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42.36% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 60: Alphecca Tyrant

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Chapter 60: Alphecca Tyrant

Jason returned to Hanging Gardens of Babylon after finishing his appointment with Ingvild. Semiramis teleported them from a magic circle.

Jason and Ingvild appeared in the throne room where Semiramis and Medea were already waiting for them.

Semiramis and Medea waited with anticipation and concern for both of them to return from the appointment. They saw that Jason was holding Ingvild's hand and that she was looking at the floor with shame.

Medea sighed in relieve when she saw that everything had gone well on the date. Semiramis smiled wide as she saw the embarrassed Ingvild, thoughts of different ways to joke with Ingvild passed through her mind.

"We' re back" Jason greeted them.

"Welcome home, Husband/Master" Semiramis and Medea replied at the same time.

"How was the date?" asked curious Medea.

"Obviously they did well, just look at the silly smile on Ingvild's face" Semiramis mocked her.

Ingvild noticed her strange behavior and quickly let go of Jason's hand.

"Shuri told me she had something to say to me, goodbye" Ingvild quickly said goodbye and left blushing.

"Wait" Jason grabbed her hand.

Ingvild stopped and looked at him with a confused look. Jason brought her to his arms and kissed her gently.

"You can go now" Jason smiled warmly.

"Un" Ingvild nodded unconsciously and left the throne room with a lost look.

Ingvild left the throne room and it wasn't until she was in front of Shuri's room that she regained consciousness.

(He kissed me in front of Medea and Semiramis!)

Ingvild took her hands to her cheeks, which were red like a tomato, and ran her tongue through her lips unconsciously.

"Ingvild?" Shuri was waiting for Ingvild to enter her room and was surprised when she saw that she did not enter. She seemed distracted so she tried to get her attention.

"Yes!" Ingvild startled. She remembered that Shuri had told her before she left with Jason that there was something she wanted to tell her. She entered Shuri's room.

Ingvild sat in one of the chairs where a cup of tea was already prepared. Shuri sat in front of her, Akeno was in her room doing her homework.

"How was the date with Jason?" Shuri asked.

Ingvild blushed again, "Pretty good, I had a lot of fun"

Shuri sighed internally at the sight of Ingvild's reaction.

(It seems that the date has gone more than pretty good, it seems that Akeno is going to have another rival in the future)

Shuri thought that every woman that was added to Jason's Harem was a new rival for Akeno, little did she know what her daughter was more than willing to share Jason with all her "sisters" as her relationship with Jason was going to be a little "special".

Shuri's gaze was complicated as she looked at Ingvild, she was her best friend since she had left the lands of the Himejima clan.

There were times when she missed her time in the Himejima clan, especially when she missed her niece Suzaku. Shuri sighed when she thought of her beloved niece who should be 15 or 16 years old.

"Did you have something to say to me?"

Shuri came back to reality with Ingvild's words and put on a serious face.

"You'll see..."



Inside the throne room, Semiramis could not stand the laughter once Ingvild left. Medea also chuckled at Ingvild's reaction.

"She's very cute" Jason said with a smile on his face.

Both Servants nodded. They were so fond of Ingvild because of how cute she was along with her shy character.

Jason's smile disappeared from his face and he adopted a serious expression.

"Tell me the results of your investigation."

Semiramis also adopted a serious expression and reported to Jason all the information he could get.

"I successfully infiltrated the Windsor family's secret grounds and searched their most secret archives for information about Alphecca Tyrant.

In the archives there was nothing really interesting, only information about the strength of the Windsor family, its influence and its economy."

Jason frowned, "Wasn't there anything about Alphecca Tyrant?"

"There was information about the Top Grade Sacred Gear Alphecca Tyrant, but there was nothing about the Longinus Alphecca Tyrant."

"What do you mean?" Jason's eyebrows frowned even more.

"The archives talk about the skills of the Top Grade Sacred Gear Alphecca Tyrant, apparently the ability of this is to increase the strength of the wearer depending on the number of people over whom he governs."

"The last file I found related to Alphecca Tyrant was dated back to the 15th century, there is no other file where Alphecca Tyrant is mentioned."

"Nothing else?"

Semiramis frowned and put on a thoughtful face. Her eyes opened when she remembered something she had read sideways.

"On the last sheet reporting on Alphecca Tyrant had written something strange."


"I don´t remember very well because I haven´t pay much atention to it, it said something like that: Our king is a dark person... he has taken the name of Alphecca Tyrant to the letter and is using tyranny to dominate his people... Sacred Gear has changed thanks to the king's use of it, we believe it has evolved into something superior, wwe decided to call it Unparalleled Crown of the Abyss... The Windsor family is born".

"So that's how it is." Jason plunged into his thoughts.

Jason had managed to deduce part of the story thanks to having read the original novels, Semiramis and Medea knew nothing as they had only obtained general information from this world. Jason was able to make a hypothesis very close to reality because he already knew the title by which they called Alphecca Tyrant.

What Jason thought was this: At first, Alphecca Tyrant was a Top Grade Sacred Gear belonging to the Pendragon family. This Sacred Gear allowed the family to rule the islands without problems.

The bearer of Alphecca Tyrant of a generation became a tyrant, corrupting Sacred Gear, and his desire for power made Alphecca Tyrant evolve into a Longinus, thus winning the title Unparalleled Crown of the Abyss.

This king seemed to have conflicts with the Pendragon family and decided to create his own branch of the family, the Windsor family. Thanks to some unknown method, this king managed to make Alphecca Tyrant pass only to his direct descendants, giving them the power to face the Pendragon family.

At some point in history, both families decided to ally in order to resist an outside attack or to end internal struggles that benefited no one.

If the original power of Alphecca Tyrant was to increase the strength of the bearer depending on the number of followers of this, Jason was sure that he could make Elisabeth gain a much greater power than she currently possessed. That added to that dark aura could make Elisabeth a very powerful ally within the boundaries of DxD.

Jason frowned when he thought about why he wanted the system to form a faction in DxD to fight people from higher worlds.

(Wouldn't they be trash in front of people from higher worlds?) He thought.

Jason decided he had to ask the system later.

"I want Elisabeth Windsor and Arthur Pendragon inside Soaring Dragon" Jason informed Medea and Semiramis.

"Yes, that Elisabeth Longinus made her a very powerful ally within this world" Semiramis nodded.

"We could show Arthur the 8 celestial gates," Medea suggested.

Jason agreed with Medea's idea, if Arthur's already high speed (able to match Vasco Estrada) and his supernatural strength (compared to a common human) were added to the 8 gates then he would become a monster able to rival superdevils or even gods.

Jason opened the system and looked for the 8 doors in the store.

[Body Refinement: A technique created by human refugees in the god realms to improve their physical bodies and thus survive against creatures born with superhuman strength as demons, angels and dragons.

8 celestial gates: Second part of the Body Refinement technique

-Cost: 50,000 shop points

Requirements: Human]

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I can change the 8 gates for another technique, tell me in the comments some suggestions.

First chapter for this week. This is the first chapter for the summer schedule.


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