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80.55% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 115: Barakiel/Satanael

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Chapter 115: Barakiel/Satanael

Having parted from Jason and his other students, Barakiel had been advancing towards the mountain area by relying upon the familiar aura.

The place he finally arrived at was an old Shinto shrine that had been a site of worship in the village.

However, as a fallen angel and not being of Japanese mythological origin, it was inappropriate for Barakiel to set foot on the site of the shrine without the permission of the gods worshiped in this country.

Coming to a stop before the tori, that memory was suddenly recalled.

Over ten years ago, having been driven to the edge by an antagonistic organization, he had concealed himself near a Shinto shrine that was in this country.

"A-Are you okay? Though it does seem that you have been injured…"

In his mind, he recalled a single beautiful woman.

The memory was dear, fleeting, warm, and also painful, to the degree of pressure in his chest.

"As far as you are concerned, your wounds have yet to heal, right? The sort that you're experiencing that is."

Barakiel directed him in the direction the voice had come from.

The one who appeared from the shadow of a large tree was a tall man dressed in a fallen angel-use battlesuit.

"Choosing this place was not on purpose."

The man who spoke had brown hair over masculine facial features, and his silver eyes could be seen to gleam dubiously even in the nighttime darkness.

The man continued while brushing his hand upwards through his hair.

"The god that is worshipped here, it won't appear if someone from the village gets injured, so unless one enters that compound, it doesn't care what they do. When it comes to the gods of this country, it seems that, for many of them, regardless of which mythological system the other party originates from, they basically don't care so long as you don't pollute their territory."

The man shrugged his shoulders.

"Rather, it's like it's the people nearby who worship those gods who are strict with us foreigners. You as well, as someone who isn't a god, had peers who would approach and worship you."

Barakiel let out a long sigh and assembled his words.

"It's not like I came to talk with you about this country's mythological system. Satanael. Why did you leave the Grigori?"

In response to Barakiel's direct words, Satanael looked pleased.

"As usual, you're just straight-up asking. Well, even if this place drags up the incident that you went through, it's not as though there's any benefit to me…"

Satanael gently raised his left hand. The movement was one that was similar to restraining something.

From the time he had come here, Barakiel had understood that he was already completing surrounded by assassins.

Eight or nine cases out of ten, his backup was Satanael's proteges, the 'Abyss Team'. An unpleasant atmosphere of fighting intent waft drifting through the area.

Satanael spoke.

"I just desire the same Sacred Gear possibilities as the other researchers. However, Azazel had no intention of slackening his degree of oversight."

"So, therefore, you slipped away from the organization and joined hands with other powers? You offered the Grigori's research and the like to an agency related to the Five Principal Clans…did you didn't realize just how much chaos that would cause?"


Satanael made a complicated expression in response to Barakiel's statement.

Barakiel understood that he himself was unqualified to say the statement from just now… but nevertheless, it was advice from one who didn't want his companions to feel the same way as himself.

For his part, Satanael, who dared not return to that situation, replied thus.

"It is merely that my goals are in agreement with the 'Utsusemi Agency' and Oz."

Barakiel directed his gaze towards the powerful aura that were causing him to feel uneasy since some time ago.

"So that is also your doing then."

"It's merely the theory of myself and Azazel quickly showing its form. I won't deny though that it was a considerable coercive method. Tentatively, it appears to be a success. Azazel's theory was splendid."

"Don't just do things that invite chaos into the world."

"Aren't those Azazel's words? Try persuading me with your own words."

In response to Satanael's question, Barakiel began to release electrical discharges from his entire body. His whole body began to flow with electricity.

"Aren't you well aware that I'm slow of speech? Where my words are concerned, I have no choice but to use this."

Satanael became joyful in response to Barakiel's fighting spirit.

"That should be easy for them to understand. You are forcibly bringing me back to headquarters. Isn't that the purpose of 'lightning'? However, before that, I must fulfill one of my purposes." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

True to his words, Satanael snapped his fingers once.

Subsequently, a mist began to spring forth throughout the area.

Satanael spoke.

"It's a transference-type Sacred Gear."

Barakiel was thinking back upon the possessor among the "Abyss Team" Satanael had brought along who manifested the "Forest of Bewilderment".

By means of crafting its ability into a part of the forest, it was something capable of guiding those who were treading within it to whatever place the user wanted.

After a short while, he sensed the presence of several people from within the mist.

The ones who appeared from within the mist were…


It was the group consisting of Ikuse Tobio, Minagawa Natsume, Toujou Sae, Nanadaru Shigune, Kouki Samejima, Vali Lucifer, and Hyousuke Koga.

Satanael displayed a smile once he realized that they had been brought there.

"Now then, let's finish what I have to do."

"I'm funny now?"

Jason asked Walburga.

"Yes! Big brother is funny!"

There was no sign of flames in the woods anymore. There was no trace of burned trees either, and the forest miraculously remained intact.

If anyone saw the state of the forest, he could not have believed if he had been told the scene that had happened moments before.

The only trace of the magicians who had surrounded Jason was the ashes that were being scattered by the wind.

Jason gave Walburga the brightest smile he had ever given to anyone, showing her his beautiful white teeth. Walburga blushed at the sight of Jason's smile.

"Should I end the fun? I can still burn someone else."

The blush on Walburga's face deepened as he listened to Jason.


He knew that she was the next Incinerate Anthem carrier and member of Khaos Brigade, having a connection with her was not a bad thing.

Jason had yet to meet Lint Sellzen and above all prove whether she was worthy of being called Siegfried's descendant. In fact, Jason was planning to visit the Church using Siegfried's genes for experimentation. Although Jason knew that his "big brother" was not the same person as the Siegfried of this world, he could not allow his name to be stained in that way.

If Lint didn't pass Jason's test, she wouldn't have much time to live. Jason didn't care if he was an enemy of the Church; he didn't think much of them anyway. Just the angels in heaven were something Jason had to pay attention to for the moment, but with God dead, they couldn't push Jason too hard.

Jason then felt that Barakiel and Satanael had already faced off. They seemed to be talking as there were no big moves, although Barakiel's aura was a bit chaotic.

Jason warned Walburga.

"You should leave."

"No! I want to play more with you!"

"We'll play another day. If you stay here, we won't be able to play anymore."

Walburga seemed to be thinking seriously about leaving, the idea of not being able to play with Jason anymore seemed to be very frightening to her.

"I'll go! But you must promise me that you will play with me another day."

Jason smiled.

"I promise."

Walburga happily nodded, she turned around and ran through the woods. Her presence soon disappeared, Jason assumed she teleported.

"Well, let's see what the two cadres have to say."

Jason stopped to think for a moment. Moments later, an evil smile blossomed on his face.

[Ice Dragon Mode]

"Will Barakiel remember the message Argos left him?"

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