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84.72% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 121: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (6)

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Chapter 121: Absolute Demise/Incinerate Anthem (6)

Jason was standing next to Vali, watching the "fight" in front of them. Lavinia was in Jason's arms. She was still unconscious.

Thanks to Rule Breaker, she had come out of Augusta's magic intact. She was unconscious due to the lack of magic in her body, Jason was sure she was not going to take longer to wake up.

As for the battle in front of him, it would be better to call it a ****. Let's go back a few moments to find out what had happened.

"You're going to teach me a lesson. How insolent!"

Medea didn't react to Augusta's words. She did not deserve a reaction from Medea.

"Insolent, insolent, insolent!"

Augusta's face was becoming more and more distorted. It could be because her plan had failed or because they had doubted her abilities as a magician, but she was going mad.

"You have to respect me! Juniors have to respect seniors. In magic, it's no different!"

Medea's lips curved.

"Are you my senior? What a laugh. In my eyes, you're just a chick that's just come out of its shell."

Augusta's eyes bloodied. The veins were so evident that no trace of white could be seen in her eyes; such was the fury that the witch was feeling.

"How dare you..."

"Only Circe, my aunt, and my teacher, the goddess Hecate, are worthy to be called my seniors. The rest are just chicks, caterpillars that have just hatched from the egg and still have a way to go to become butterflies."

Augusta pointed to Medea, disbelief in her eyes.

"Student of Hecate... You can't be!"

"That's right! My name is Medea, princess of Colchis and better known as the Witch of Betrayal!"

Augusta looked at her for a few seconds. Her expression said she couldn't believe what she was seeing. To everyone's surprise, she seemed to have gone crazy, laughing exaggeratedly.

"Hahahahahaha! Did you really think I was going to believe that? Medea died in the age of gods, betrayed by her beloved and crazed, and you thought you were going to fool me with that? What's next, you're the real Jason? If so, how long will it take you to betray her."

"Shut up."

The slight smile on Medea's face had disappeared some time ago.

"Heh, I seem to have seen through you has hurt. So, come, let me show you what it's like to be a real witch!"

Augusta began to recite her spells. One magic circle after another was forming. After 30 seconds, she had created more than 100 magic circles. Each magic circle was different, demonstrating their ability to use different types of magic.

Norse Magic, Black Magic, White Magic, Fairy Magic, Elemental Magic, Spirit Magic, etc.

"Prepare to die."

Vali, seeing a large number of magic circles around Augusta, began to worry. He didn't care about his own safety or Jason's. Vali simply doubted that this woman was going to be a monster like his older brother.

"Aniki, aren't you going to act?"

Vali asked Jason. He had heard the woman call Jason Hubby, so his relationship must be very close. Seeing his supposed sister-in-law face so many magic circles and seeing his aniki with an inexpressive face didn't give Vali a good feeling.

"No," replied Jason.

"Why? She's going to die" Vali was getting anxious.

"Dying, I know," Jason responded calmly

"Huh?" Vali was stunned.

"But it won't be Medea who dies."

Vali didn't understand what Jason was saying, or maybe he did but couldn't believe it. Jason was saying that Medea was capable of killing Augusta. And it wasn't that Vali didn't believe it, the dagger she had left Jason said a lot about Medea's abilities, but the large number of magic circles Augusta had created wasn't something that could be answered so effortlessly by a magician.

Vali, like Augusta, also did not believe that Medea was the same as the witch of the betrayal of the past.

"You don't underestimate her for her fragile appearance. She's very strong."

"How strong?"

Jason thought for a moment. How strong was Medea exactly? It had to be kept in mind that they were out of their territory and did not have infinite mana or could create magic from the age of gods, but their ability as a magician was not something that could easily be underestimated.

Perhaps within her territory, she could endure up to Sirzechs and not necessarily lose against him. But how strong was she outside her territory?

"Mmm... Maybe on the edge of Super Devil? At least she's as strong as a lesser god." Jason vaguely explained.

Vali was surprised to hear the words coming out of Jason's mouth. Was she on the edge of the Super Devil? Sirzechs Lucifer and Ajuka Beelzebub were known to be the only two Devils in the top 10 of the most powerful in the world, and both had the level of a Super Devil. His grandfather Rizevim also had that level, but one could say that he had just passed that barrier and was much weaker than the other two.

And the apparently weak and fragile woman in front of them, who had not yet moved and had left Augusta time to prepare, was almost at the level of Lucifer's direct son?

"Albion, do you feel any power from her?" Vali mentally asked his dragon.

"No, I can't feel anything. If what Jason says is true, she would have no trouble hiding her aura from the rest and making her look like the fragile woman she seems."

What Albion had said was true, Medea had purposely concealed her power. She had hidden her strength, and it was something she had been doing for a long time. She had begun to do so when they traveled to Gremory Castle, to avoid attracting Sirzechs' attention and now she kept doing it but not to move to the foreground and thus make Jason shine brighter.

She was after all Jason's wife. She had to do everything possible to make Jason shine as best as possible. A pity that Jason also had the hobby of hiding his power as well, showing only a part of everything he could do.

Augusta decided it was a good time to kill the faker.



The magic circles fired all the magic they had. Medea did not move from its place and was pierced by hundreds of magical attacks.

"Aniki!" Vali jumped to see that Medea was pierced.

Her body lay on the ground. It was impossible for her to live after this. Medea had not even tried to defend herself from Augusta's attacks.

In response to Vali... Jason grinned but did not move from the place. He remained calm as he watched the outcome.

"Too bad, Augusta."

Medea appeared meters above the ground. Her cloak had opened, and she was flying in the air.

Albion's voice was heard on the outside.

"No way!"

"You've noticed, haven't you?"

"Spatial Transportation and Innate Time Control. True magic, it's magic that was thought lost since the age of the gods, how can she possibly use it?"

Vali looked at Jason. He didn't understand anything they were talking about.

"It's very simple, she's said it before."

Albion spoke again.

"I understand. Then she is really Medea, the witch of betrayal."

Jason smiled on the outside, but inside he was in shock. How was Medea able to use that magic outside the territory? He had to ask her that later.

Medea smiled, and without saying a word, countless magic circles appeared around her. The complexity of these circles had no point of comparison with Augusta's, with Augusta's being lower by many levels.

10, 40, 100, 300, 500...So many circles that it was impossible for Jason to continue counting without getting lost. She kept creating circles for 30 seconds before she stopped.

"I've given you 30 seconds to prepare your attacks, just as it would take me the same amount of time to prepare mine."

Augusta didn't move because of the shock of what she was seeing. Medea was creating magical circles without reciting any spells. Jason explained to the equally confused Vali.

"High-Speed Divine Words. This innate ability of Medea allows her to create magical circles without the need to formulate the spell, isn't she charming?"

Medea returned to her slight smile, although this time it was a little different. It was a sadistic smile.

" Please, die."


Jason covered Vali's eyes.

"Don't look. You're still too young to see such a bloody scene."


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