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19.44% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 27: Argos (1)

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Chapter 27: Argos (1)

In the secret laboratory they were preparing to carry out a special experiment with the 5 Nekoshou that had survived the experiments during the last 3 years.

In the room there were 5 beds, in each bed there was a Nekoshou and each one was surrounded by a group of scientists. There were three people supervising the experiments. A visibly excited human, a high level devil and a man about 2 meters tall surrounded by a dark aura.

Checking that everything was going according to plan, the excitement of the human scientist kept rising "It's almost ready, in 10 min we can start with the first experiment".

The devil smiled as he listened to the human "Your contribution to this project has been remarkable, even convincing your wife and forcing your daughter to participate in the experiment" He paused for a moment to observe the fanatical expression on the human face, which almost makes him vomit with disgust. "If the experiment is a success you will be greatly rewarded."

It didn't take long for the human to refuse, "No, no! I'm just doing it for science!"

The man with the dark aura didn't say anything during the conversation, as if the experiment had nothing to do with him.

To tell the truth, the man was quite surprised with the results of this experiment. He started the project 10 years ago when he came to this world and for a total of 7 years countless Nekoshou died. It was not until this lot came that they found someone was able to survive this experiment, the most impressive thing is that it was not 1 single Nekoshou but rather 5.

Although they had survived the 5 for 3 years, it was clear that they would not last long. Except for the human scientist's daughter, the other 4 were in a more precarious situation. 3 of them were at death's door and gave them a few days of life at the most and the other one was given a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3.

The man with a dark aura did not care much about the experiment, since he was doing it as a hobby while his companions performed a mission, but seeing the tenacity in the eyes of the scientist's daughter and the aura of another one caught his attention. He couldn't wait to drink the blood of both of them and eat their guts, but first he wanted to see how the experiment ended. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Today's experiment consisted of stimulating all the cells of the Nekoshou's body and pushing them to the limit in order to reach their full potential. Even if they were successful in the experiment the Nekoshou could not withstand the impact and die, at the very least they would lose Lifespan and would be unable to increase their strength in the future.

At first they wanted to use these 5 as guinea pigs for this experiment and then to be able to apply it in the remaining Nekoshou. But a week ago all the Nekoshou had disappeared, so they decided to imprison the scientist's youngest daughter in case none of the Nekoshou survived to have one more specimen to experiment with.

One of the scientists who was preparing the experiment for a 16-year-old Nekoshou shouted to the 3 supervisors "Subject 01 ready for the start!"

"Waiting for confirmation!

Just as the devil was about to give his consent to start the experiment a bang was heard on the door. The whole room fell silent after hearing the knock on the door, noises began to be heard behind the door... They were screams!




The devil frowned at the screams and the human scientist began to get nervous.

"It seems that this laboratory is not as safe as you told me, Mr. Naberius" The man with a dark aura spoke for the first time in a high-pitched voice. Listening is the high-pitched voice of a man 2 meters tall sent a chill to all the men in the room, instinctively protecting their asses.

"Don't worry Mr. Felix. Since I heard of the disappearance of the Nekoshou I hired twice as many staff, including a High level devil recognized for his ferocity," Naberius assured.

The screams stopped and the fighting sound could be heard from outside the room. The devil of the Naberius family smiled confidently at the thought that his hired devil had taken personal action.

The door slammed open, and as if he wanted to slap him in the face, a body flew out and fell at the feet of the devil of the Naberius family.

"STEVEN!" he shouted in shock at the state of the high level devil. He was missing an arm and a leg, had holes all over his body and was literally frozen alive.

"A.... mons...ter, he alone...has...finished...with everyone" That's what he managed to say before he died.

The scene froze, there were only footsteps coming from the door and everyone turned to see a 180cm man entering the room. He wore a white sweatshirt and dark shorts, had dark blue hair and his upper features were covered by a mask that covered his forehead and nose leaving his cold blue eyes visible.

The temperature dropped drastically as he entered the room. The scientific devices that measured the temperature began to give alarms, but they quickly fell silent when the man raised his arm and froze all the technological devices.

Scientists began to go into chaos. The human turned pale, the devil of the Naberius family had a purple face as he gritted his teeth furiously and Felix smiled mysteriously, as if watching a show.

The masked man turned to look at the scientists in chaos.

"How noisy" He spoke in a cold tone.

Ice cones appeared behind him and shot out, killing all the scientists.

After killing the noisy flies he looked again at the three who were obviously in charge. He gave them a cold smile that made even Felix tremble.

"It would be rude not to introduce myself."

"My name is..."


Going back to the moment when Jason took down the Cuckold brothers.

Jason tried to get through the door but it could only be opened with a password. Jason obviously didn't care about that and froze the door before breaking it into pieces.

Behind the door was a hallway similar to the entrance. They used to be dormitories and this time they were experimental rooms.

All the rooms were empty as before. Jason continued to move forward, turning corners and continued to find no one.

Before turning another corner, Jason smelled something strange in one of the rooms. This room was different from the others, it had a bigger door and above it was ` Crematorium´. Jason found it strange because the smell emanating from the room was not burnt, but more disgusting and had a touch of smell that was familiar to him.

Jason decided to enter the room and immediately regretted it.

The room was abnormally cold. When Jason first saw it, he thought it was a morgue `Why keep the bodies? ´. He found out soon after.

Jason discovered that one of the beds was missing a body. There was an adjoining door inside the room so he decided to investigate.

"Ah Ah!"

As he approached the door he began to hear groans of agitation inside the room. Jason came in to see what was going on.

Inside the room was a man on top of a bed, beneath him was an abnormally pale Nekoshou. The woman was so pale that she looked like she was dead.

Jason frowned and advanced, the man seemed so concentrated that he didn't notice Jason. Jason created an ice sword and placed it in the man's neck.

The man felt the cold in his neck and was frightened. He was so frightened that his dick that was inside the woman became flaccid at the moment.

"Who... who are you?" The guard did not dare to move and asked in a trembling voice.

Jason ignored him and frowned when he saw that the girl was not moving. He touched her arm to see if she reacted and even while in [Ice Dragon Mode] he noticed that it was abnormally cold.

The guard saw Jason examine the girl and breathed `Fiuuu, it seems like he's like me and just wants to clear up with a body´.

"I say brother, there are hundreds of bodies in the morgue. Why do you want the one I'm using?"

Listening to the guard Jason realized why the girl was not reacting. Something started spinning in his stomach as he tried to convince himself that what was happening wasn't true.

"Are you saying this girl is dead?" he asked, resisting the urge to vomit.

"Of course, this girl is from the lot 5 years ago. Although it has started to rot a little inside you can still enjoy her a few more months"

"Are you the only one who does these things?"

"Of course not, we all do."

Jason endured his urge to kill him and asked the last question, "Why?"

The guard was confused to hear his questions but he still replied "Well, we haven't been able to get out here for many years so somewhere we had to do it and the bodies of the dead Nekoshou were perfect for it because...".

His head flew out before he could explain further.

Jason couldn't take it anymore and started vomiting.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

Jason first touch with the dark side of the world.

Probably there isn´t going to be a chapter tomorrow because of my exams.

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