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95.83% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 137: Activating magical circuits

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Chapter 137: Activating magical circuits

Jason went into the secondary training room. There he saw that Medea was talking to Lavinia inside a barely visible, almost entirely transparent cube. Jason recognized him as one of the combinations of formations that could be done inside the two special training rooms, the main one and the secondary one.

The first formation consisted of a series of runes and magical circles that created a soundproofing barrier. This formation prevented any sound from entering the formation, but it didn't stop them from leaving.

The other formation that formed the combination consisted of another barrier. This prevented those inside from seeing what was happening outside. Like the inner barrier, this barrier did not prevent those outsides from seeing what was going on inside.

This combination used by Medea prevented someone from the outside of the barrier from deconcentrating people inside. Medea had placed it because she needed no one to bother her so as not to make any mistakes in the process that was about to occur.


Jason turned and saw that Azazel and Semiramis were also watching Medea and Lavinia. He approached them.

"Satisfied?" Jason asked Azazel.

"Shit, you only have rooms and more rooms. Your training rooms are empty rooms with a bunch of runes that I've never seen moving around the walls. And then I'm not allowed on the bottom floor. Do you think I'm satisfied?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jason looked at Semiramis, and she nodded.

"The bottom floor is a jail. There's nothing special about it because we don't have any inmates. We've shown you our facilities just as you asked, What more do you want?"

Azazel didn't respond. Jason had shown him everything. And even if he hadn't, Azazel couldn't say anything.

They shut up to hear what Medea was saying to Lavinia.

"I'm going to start explaining to you what magical circuits are. Magic Circuits are a pseudo-nervous system that extends through the human body and qualifies a person to be a sorcerer. Its normal functions are to act as pathways that convert life force into magical energy, which humans learned to control and use to perform mysteries. These connect the material world with the astral plane as the paths that connect with the foundations underlying the great rituals. If magical energy is the force that updates the rules of a thaumaturgical foundation system, the magical circuits are the pipes that convert that energy and transmit it from the sorcerer to the system.

Medea stopped for a moment, waiting for Lavinia to order the information in her mind.

"Is there anything you don't understand?" Medea asked.

Lavinia thought for a moment and shook her head, indicating that she understood what Medea had explained.

"The magical circuits reside within the soul of a sorcerer, and what is found in the body is only a physical expression that extends like the nervous system. That is why we have to perform this test with great care, and there is a possibility that you may fall into a vegetable state by unintentionally destroying your soul.

Even if you know this, do you want to continue?"

Lavinia nodded without hesitation. The determination in her eyes was like an impotent mountain, totally immovable.

"Well, I need you to take out your Sacred Gear. That doll is one of the reasons you have so many magical circuits; without it, we cannot complete your awakening."

Lavinia nodded. She called Absolute Demise. The three-meter tall doll made of ice appeared behind Lavinia.

The eternal ice princess was the reason for Lavinia's large number of magical circuits, this being an extension of Lavinia's soul. Lavinia alone had more than 100 magical circuits, which placed her as a genius in her own right. With her Sacred Gear, Lavinia had 300 more circuits, which made her have that fearsome amount of magical circuits.

"I need you to take off your tunic and turn your back on me."

Lavinia followed Medea's instructions. The only thing that covered Lavinia's body was her pure white underwear. Azazel looked at Jason, hoping to find some lustful expression on the young man's face. He was disappointed to see Jason's serious face, which also reminded him of the danger of what was going to happen next.

Azazel was worried about Lavinia's safety and wanted nothing wrong to happen to the girl. He tried to stop this, but she had already made a decision and could do nothing.

Jason was forced to keep a serious face because of what was going to happen, but it was not true that there was no impure thought in his mind. He had suffered to prevent his nose from bleeding due to the sudden excitement. No one could say that Lavinia did not have a perfect body.

Medea placed both hands on Lavinia's upper back. She injected prana into Lavinia's body, slowly activating her magical circuits. Slowly, golden lines appeared from Lavinia's back and expanded to the rest of her body.

An hour later, the magical circuits in Lavinia's body opened. Medea then separated from Lavinia and headed for the three-meter-high wrist. She repeated the process with the wrist, placing her hands on the wrist's back and injecting prana. As the wrist was so high, Medea had to fly to reach her back comfortably.

This was the part where Medea had so many insecurities. In the Nasuverse, there was nothing like the Sacred Gears, so Medea had to proceed with great care in order not to fail. She was the first to open the magical circuits of a Sacred Gear, and she did not want to fail. It was rare enough that Medea found someone with magical circuits in a universe where her magic system lacked these; she did not want to lose what could be her best and only student.

When injecting prana into Absolute Demise's body, crystal blue lines appeared, unlike the golden lines that had appeared in Lavinia's body.

After having activated the magical circuits in Lavinia's body, the girl had fallen unconscious. Medea had made sure that there was nothing wrong with her body before continuing with Absolute Demise.

The magical circuits in Longinus' body were many times greater than those in Lavinia's body, reaching a whopping 300. Medea was much more careful than when she was activating Lavinia's circuits, so she took much longer than expected.

After 5 hours of work, Medea finished activating all the Absolute Demise magical circuits, reaching 6 hours counting the time she had been activating the Lavinia circuits.

Lavinia hadn't woken up at any time, and she probably wouldn't wake up all day. When she finished, Medea took her to a room for the girl to rest.

Jason and Azazel breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that everything had gone well. Semiramis smiled; she never doubted Medea's ability.

"Shall we have dinner, Master?"

Jason nodded. It was already midnight after all that had happened. The others had already gone to sleep, or so Jason thought. He wasn't sure if Vali was still training or not, but it was for sure.

Azazel was not surprised to see that all the maids that served dinner were Nekoshou. Semiramis had already vaguely explained to him that this was so, which answered his question as to where all the Nekoshou had gone.

Jason went to sleep with Semiramis and Medea, who had returned after leaving Lavinia in a bed. Jason slept peacefully that night, conversing with the two Servants and doing no nightly activity.

The next day, Jason looked for Tobio to start the real training.

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And I end with the 100 power stones -> 1 chapter. I'm going to upload the 3 chapters I still owe you and I'm going back to the daily chapter. The reason is simple, I will focus on my original novel.

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