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25.69% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 36: An Ashura never loses

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Chapter 36: An Ashura never loses

"Good!" The man smiled and withdrew the pressure.

Jason sighed and got up, he didn't understand this man at all. He still didn't believe that the man was really him.

" To begin with, I want you to show me your maximum strength."


[Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode]

The man watched with longing as Jason transformed.

At the end of the transformation, the man nodded satisfactorily.

"Now attack me with all your might."

Jason covered his arm with Icycal Flame and tried to hit the man in the chest.

Jason felt his arm grasped in a hot clamp. The man had copied Jason's movement and a black flame covered his arm, he had grabbed Jason's fist with ease.

"It's a good shot, but that's not your most powerful attack."

Jason stepped back and channeled magic into his throat.

"Ice-flamethrower" A puff of blue flame shot at the man.

The man repeated the movement again, he blew a puff of black flames at Jason.

"Not bad, but you can still make a more powerful blow."

"Those are my two most powerful attacks right now."

The man looked at Jason like he saw an idiot.

"Don't you have your Noble Phantasm?"

Jason opened his eyes with realization.


The two-meter sword appeared in Jason's hands. He covered it with Icycal Flame and ran towards the man.

The man copied his methods for the third time. His Balmung radiated a much greater pressure than Jason's sword, he covered it with his black flames.

The swords collided and Jason was expelled dozens of meters back.

"Show me your most powerful attack."

Jason nodded and began to sing.

"The Evil Dragon shall fall and the world will reach its sunset. I will bring you down - Balmung!"

The blue lightning struck the man.

"Rho Aias"

7 layers of pink defense appeared along with 7 petals.

Balmung's attack was stopped with the first layer of Rho Aias.

Jason expected it to do nothing to him, but to see that he couldn't even break a layer of his shield still surprised him.

"Well, that's enough."

The man had already measured Jason's limits, both offensively and defensively.

`It looks like I'm not going to be able to help him much´

`I can't give you my powers because your body couldn't stand it´

`I will only be able to help you stimulate your bloodline´

"Come closer." He ordered

"I want you to show me your command spells."

Jason didn't ask why and took off the shirt he was wearing. On his chest were his 3... his 6 command seals.

"It's true, I just remembered that I summoned Semiramis but I don't remember anything else," murmured Jason.

The man smiled because he knew exactly what had happened. He placed his hand on the seals of command and injected essence into his blood through his heart.

Jason felt his body burn, his consciousness began to fade.

Before he lost consciousness he heard the man's words.

"A dragon never kneels before anyone, not even another dragon."

"If you don't want to repeat the feeling of humiliation and despair, make yourself stronger."

"Complete your bloodline and evolve it to the maximum."

"Follow the system's missions, all missions are made for your benefit."

"Finally, remember you're an Ashura..."

"And an Ashura never loses"

Jason lost consciousness after hearing the last words.

While that last phrase was the last before Jason went to sleep, it was the phrase that awakened the demon inside him.

The man smiled as he saw Jason sleeping. His face became a serious one.

The man brought his hand to Jason's forehead and a dark energy entered him.

"I would never wake up your demonic soul if I didn't know you had the system inside of you."

Half an hour later.

The man had passed all his dark energy into Jason's mind, feeding his demonic soul that was in a state of hibernation. It was fortunate that he had already been awakening, it would have been impossible to awaken a soul as powerful as the Ashura with only the essence of the man.

The man's hair changed from black to white and his eyes turned blood red. He looked like an authentic mature version of Jason.

"There are still two minutes left before you go back to where you should be, I guess I'll be with you until then."

The man was going to sit next to Jason but felt familiar auras in the area.

Veins appeared in the man's eyes and madness came to his mind. He relaxed as he saw Jason by his side.

"Sacrifice myself, I guess there's no death more greedy than that."

Multicolored wings came out of his back, his hair was made up of five randomly distributed colors.

An army of more than 2000 people appeared on the horizon, in less than 10 seconds they stopped 100 meters from Jason. The weakest soldier was at viscount level and there were several kings within the ranks. Behind the troops there was a boy with blond hair smiling badly, his level was emperor.

"J-A-S-O-N-KUN" spoke the emperor "You're going to die"

Jason smiled, countless magical circles appeared behind him. Noble Phantasm came out of the magic circles, shot at enemy troops.

With a single round all the viscounts and half of the counts had died, leaving only half of counts, kings and the emperor level.

Jason grabbed Balmung and flew towards the enemies.

The counts died quickly and with an attack from Balmung's Noble Phantasm the kings were annihilated.

The emperor's face was all smile.

"That face sucks," Jason said.

"Well, my subordinates have done their job perfectly." A cold glow went through the eyes of the emperor level.

A spear appeared in his hands, a heartbreaking pain crossed Jason's eyes as he saw the spear.

"I still remember how I killed your beloved queen back then."


"Oh, I also killed your subordinate to steal this True Longinus, then I joined forces with the dragons, demons and angels to wipe out all your subordinates, relatives, wives and children."

If it was the previous Jason he would have thrown himself at him without thinking about it, but now he had to buy time for the little Jason.

"Your right hand was the most problematic of all, he ended up with more than 50 kings. Half the kings in my faction left with him!" he said sarcastically.

The emperor was irritated to see that Jason did not react.

"I forced your father to exploit himself, I killed your real mother by attacking her from the back..."

"Shut up," said Jason coldly.

The emperor looked Jason in the eyes and was frightened by what he saw. In the last 100 years, every time Jason saw him, he ran like a madman to attack him. But now he was facing him calmly.

According to his calculations, it was impossible to defeat Jason in a 1vs1. He needed to exhaust his forces first and then fight him in a Berserker state. All the previous sacrifices were for that, and yet there was only 50% of killing him without dying.

Now that he was calm it was almost impossible to kill him without sacrificing himself.

That's how powerful Jason Frey was!

But the emperor realized that something was wrong.

"Why aren't you using your Ashura mode?" he asked curiously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing that he didn't answer, he rejoiced inside. Without his power as Ashura, Jason was now half as strong.

Now it was easier to kill him than before!

Why didn't he use his Ashura power? He didn't care, once Jason died he would be the only ruler of all universes.

He did not delay and used his most powerful attack.

"True Longinus Emperor Shot!"

The earth began to tremble, the emperor threw the spear pointing at Jason's heart.

"Rho Aias!"

5 multicolored layers appeared in front of Jason, each petal had a different color.

"HAHA, without your darkness you can't form your last two layers. You're a dead man."

Jason didn't say anything, he was thinking inside. `Have seconds´




The last layer of the shield broke and the spear pierced Jason's heart.

The emperor began to laugh like crazy. Suddenly he noticed an energy similar to Jason's which was indicating danger. He saw a person on the floor with the same tattoos as Jason in his Ashura form, a white light was wrapping the child.

The emperor tried to run to keep him from escaping but one hand grabbed his leg.

"An Ashura never loses"

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