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Chapter 29: Balmung

"My name is Argos"

The atmosphere in the experiment room was extremely cold at the time. Jason stopped and coldly observed the 3 in charge of the experiment.

Kuroka's father had retired with his legs shaking, Naberius had a serious face upon noticing the danger emanating from Jason and Felix remained undisturbed.

"Mr. Naberius, I thought you told me there would be no problems with the experiment," Felix said sarcastically.

Naberius did not have time to bother with Felix's sarcasm and focused all his attention on Jason.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know you'll be categorized as an SS criminal or higher because of what you're doing?" Naberius calmly asked. The rhetoric was what the Naberius family specialized in and wanted to use it on Jason.

Naberius wanted to avoid conflict with Jason. He had seen Steve's condition and knew Jason was going to be a complicated opponent. Although he was also able to kill Steve without many problems at least he would have a few wounds, but Jason didn't even have a blood stain on his clothes.

"I think it's pretty clear why I came here, Naberius-san," Jason replied, "And about being a criminal, do you really think I care?" He grinned coldly after saying those words.

Naberius frowned at the knowledge that a battle with Jason was inevitable. The scientist was useless and, as far as he knew, Felix didn't have any combat skills either.

A strident voice came from Naberius' mouth "So I guess I just have to kill you".

His body convulsed. A pair of crow's wings came out of his back and two more heads formed. Feathers began to grow all over his body.

When he finished his transformation there was a crow 2 meters high with 3 heads.

"Don't think too much just because you've managed to kill Steve" He spoke in a shrill voice "He had barely entered the high class devils level while I, with the help of experiments, am almost at the top of the high class devil".

The crow flapped its wings and rose into the air. Magic circles appeared and demonic magic was fired at Jason.

Jason frowned slightly before dodging the attacks. Icycles formed behind Jason and were shot at the crow, but these were easily dodged by it in the air.

The strident voice sounded again "HAHAHA! You're just a human, it's impossible that you can harm me with those attacks of yours and you can't fly to hit me".

A glow appeared in Jason's eyes, "Is that so?"

Jason's calm response caused the crow discomfort. Before he could answer Jason, he felt danger coming from him.

"[Ice Dragon Mode 100%]"

The temperature in the room dropped again. Frost began to appear on Jason's body and a couple of ice wings and a tail came out of Jason's back.

A powerful dragon aura emanated from Jason's body. Felix's eyes contracted for a moment but quickly returned to normal, no one knew what he was thinking.

"Didn't you say I couldn't fly?"

Jason rose in the air and before Naberius could react he had already been hit. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Naberius stabilized and looked at Jason with terror in all 3 pairs of eyes.

"Dr... dra... dragon" stuttered as he felt Jason's aura.

"Ahh, I guess it's time to end this fight," Jason sighed.

Jason channeled a lot of ice magic. A lot of magic circles appeared behind Jason. The temperature continued to drop in the room, for some reason the Nekoshou were not affected by the cold.


An ice storm came out of the magic circles and engulfed Naberius.

If anyone saw the view in the room they would be impacted instantly. Snowflakes fell and ice could be seen everywhere. An ice statue of a crow with 3 heads could be seen in the center of the room.

Jason did not give it a second look and went to look at how the Nekoshou were. Before he had felt a force that had protected them from the cold and wanted to know what it was.

As he walked towards the area of experimentation he felt a mortal danger that he had not felt since he had fought with Fafnir. He turned quickly and summoned his shield.

"Rho Aias"

A rose petal accompanied by a protective cloak appeared in front of Jason. A ray of powerful dark energy crashed into the protective layer.


A crackling sound was heard and cracks began to appear in the first layer of Aias. Jason seeing this felt the cold sweat running through his already cold skin.

`It's an ultimate class!´

Jason put more mana on the shield and formed the second layer. After forming the second layer he was able to stop the attack.

Jason fell on one knee after undoing the shield and took out a strange liquid and drank it.

Slowly he got up and watched the attacker. 2 meters high and surrounded by a dark aura, Felix watched Jason arrogantly.

"Not bad for a lizard of an inferior world" If Naberius' shrill voice was irritating, then Felix's shrill voice made the listener want to vomit.

"Before, you have presented yourself in a very great way as Argos, then I'm going to do the same" He paused a little "Cough-Cough. My name is Felix Trueblood, humble servant of Demon King Vlad and general of the Vampire faction".

"Demon King Vlad? Vampire faction? Why haven't I ever heard of them? Could it be..."

When a thought came to Jason's mind his body trembled at the thought that the situation was worse than he had imagined. The enemy in front of him was one of the enemies coming from a higher world!

"[Blazing Blizzard Dragon Mode]"

Jason activated his most powerful form and immediately attacked Felix. A punch hit Felix's chest but the latter did not move in the slightest.


Felix just smiled and with a slight movement of his hand he sent Jason flying.

Jason got up again and summoned Balmung and covered her with his Icycal Flame.

Seeing the sword in Jason's hands, Felix felt familiar but didn't know why. But when he saw the flame that covered the sword, the shock filled his eyes.

"Icycal Flame! How can anyone from this lower world possess the flame of the Dragon Empress?" Felix said without thinking. When he realized what he had said his eyes sharpened and nailed themselves to Jason.

"I get it, so you're the child we're looking for. I have no time to waste here, I must go and inform my peers."

Bat wings appeared on Felix's back and he was ready to leave the place, he couldn't care less about the experiment or anything else because once they finish the mission they will be rewarded and he will be able to continue doing experiments.

With dark energy he opened a hole through the mountain to leave the place but was stopped halfway by Jason.

"Where do you think you're going!" A flare of fire went off towards Felix.

"Hmph, we've been asked to bring you back alive so I'm not killing you, just say thank me instead of attacking me."


With another slap, Jason flew off again.

Seeing Felix leave, Jason decided to use his trump card.

"The Evil Dragon shall fall and the world will reach its sunset."

Felix felt a mortal danger behind his back and turned to see Jason singing a strange chant. Then he saw the sword shining and remembered why it looked familiar, terror filled his body and cold sweat ran down his back.

"Why... why do you have the sword of the Demon King Ashura?"

"I will bring you down - Balmung!"


A beautiful blue ray was shot into the sky before falling, dividing the mountain and Felix in two. The power was such that it alerted the entire underworld, bringing chaos upon all factions in the underworld.

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