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21.52% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 30: Alerting the powers in the underworld

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Chapter 30: Alerting the powers in the underworld

In Gremory territory. Sirzechs was spending the afternoon with his younger sister and his wife when he felt Balmung's attack.

"Have you felt it?" he asked Grayfia.

"Yes, the power of that attack is capable of killing an ultimate class devil of medium degree instantly. Very few in the underworld can perform that kind of attack." Grayfia replied.

They looked into each other's eyes and came to an agreement.

"Let's investigate."

Rias' eyes lit up when she heard her brother was about to investigate.

"Me too!"

Sirzechs thought for a moment and accepted.

"As a reward for your hard training and your great improvement, I'll let you join us."

Rias' face darkened as she remembered the hard training and cursed Jason a million times in her head, swearing she was going to make him pay for Grayfia's mistreatment.

A similar situation was happening in the Sitri house.

Serafall dressed his little sister Sona in magic girl dresses.

"Nee-chan, you know I don't like these dresses" Little Sona complained to her sister.

"So-tan, you can't be like that. When you grow up you have to accompany your nee-chan in her show the Miracle Levia-tan".

Balmung's attack took place while they were arguing. Serafall frowned slightly and smiled as she saw the innocent face of her younger sister.

"Do you want to go on adventures with Nee-chan?"

Sona nodded vigorously, going on adventures with her older sister was what little Sona liked to do the most.

In an office in the territory of the fallen angels.

A woman ran into the office, she has eyes that look strong, long purple hair, and large breasts. She was Penemue, the chief secretary of the fallen angels.

" Azazel!" She stopped to catch her breath once she had entered.

A man was sitting with one leg on the desk. Azazel, is a tall man appearing to be in his twenties with an average build, black hair, golden bangs and black goatee. He was the current leader of the fallen angels.

"Azazel! Have you felt that attack?" Penemue anxiously asked.

"That's right," he replied without worrying. "But don't worry, that's not the devils' force."

Penemue sighed in relief. If a person who could launch such a level of attack appeared in the devils' factions it could create a number of problems for the fallen angels.

Azazel stood up, he was quite tall (188cm), stretched slowly and yawned.

"I guess we can take a look."

Azazel and Penemue passed through a magic circle in the direction of the Naberius territory.

In a mountain cave near the mountain where the secret laboratory was. A group of Nekoshou were gathered trembling at the sight of the blue ray falling as if it were a divine punishment. Ingvild was surprised and worried if anything had happened to Jason, although she knew that Balmung was very powerful she had never seen him so she could not associate the lightning with the Noble Phantasm.

Medea smiled at the reactions of the rest of the girls.

"Don't worry, that's the Noble Phantasm Balmung you've seen" He stopped for a moment and continued "Now that he's used it means the battle is over".

Ingvild was shocked to think that lightning was Balmung's Noble Phantasm `I may not even be able to withstand an attack of that magnitude even using my Devil Power ´.

The Nekoshou, on the other hand, were filled with joy to hear that the person who had delivered them from such a fate was so powerful, some cried openly while the rest cried silently.

Jason was lying in the lab without strength. Activating Balmung's Noble Phantasm had cost him all the mana he had left.

He was grateful to Medea for the mana potion she had given him before the mission, he would not have been able to kill Felix without the extra mana.

He began to hear unstable footsteps along with the mad laugh of the living human scientist. Jason wanted to get up but didn't have the strength. He looked at him coldly as he returned to [Ice Dragon Mode 50%]. A few months ago he had discovered an intermediate form of his dragon forms that allowed him to keep his wings and tail hidden even though the power he manifested was slightly less than that shown in [Ice Dragon Mode 100%].

The scientist approached with a dagger. He laughed maniacally as he approached Jason.

Before killing him, he bent down to remove the mask. Apparently he wanted to see the face of the man who had stolen everything from him.

Before he could remove the mask, an arm pierced his heart. He turned around just to see his oldest daughter with his heart on her hand. Kuroka smiled coldly and crushed his heart.

Jason was slowly losing consciousness, but managed to say a few words.

"Take your sister and the others and take them to the cave on mountain XXX" Then he lost consciousness.

20 minutes after Jason lost consciousness.

Above the mountain in the Naberius family was the present lord of the Naberius family. He had received a message from Sirzechs that he was going to investigate the matter personally so he was quite nervous waiting for the present Lucifer to appear.

A crimson circle appeared and from it came Sirzechs, Grayfia and Rias.

"Welcome to the territory of this humble, Lucifer-sama" Lord Naberius bowed deeply to Sirzechs.

"Time without seeing each other, Lord Naberius"

Before Lord Naberius could answer, more magical circles appeared around the mountain.

"Magical girl Levia-tan and So-tan are present!"

Serafall and Sona came out of a blue magic circle. Sona hid behind her sister's back and didn't dare look at anyone from shame.

Sirzechs nodded and focused his gaze on the other magic circle. Serafall noticed his gaze and frowned as she saw who came out of the circle.

"Azazel-chan, I didn't expect you to come here too," Serafall said with a serious face.

"As beautiful as ever, Serafall" Then he spoke to Sirzechs "It seems that something interesting has happened here, we know it's not your business and I give my word that fallen angels have nothing to do with it either".

Rias left Sirzechs' side and ran to Sona's side. The two girls spoke to each other, ignoring the conversation of the elders.

"That is right, an attack with a power of an ultimate class has been launched destroying part of this mountain" Sirzechs stopped for a moment "Since you're here, why don't we go and see it together?"

Lord Naberius left the place and left the rest to the three great powers. Rias and Sona followed behind Sirzechs and Serafall with Grayfia watching over them. Azazel stole glances from the bodies of Serafall and Grayfia from time to time.

Instead of entering through the hole caused by Balmung, they decided to go for a walk around the mountain.

"There' s something strange" Azazel pointed to a spot on the side of the mountain.

They approached and realized it was a hidden door. Azazel pulled out a device from god knows where and opened the door.

" Aahh!" Both Rias and Sona shouted at the sight of the bodies of the two guards at the entrance.

"If you cannot behave I will send you back home, you are both the heirs of your respective houses and you cannot act this way" Grayfia gave them a lesson in behavior.

With a pale face they both shut up, without having the courage to reply to Grayfia.

Sirzechs approached the guard with a broken neck "This one is dead", Azazel approached the frozen guard.

"This one is alive"

They quickly defrosted the living guard. The guard woke up and was confused to see unknown people in front of him, then was frightened to recognize two Maou and the leader of the fallen angels.

"What happened here," Azazel asked.

"I... I... I was guarding the entrance with my companion when he appeared" The guard began to tremble when he remembered the masked man who had frozen him.

Rias heard the guard talking about someone and became curious.

"Who is he?" Rias asked innocently.

"He was masked, when he came in he took my partner's sword with two fingers and broke his neck like straw, then left his name before freezing me".

"What's his name? Was he alone?" Sona went straight to the point.

"He was going alone, as to his name he said his name was Argos"

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