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81.25% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 116: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (1)

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Chapter 116: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (1)

In order to follow Lavinia who had been chasing Augusta, Tobio and the others had been dashing deeper into the mountains but…

They were suddenly enshrouded in mist, and by the time they'd noticed, they'd reached a place where before their eyes was Barakiel and a tall man.

"Eh? What is this? We were chasing Lavinia…and yet before us now is Barakiel-sensei…huh?"

Natsume couldn't help but be confused.

Tobio was also feeling the same. He had judged however that, most likely, the mist from earlier was some sort of supernatural power, one who had brought them to this place.

The tall man approached while watching them with his silver eyes.

His gaze held extreme towards them, to the degree they could practically see into his soul.

The man displayed a thin smile.

"Not only the imitation god and each of the Four Fiends also is Lucifer´s descendant here. Nice to meet you. I am Satanael."

At the man's self-introduction, Tobio, Natsume, Kouki, and Sae were terribly surprised.

This was because they recognized the man before them as one of the masterminds behind the series of events. Moreover, he was the leader who betrayed the organization of Azazel.

Shigune let out a subdued mutter while holding Poh-kun.

"The aforementioned beautiful man. This is the person, the one who made a deal with Koga-kun."

The boy in question, Koga, was looking at Satanael with a complicated look. Satanael, on the other hand, showed no surprise at seeing him with the rest of the guys.

In response to Jin quietly, without so much as a growl, raising his aura of fighting intent, Satanael put on a seemingly happy expression.

Satanael pointed at Jin as he spoke.

"Your Sacred Gear bears a certain will within it. Are you perhaps aware of the being known as Lycaon?"

"I heard a little bit from Governor-General Azazel."

In regards to the sacred gear that dwelt within him, Tobio had received a certain degree of an explanation from Azazel.

Of course, that didn't mean he had been told everything, and it had ended up such that the continuation of the tale would happen when circumstances permitted.

However, he had heard roughly everything in regards to its origins.

Satanael spoke of things identical to what Azazel had said.

"The paradise that appears in Greek mythology'Arcadia', Lycaon was said to be the name of the king who ruled over it. Due to accumulating misdeeds against the chief god of Greek mythology Zeus, he earned Zeus's wrath and was degraded into the form of a beast. His name was passed down in legends as a wicked king."


The originator of werewolves. The king who was said to be the original true ancestor. As far as the myth of Lycaon was concerned, he was famous as a wolf even if it was only a temporary form from when the gods would descend to walk the earth.

Satanael stared at Jin with narrowed eyes.

"But, that thing of yours isn't a wolf, it's become a dog. It is an imitation god that isn't a wolf at all. The reason is something that even the Grigori haven't been able to understand. Most likely, even for the person himself who made it, that was a result that could not have been predicted."

Satanael raised his index finger.

"There is one more will that is lodged within that Sacred Gear."

Indeed, Jin, 'Dog God of the Black Blade Canis Lycaon', had another existence other than Lycaon lodged within it.

Satanael spoke.

"'Ama no Ohabari', the strongest among the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi that are considered divine swords, which even obtained divinity. While a god, it is a blade. That will is also lodged within you."

Satanael then continued.

"However, you emerging from the Himejima bloodline is not coincidental from my perspective. The one they worship is the god Hinokagutsuchi. The sword which beheaded him was 'Ama no Ohabari'. It's what called a god-slaying sword. It seems almost inevitable that you would be born possessing that power."

Satanael shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

"It's a mashup of Greek mythology and Japanese mythology. Moreover, it's a cross between King Lycaon who bore ill will towards Zeus and god-slaying sword. How befitting that the one who produced the Sacred Gears was such a whimsical, or rather, crazy Creator. Don't you think so? Imitation Dog God possessing the god-slaying fangs."

Tobio replied with careful vigilance.

"I have an interest in my own ability, but for breaking through the present situation, it is necessary in order to survive. It seems you have a great interest in Sacred Gears, but for me, if it brings everyone back safely, that is all I care about."

From out of his own shadow, Tobio produced a single scythe.

Satanael was watching Tobio's actions with cynicism. He pointed at the sickle.

"However, that blade seems to be releasing an entirely ominous radiance regardless of your intentions."

As Satanael said, the sickle Tobio was wielding was releasing a dangerous brilliance, to the point that even Tobio who was wielding it could feel a deep black something from the sickle.

"Would you be so kind as not to indoctrinate that child with strange ideas?"

The one who appeared was Himejima Suzaku.

Just when Satanael wanted to say something, Tobio spoke.

"I don't care."

As everyone looked at him in amazement, Tobio recalled the conversation he had with Jason along the way.

Let's go back a few moments.

As the group went into the forest, Jason called Tobio to talk alone.

"You look worried," Jason said.

"Is it because of Sae?"

Tobio nodded.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to protect her in case something bad happens."

Tobio wondered what Jason wanted from him. Jason then stopped and looked Tobio in the eye.

"You're just like me, Tobio. Outside you are light, but inside you are dark. And just like me, you're unable to embrace it."

Tobio looked at Jason in confusion. He knew his interior was dark, but he didn't understand what Jason meant. It was impossible for the two to be the same. Jason was too strong.

"Don't joke. You're much stronger than me."

"How long have you been training? A month, two? I've been training all my life, and it's normal that I'm stronger than you."

Tobio kept silent.

"Become my shadow, Tobio."


"You're weak and stupid, I know. But you have potential, and you're smart."

"Let me train you. I will unleash your potential and make you the most feared shadow in the world, not only this world but in the whole universe."

Tobio seriously thought about Jason's question.

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Jason smiled, Tobio had already fallen into his hands.

"What you desire most. Power, strength to protect your beloved."

"To become that person's shadow, I don't mind embracing my dark side."

Satanael laughed when he heard Tobio.

"It seems that someone has already beaten me to it and I doubt it was one of Grigori's leaders. Apart from Azazel, none would take Tobio as their `shadow´."

Satanael then looked at the newcomer.

"The Himegimi of the Himejima clan. Are you hunting the remnants of the 'Utsusemi Agency? Or else did you come to capture the Dog God?"

In response to Satanael's query, Suzaku spoke while producing flames in her hand.

"The former, of course. My subordinates are already concealed throughout this entire area. Though there are only a few of them, I shall have them capture the remnants of that agency. Please do not hate me though should those practitioners from Oz, as well as thy own subordinates, end up being injured or even arrested while that is ongoing. That incident that developed before was because of thou after all."

The temperature in the area rose as Suzaku's flames appeared.

"As always, you are at least quick when it comes to brushing away the sparks involved with your household. After speaking with a friend, I was even able to see the face of the dog at last. Well then, I'll leave the rest to the Purple Flames."

As he said that, Satanael expanded a magic circle beneath his feet.

"Transporting, is it? I won't allow it."

Reacting instantly, Suzaku proceeded to fire a sphere of flames originating from her hand.

Thrusting his hand forward, Satanael produced a magic circle that served as a protective wall, which protected him from Suzaku's flame.

Satanael was enveloped in light released from the magic circle he'd created.

"Let us meet again, ladies and gentlemen."

"What's the rush? The show isn't over yet."

Along with the cold voice, the temperature that had risen because of Suzaku dropped terribly.

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