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16.66% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 23: A new family member

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Chapter 23: A new family member

One month after the incident with Irina, Jason was at home eating with his parents. The food would have been a normal meal if it hadn't been for the tense atmosphere at the table.

Jason's parents hadn't said anything since Jason had arrived and he was worried, his parents always asked him typical things like `how was school? ´, `Have you made friends? ´, etc...

Jason couldn't stand the silence at the tables and asked, "Is something wrong?"

Jason's parents looked at each other as if they were making an important decision. Jason's mother stared at Jason's father as if she was saying `You either say it or you don't sleep in bed tonight ´. Under the gaze of Jason's mother, Jason's father shamefully withdrew from the battle of glances and looked at Jason seriously.

"You're going to have a little brother."


A bomb rang in Jason's mind when he heard his father's words. His mind went blank for a few seconds, even Medea was stunned to hear the news, and when she recovered she glanced at Jason with a touch of anticipation.

When Jason didn't react, the atmosphere in the room became uncomfortable. Now it was Mrs. Frey who couldn't stand it and asked her son, "Are you okay, my baby?"

"I'm not a baby, I'm 8 years old!"

Hearing Jason's scream all the discomfort in the room disappeared and an indescribable happiness was replaced.

"I'm going to be a big brother," Jason muttered from the bass.

Jason's parents when they heard his murmur smiled and looked at him with love.

"Is it a boy or a girl?

"We don't know yet, I've been pregnant for a month and a half right now. We don't know until 5 months if you're going to have a little brother or sister," Jason's mother explained.

Jason didn't speak but the look of anticipation in his eyes said it all.

They finished eating and Jason went to his room with a silly smile on his face.

Once inside he lay on his bed and Medea appeared next to him as usual.

Unlike other days, Jason wasn't paying any attention to Medea and was looking at the ceiling with a lost look and a silly smile. Medea was not angry about it and looked at Jason with a loving smile and a touch of anticipation in her eyes.

Jason focused his attention on Medea and attracted her to his embrace.

"I'm going to become a big brother."

Medea nodded.

Jason noticed the look in Medea's eyes and sighed.

"You know I can't have kids yet."

"I know, I'll wait till the day you can."

Jason sighed again when he saw that the expectant gaze did not fade from Medea's eyes.

It's not that Jason couldn't have children. Even though Jason was only 8 years old, he was a dragon and male dragons can have children from birth. The problem was that Jason was not yet ready to be a father. He always had the same doubt, What if I don't know how to act like a father? What if he or she hates me in the future? What if I'm going to have to abandon him like they had to do with me? Jason still had a little trauma from his past life.

As he was lost in thought he felt a familiar hand touching his lower part.

"Even though you can't have children yet, it doesn't mean we can't practice making them," Medea told him.

Jason smiled and became his teen form. He placed himself on top of Medea and kissed her slightly before whispering in her ear "We can practice all you want, my princess".

Medea's face was completely red but not of shame and his gaze still contained anticipation but also lust.

Probably the entire neighborhood would have heard Medea's moans if it weren't for the sound barrier in Jason's room.

The next day, Jason had just left school and was walking with Issei and Irina to Issei's house. Since Jason rejected Issei as his disciple, Issei had been inviting him to his house to play every day. Jason didn't feel bad about the idea and was going home to eat and play for a couple of hours regularly. Irina always accompanied them wherever the two friends went.

"I will become a big brother" Jason dropped the bomb on Issei and Irina halfway to Issei's house.

They both went blank and stopped walking. They both reacted the same and at the same time for the second time when they shouted "Congratulations!".

Jason smiled in shame as he heard his two friends screaming in the middle of the street.

They continued walking to Issei's house in silence. Each was thinking of something different.

Irina was walking slightly behind the other two with her face flushed. Internally she was thinking `A baby like Jason-senpai, how cute has to be that´. She was thinking of playing with a Jason baby version in the future.

Issei on the other hand was thinking with stars in his eyes `That having a younger brother should be fun, should I convince my parents to have one? ´

Jason was just thinking about afternoon training and improving his strength to rescue Kuroka and Shirone. Well, Jason's determination to get stronger had grown when he thought of being stronger to protect his little brother or sister from future dangers.

A certain man sat on a hill surrounded by swords. When he felt Jason's determination, he smiled and muttered, "You seem to have found your answer.

5 months later.

Jason was sitting on his couch next to Issei and Irina waiting for his parents to return. Today was the day his mother was going to go to the doctor for tests to find out the gender of the baby.

Jason heard the door open and ran to greet his parents.

"Dad, Mom! How was the test?"

Jason's parents smiled as they saw their son so excited. It was already clear that Mrs. Frey was pregnant because of her bulging belly.

Jason's father smiled mysteriously and asked his son, "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Jason was really impatient. He had been bothering his parents these past few months to find out if he was going to have a little brother or sister.

Jason's mother tapped Mr. Frey "Stop bothering my baby".

When they heard Mrs. Frey, they all laughed.

"Jason, you're going to have a little sister," Mrs. Frey said.

Jason was filled with joy at that moment `The paradise for all the older brother. A beautiful imouto! YEES! ´

Everyone looked confusedly at the strange smile on Jason's face. Inside Mrs. Frey's belly a baby felt a chill... ok no hehe.

8 months after Jason met Irina.

In a hospital waiting room a boy and a man were waiting anxiously for the nurses to tell them something.

Mr. Frey was wandering around the room while nervously biting his nails. Jason was sitting in a chair with his legs shaking.

Both were terribly nervous as their mother/wife was in labor at the time.

From inside the room you could hear the screams of `Push, push´ of the doctors.

5 hours later the screams calmed down and were replaced by the crying of a baby. A nurse came out to tell the father/son couple that the delivery had been successfully completed and congratulated them on the new family member.

Martin and Jason couldn't care less what the nurse told them and they ran into the room at inhuman speed. The nurse was in shock ` Did they just disappear? ´, she couldn't believe it so she thought she was too tired from childbirth and decided to go to sleep.

Inside the room a woman was hugging her newborn daughter when Jason and his father appeared.


"Shhh" Mikoto placed her finger in her mouth indicating silence and gave the father/son couple a murderous look.

Both felt a chill running down their backs when they noticed the look Mikoto was giving them.

Jason approached his mother's side and looked at his newborn sister. Although she did not have much hair he could see that this was charcoal black, there was not much to say about her facial features as she was a baby and could not see the color of her eyes as she was currently sleeping.

"What's her name?" Jason asked.

Jason's parents looked at each other and then looked at Jason.

Mr. Frey smiled and said to Jason, "You can choose the name"

Jason was shocked and realized his father wasn't joking.

Jason thought seriously about it and chose a name for his little sister.

"I've thought of one!"

Jason's parents looked at him expectantly.

"Her name will be Kaida."

The baby in Mikoto's arms smiled. Everyone took this gesture as if she liked the name.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

A little cute imouto for Jason.

We hadn´t reach the goal for extra chapters so I´m going to change it a bit.

3 extra chapters -> top 60

5 extra chapters -> 10 patrons y P/atreon


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