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64.58% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 92: Barakiel Class

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Chapter 92: Barakiel Class

The classes with Barakiel turned out to be different from what Jason expected.

Apparently, the time that Ikuse Tobio, Toujou Sae, Samejima Kouki and Minagawa Natsume had been in Nephilim was quite short. They had only been attending Barakiel's classes for half a month.

As for what they were learning while commuting there, beginning from general education, they were simultaneously taught everything about the supernatural and fantastical beings that existed in this world.

Naturally, Nephilim was not an official school. Tentatively, there were several classes and scores of boys and girls who wear enrolled here, but for the sake of Tobio and the others who had just entered the supernatural world, they had to acquire this knowledge first.

Concerning supernatural powers, primarily it was explanations of the sacred gears that resided within them, though they had also experienced magic like that Lavinia used.

Concerning the fantastical, the lesson content had them reviewing demons captured by the Grigori.

In other words, the quartet of Tobio, Sae, Natsume, and Samejima, in the half-month they had been coming to 'Nephilim', they were being trained in the education and knowledge of a life they had never experienced until now, as well as a world they had had no connection to until now.

Theoretical classes were also helpful for Jason. He learned more about the supernatural world that had not appeared in DxD.

Despite being taught the surface knowledge, there were also lessons in moving one's body, what one could call physical education much like that of actual schoolwork.

At this precise moment, the duo of Tobio and Samejima, dressed in athletic wear, were continuing to run in the institution's indoor running track.

"Geez, making us run kilometer after kilometer...! It's like we're aiming for the Olympics...! I haven't run like this since middle school...!"

Having reached the goal after Samejima, Tobio spoke while gasping for breath.

"According to what Barakiel-sensei says, it's because it all starts with stamina. I feel I somehow or another get why the stamina to run from place to place is necessary to start with. After all, we're beginners in this world. Since there'll probably be those relentlessly aiming for the lives of even us who are just beginners, if we don't at least have the stamina to run around, it certainly wouldn't be strange if we died the next time."

Surprised Jason watched the two who were trying to catch their breath. He turned to ask Vali and Barakiel.

"Is that all their training?"

"No, his training is divided into two parts. In the second, you're going to have to help them," Barakiel replied.

Jason looked at Barakiel's serious face. He had not yet seen the cadre level leader change the expression on his face, how had Shuri fallen in love with someone like him?

Jason unconsciously distanced himself from him by recalling something Penemue told Akeno in one of the volumes of the light novel. Barakiel was a masochist who enjoyed the lashes his wife gave him.

Barakiel looked at Jason curiously, the boy seemed to be distancing himself from him although the fallen angel had no idea why.

"No matter how you look at it, they can't have those skills just by running 15km" Jason couldn't stop thinking about it. How could it be so easy to get power?

Vali listened to Jason's words and noticed that it was his moment to dazzle. A strange mysterious air surrounded him.

"Of course not, they've been training with Vali Lucifer, bearer of the Vanishing Dragon."

"Yes, yes, Lucidra-sensei helps us a lot"

"See? Samejima Kouki said it- Wait, I told you not to call me Lucidra!"

Jason watched the members of Slash Dog. Natsume and Sae were still running while Tobio and Samejima seemed to be having a serious conversation. Apparently, only those 4 had officially joined Nephilim. Lavinia didn't even belong to Grigori and they were just having a temporary alliance while Vali could do whatever he wanted by being Azazel's adopted son.

To be taught by a Grigori leader... There were a limited number of Grigori leaders, so receiving instruction under one is extremely valuable, or so Azazel had said.

Was that due to the expectations for Tobio and the others, or else was it due to them being regarded as dangerous. It's not like Jason cares.

Concerning the main system at 'Nephilim,' it was a case where a prescribed number of students would receive guidance under a single teacher. Collecting several students in one classroom, it differed from the nature of a typical school where the teachers would switch for each subject. For that reason, in the case of Tobio and the others, they were receiving lessons under Barakiel. In this case, they became known as the students of 'Barakiel Class.'

That Barakiel, after having taught them fundamental knowledge, he had assigned Tobio and the others to raise their stamina. No matter what, without stamina, they would not move to a higher level. For that reason, they had been assigned some thorough running to perform.

For Samejima, he had suffered serious injuries in the earlier battle, but having already completed recovered to almost his usual condition, he was also running the long-distance while leaving his complaints behind due to having been rehabilitated. He was told that this was also a function of the Sacred Gear that dwelled within him. The white cat that was his Sacred Gear, Byakusa, stepping up to his master who had returned from the long-distance run, had been acting spoiled while rubbing its head up against him.

Tobio, who was rehydrating, after stretching his body to its limits, picked up a rope for the sake of doing the rope skipping exercise that was next on the regimen.

Jason's eyebrow arched when he saw Tobio take the rope. He felt that they would take a long time to improve if their training consisted of that. He thought of Nirvana Rebirth but rejected the idea thinking that they would not be able to resist the pressure.

Tobio and Samejima started jumping. They seemed to have a conversation about their time in school, Tobio seemed to be the typical common boy, and Samejima was the number 1 high school delinquent.

"Zeh Zeh, r-running like this...certainly, it's good for dieting, this is. Apart from that, though, are you sure you're alright, Toujou-san?"

"Fuh, somehow or another, I can sort of walk it."

It was Natsume and Sae who were out of breath. The pair were dressed in sports gear. It seemed that Natsume had just finished the proscribed long-distance running that Tobio and Samejima had been doing.

For Sae who was not endowed with a Sacred Gear like Tobio and the others, just the classroom portion was sufficient, however, with it being an excellent opportunity to build her own stamina.

With everyone having finished running, as they were moving to the next activity, they observed the figure of Barakiel, who served as both the lecturer for Tobio and the others' classroom as well as their training supervisor.

He checked over Tobio and the others with a hard-faced expression and nodded once.

"Hmm, so it appears you finished the long-distance run. That still leaves half the regimen, however at the very least make sure to rehydrate yourselves."

Like this Tobio and the others had completed the foundation of their specialized training, however, after working on their stamina and strength, they'd switch locations for sparring. From the running track, they moved to the expansive training room.

"Looks like it's my turn."

The one who appeared before Tobio and the others, a fearless smile on his face, was a silver-haired young boy, Vali.

"Fufuh, Ikuse Tobio, Samejima Kouki, come now and prepare yourselves. It seems this Vanishing Dragon shall be your opponent today as well."

"And you!" Vali pointed to Jason.

"Watch closely, this Vanishing Dragon will teach you how to train your peers."

Jason shook his head, couldn't Vali act normal even for a moment?

The mock battle started and it ended quickly. It was no surprise to see Vali beat Samejima and Tobio easily.

"Why doesn't he use the true form of Byakusa?" Jason asked Barakiel.

"Samejima was able to use it thanks to a unique bracelet that Azazel had left him, that single-use bracelet so he can no longer use it unless he finds out how to do it without external help.

It's the same in the case of Vali and Natsume. Tobio is different, but you have already seen that he is not able to control himself while he is in his Balance Break".

"Is it the same for Vali?"

"It's true that Vali can only stay 10 seconds without losing control, but that's only in his Balance Break."

Vali felt a dangerous look fixed on her back.


Vali turned around and saw Jason looking at him with a dangerous smile.

"Do you need anything from this great dragon?"

"I have just heard something very, very interesting" Jason gave him a mocking smile.

Vali shuddered, he felt something terrible was going to happen.

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

If anyone knows where can I read the third volume of Slash Dog, please put it on the comments!

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