the head of the table was Zeoticus, on his right Sirzechs and on his left Venelana, next to Venelana was Rias and next to Sirzechs was Jason. The fake Medea did not need to eat so she was not present while Grayfia could not eat with them as she was working as maid.

Sirzechs wanted to satisfy his curiosity so he was asking Jason questions during the meal while Rias had her head down and didn't dare look at Jason (though she was listening carefully to the conversation). Venelana and Zeoticus were listening to the conversation between Sirzechs and Jason as they were also curious.

Apart from Sirzechs who knew that Jason could use fire magic and was relatively good with the sword, the others didn't know anything either.

Sirzechs: "So not only are you good with fire and sword but you are also the best of your class in the human world. You seem to be trying so hard, I wish Rias would learn a little from you."" Sirzechs let out a sigh because she also knew that her sister was a bit spoiled and thought too well of herself.

Hearing her name, Rias lifted her head, but hearing her brother's words, she sent him a look of death. Sirzechs laughed ironically at the look on his sister's face and didn't say anything else.

Jason went to the Gremory practice territories in the afternoon to train his physique until evening.

When Jason went to have a bath for dinner he was surprised by Sirzechs on the way.

Sirzechs: "Hey Jason, do you want to come to the onsen with me?"

Jason nodded quickly (I'm finally going to try the famous onsen! YES!)

First they washed and then went to the onsen.

Once in the onsen Jason and Sirzechs rested calmly before Sirzechs surprised Jason with his words.

Sirzechs: "Hey, Jason."

Jason: "Yes?"

Sirzechs: "Are you interested in my knight training you in the sword?"

Jason: "Excuse me?"

Jason was amazed. If I remember correctly, his knight was Souji Okita, one of the best swordsmen of the shinsengumi (a police force in Kyoto during the shogunate period). On another occasion Jason would be more than willing to be trained, but why would Sirzechs leave a member of his peerage to a person from outside the family? Jason knew he had trained Kiba but that was because he was part of the peerage of Rias.

Noticing Jason's doubt, Sirzechs resolved his doubt.

Sirzechs: "Don't think too much, yesterday I was talking casually with Souji when he mentioned that he wanted to look for an apprentice. Then I remembered what Grayfia told me about you being good with the sword so I told him and he told me that although he couldn't accept you as an official disciple because you already know some bases, he would still like to meet you. So what do you say, would you like Souji to train you?"

Upon hearing his explanation Jason was relieved before nodding vigorously.

Sirzechs: "I'm glad you agreed. Jason, what do you think of my sister?"

Jason thought carefully and finally said what he really felt.

Jason: "I think she' s too arrogant. Although it's true that she has the power of destruction, she doesn't train it and thinks that being her brother a Maou can do it all.

Sirzechs frowned at Jason's words, and after thinking of something smiled as if he understood something.

Sirzechs: "So that's why you did yesterday, huh?"

Jason just nodded and kept silent.

After dinner Jason just went to sleep, after all the training at the Gremory's was a totally different level than training at home.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

That´s all for today. Hope you enjoy it.

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