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58.33% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 83: Ashura Vs Vanishing Dragon

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Chapter 83: Ashura Vs Vanishing Dragon

"Why can't I divide your power?" Vali asked.

Azazel opened his eyes and mouth wide. The only one who competes with Divine Dividing is the Boosted Gear, was Jason the new Longinus carrier?

No, Albion and Ddraig have a bond that is too strong for them not to talk to each other. Vanishing Dragon would have already attracted the attention of the Welsh Dragon and vice versa.

Azazel still remembered the fateful day when he had to join hands with the leaders of the other two factions to destroy the bodies of the two heavenly dragons to seal their souls in the two Sacred Gears.

Jason smirked when he saw Vali's panicked look. For the young Lucifer to panic was not something you could see every day.

"Be careful, mate. He has some ability that is denying the effect of Divine Dividing, although this is the first time it has happened." Albion told Vali.

"As expected of one of the Heavenly Dragons, White Dragon Emperor. Albion, or maybe I should call you by your real name... Gwiber" The mocking smile did not disappear from Jason's mouth.

"You! How do you know that name?" Albion asked in surprise.

Albion's surprise was normal. Gwiber was a name he had stopped using two thousand years ago when his rivalry with Ddraig began. Even Azazel did not know of the existence of that name.

"Where I learned it is not important." Jason shrugged.

"How can you have a skill that denies the power I developed to fight the Red Dragon Emperor?" Albion asked Jason.

"It' s not a skill, it's a blessing from an old friend." Jason didn't mind answering Albion's question. It was trivial information, after all.

"A blessing?" Albion was confused.

"Yes, it's the memory he left me before we split up."

Jason remembered Siegfried. Although they didn't talk much during the years he was undergoing the test. The dragon slayer left a deep mark on Jason.

[Siegfried Blessing: User can't be inflicted with debuffs]

"Then I will defeat you without using Divide. Anyway, the great Vali Lucifer cannot depend on that attack all the time" Vali interrupted the conversation.

Vali surprised Jason again. This chuuni was too mature for his age.

Vali reloaded his devil powers, and Jason did the same as the boy.

Jason decided to use 80% of his power to attack. Even though he could finish the battle instantly, Jason wanted to test Vali's attack while using his Balance Breaker.

Two cannons came out of Vali's back. The devil power gathered on them.

"Longinus Smasher!"

"Fire Dragon Roar!"

Both attacks crashed, the fire seemed to have a slight advantage against devil power.

"Half Dimension!"

The fire was halved, causing the devil power to gain the advantage. Jason was surprised. He had forgotten entirely that Vali possessed this move.

Unlike Divide, Half Dimension can activate its effects without physical contact.

Seeing that his attack was going to lose, Jason increased the power of his flames to 90%. The flames regained the advantage, but not by much.

Seeing that Vali did not increase the power of his attack, Jason discovered that this was the maximum power that the young man could use. Not wanting to waste any more time, he increased the intensity of his attack again, this time reaching 100%.

This time, the flames ultimately defeated Vali's attack. The fire consumed the young Lucifer, leaving a young man in his shattered armor.

"It's over, you've lost, Vali Lucifer," Jason calmly said as he approached the loser.

"It can't be," Vali muttered as she tried to get up from the ground.

"It's all right, mate. You can always train past Jason. You mustn't let defeat sink you." Albion consoled Vali.

"I haven't lost, I still have one last card to play."

"It's not worth it, mate. You can barely maintain that form." Albion rejected the idea at the time.

"I don't care. I have to win. If I don't win now, how will I defeat that bastard?"

Albion was silent this time. Although he was still against continuing, Albion knew that at this point it was impossible to convince Vali.

"All right, but only 10 seconds," Albion finally accepted.

"More than enough"

Jason watched the conversation in silence. He knew what they were talking about and how strong Vali was when he was in "that" form. He could knock Vali out to prevent his transformation, but Jason wanted to fight Vali.

