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81.94% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 117: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (2)

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Chapter 117: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (2)

Before Satanael could be transported, a block of sharp ice hit the magic circle at Satanael's feet. The icicle destroyed the magic circle, thus preventing Satanael's escape.

Such a low-level attack was not something that Satanael could not deal with, but he had focused his attention on the flames of Suzaku and had not noticed the arrival of this new individual.

Even Barakiel and Vali felt that this was strange; they had not noticed this person approaching either.

Black shorts and white sweatshirt with the Chinese dragon symbol on the back, an inexpressive mask that only left this person's mouth visible. His eyes were also visible and were a cold blue color, the same color as his hair.

Vali and the members of Nephilim, as well as Suzaku, felt that this stranger's voice was very familiar, but they could not remember well why.

Satanael and Barakiel thought it was familiar but for another reason. Both had seen the videos of the conflict in Naberius territory and knew who was the person behind the destruction of the secret laboratory where they were experimenting with Nekoshou.

For Barakiel, it was even worse, since that person had been the same person who had stolen what was his.

Lightning surrounded Barakiel's body as he glared at the newcomer.

"Arrrrgosss." Barakiel clenched his teeth in fury.

Satanael couldn't stand the laughter at the sight of this scene.


"Who would have thought something like this would happen."

Suzaku also looked at Argos with a solemn expression. She also knew some details of what happened years ago.

"Do you know who he is?" Tobio asked Vali.

"I've heard something about him. Argos is the person who abducted Barakiel's wife and daughter. They are also members of the Himejima clan, that is, your aunt and cousin."

Tobio was surprised, and the look he was giving Argos became severe. He adopted a fighting stance, ready to throw himself at Argos.

"Calm down, dog. You'll never be a good shadow if you overestimate your abilities."

Tobio was stunned. Was Argos giving him advice?

"How are you? Good father" Argos made fun of Barakiel.

The lightning around Barakiel intensified, but the fallen angel wouldn´t dare attack.

"Argos, criminal rank SSS. What's someone like you doing here?" Satanael asked him curiously.

Argos shrugged.

"Nothing special, I just wondered how an old friend was doing. Have you improved your skills as a father, Barakiel? Though I think my skills are still better than yours."

Argos tilted his head to one side, a flash of lightning brushed his cheek.

"Tch, tch, you better calm down. You would be in an awkward position if I joined hands with Satanael. I wonder if any of you would be able to escape."

"Mmm, I think I'm leftover at this family reunion. I'm leaving."

Satanael turned around to try to leave.

"Khaos Brigade"

Satanael stopped when he heard Argos' voice.

"You seem to know us."

Argos went straight to the point.

"I want to join you guys."

Satanael frowned, he did not expect this outcome.

"Do you know our target? What's yours?"

Argos laughed. His cold laugh left the bodies of Tobio, Sae, and Natsume shivering.

"I don't care about your goals, and you shouldn't care about mine. I want to join you because I find it interesting. Any other reason would be a simple excuse."

Satanael thought for a moment and finally nodded.

"Let's set a place to talk more about this subject. Now is not a good time."

Argos could not deny that. There were still those affiliated with Grigori present.


Suzaku called the dangerous criminal.

"Oh, it is little Suzaku. Your aunt told me about you."

Suzaku's eyebrow crisp when she heard Argos. However, she did not lose her manners at any time.

How expected of an heiress of a great clan, thought Jason. To be able to endure such a direct mockery, coming from the person who had kidnapped his closest relatives. At least Barakiel couldn't hold on that long, as Jason had to dodge a lightning bolt again.

Suzaku surprised everyone with her next actions.

"Thank you."

She bowed to Argos. Any move she made was beautiful, worthy of the upper class.

They all looked at Suzaku confusedly. Why did she bow and thank a criminal? Should she not hate him as much as Barakiel?

Only Barakiel, Suzaku, Jason, and Satanael knew the reason behind her actions.

"You're welcome. At least someone knows how to thank properly, not like a certain crow. Sorry, not like a certain good-father."

Barakiel seemed about to explode. The cynicism in Argos' words was approaching the limit of what the leader of Grigori could endure.

"I don't understand anything." Natsume couldn't keep it to herself anymore.

"Let me explain, beautiful lady," Satanael spoke.

"Barakiel's family was attacked while he was not at home. If it weren't for the interference of Argos, his wife and daughter would be dead or worse. Although... I wonder if she's still his wife. What do you say, Argos?"

Argos shrugged.

"That's something she has to say. I'm no one to get involved in family matters."

Argos threw an object at Satanael. It was a simple white card.

"Break it when you are free to speak. When you break it, I'll know your location, and we can have a decent conversation."

Satanael looked at the card curiously. When he discovered nothing, he kept it in his pocket.

"We'll talk later then."

As he said that, Satanael expanded a magic circle beneath his feet.

Like before, Suzaku tried to stop him. But an ice wall stood in the way of Suzaku's fire.

Satanael was enveloped in light released from the magic circle he'd created.

"Let us meet again, ladies and gentlemen."

When those words were concluded, the light ceased, and the figure of Satanael was no longer there.

Suzaku spoke to Barakiel.

"Oji-sama, please pursue him. For such a well-informed man, it is likely possible to a certain insight in this situation as to the place he transferred to."


"Considering the possibility of being a hindrance to that man, the only one in this situation who can do that is you Oji-sama. Please leave Tobio and the others to me. Can't you depend on me?"

Barakiel looked at Argos. The boy seemed unwilling to make any move against Suzaku and the rest. Vali was with them as well, so there was nothing to worry about.

Speaking of Vali, the boy had been too quiet all this time. It was rare that the boy had not leaped to fight Argos.

In response to Suzaku's question, Barakiel seemed as though he wanted to say something, but he swallowed them down and made black wings appear from his back.


Barakiel turned his back on the group.

"How are they?"

"They lack nothing. Akeno is attending a school and Shuri has friends in my place. You don't have to worry about their wellbeing. I won't let anything bad happen to them."

With Argos' words, it seemed that a heavy burden had been lifted from Barakiel's back.

"Thank you."

Barakiel flew away from that place.

"You all! Don't be rash at the very least!"

Leaving those words behind, Barakiel pursued Satanael.

Suzaku boldly addressed the people who appeared to be on standby in the surrounding area.

"Be so kind as to come out. You will won't you? Given that your master isn't nearby, you surely were left behind to fight us."

In response to Suzaku's provocation, four men and women revealed themselves from where they were hiding.

There was the sunglasses man they had met just before, a new man with a handsome physique, a man with a bandage wrapped around his right arm, and a woman with braided hairstyle who was holding a tattered bear plush doll in both arms.

They were all dressed in a uniform resembling that of 'Nephilim'. The exclusive uniform of the 'Abyss Team'.

"These four are garbage, though that's only within the Abyss Team. Don't underestimate them for that."

Argos warned the boys. Although the warning seemed unnecessary, Vali and Suzaku quickly wiped all four of them.

"Well, I don't seem to have anything else to do here. Catch you later."

Jason saw that this group would have no trouble defending itself and decided to go and see how Lavinia was doing. She had been fighting all this time against Augusta.

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