Jason had never had a real exciting battle. Training fights didn't count and the fight against the bloodsucker years ago had been an insta-kill thanks to Balmung.

Jason wanted to know if he was able to fight the Juggernaut Drive without using his Ashura Mode or his Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode. He could also be so strong that even with the two modes together, he couldn't beat Vali in that way.

"I, who am about to awaken,

Am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the principles of supremacy from God

I envy the "infinite" and I pursue the "dream"

I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy

And I shall take you to the limits of white paradise."

"Juggernaut Drive!"

Vali's armor grew exponentially, taking the form of a huge white dragon.

Vali moved her wings slightly and disappeared from Jason's sight. Jason's instinct told him to dodge to the left, and so he did, dodging by the hair a strong blow from Vali.

"Three seconds," Albion said.

Vali moved again. Jason activated his death eyes, being able to see Jason's trajectory. The information of Vali's weakness appeared in his mind.

[Juggernaut Drive: He can only hold that shape for ten seconds. After that, Vali will lose his mind and attack without discrimination and lose lifespan.]

Jason praised this ability of his death eyes. Although it wasn't very useful now, it was at a time when he was facing an unknown enemy.

"Fire Dragon Fist!

Jason did not dodge the attack and returned his fist to Vali with all his strength in his right arm. The collision of the two fists made Jason's entire body tremble and penetrating pain covered his right arm.

"7 seconds"

Jason had to retreat a large number of steps due to the retreat. Jason did not have time to examine his condition as he saw Vali in the air with his two guns pointing at Jason.

"Longinus Smasher!"

Jason's face sank when he saw the power of the attack. He knew that by using 100%, he couldn't defend himself from that.

Azazel prepared to protect Jason from that attack but decided not to intervene. Vali still had a conscience and wasn't going to kill Jason, and Azazel knew Jason should have some Ace up his sleeve.

"Rho Aias: Fire Mode"

Jason extended his hand. 4 red petals extended from his palm. Vali's attack hit the first layer, destroying it without problems.

The second layer resisted a little more than the first, and the third was the same as the second. The fourth layer held without breaking for two seconds.

"9 seconds. You have to undo this, Vali."

"No! I haven't beaten him yet!"

The fourth layer broke. The already weakened attack hit Jason, who suffered the same fate as most Slash Dog members. He was trapped in the wall.

"You've already defeated him."

"You think so. There's still a long way to go to beat me." Jason got up. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He advanced slowly as the blood falling his lip dried.

"10 seconds. You have to undo this, Vali."

"No! I haven't beaten him yet!"


Vali finally lost control.

"Shit" Azazel got up from his seat. Things were going to get ugly now that Vali had lost control.

"Jason, escape if you don't want to die," Albion warned Jason.

"Hey, do you think you're the only one who can become a giant?"

"Rooooaaaaaaarrrrr!!" Vali loaded another Longinus Smasher.

He shot Jason. Azazel internally cursed when he saw that he was not going to arrive on time.


The Longinus Smasher hit a fire-red skeleton. Azazel watched in disbelief as the projection of a giant bone covered Jason.


Susanoo's bones broke quickly under the Longinus Smasher.

"A little more."

Blood was falling from Jason's eyes. Muscles and tendons began to cover the bones that were regenerating at the same time they were being shattered.

Susanoo came to an impasse with Longinus Smasher. If this continued, it would be fatal for both Jason and Vali.

"It's not enough, a little more."

Red veins were marked on Jason's black eyes. Armor covered Susanoo's right arm, allowing him to win against Longinus Smasher.

"Crush him."

Susanoo's hand grabbed Vali's body. Squeezing hard, Susanoo smashed Vali's Juggernaut Drive.

Azazel sighed in relief when he saw Vali unconscious after his Juggernaut Drive was destroyed.

Jason relaxed and dispersed his Susanoo. A wave of tiredness filled his mind, and his vision became dark.

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