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43.05% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 61: Body Refinement

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Chapter 61: Body Refinement

Here Author-Kun writing for you my beloved readers, after giving them many turns I have decided to make a mixture between Body Refinement of Martial World and Eight Inner Gates of Naruto. I've come to this decision and I hope you'll respect it hehe.

By the way, I haven't read martial world and I'm just using the wiki to find out more or less how Body Refinement works. Basically I'm taking the name of the techniques to do what I like with them XD.


(How expensive! Getting the Ice Dragon Bloodline cost just 10,000 SP) Jason thought of his mind.

[That's because the Ice Dragon Bloodline you bought was one of the most common bloodlines in elemental dragons and its potential is limited, obviously in this inferior world Ice Dragon Bloodline would be placed as one of the most powerful bloodline because it allows you to control the Ice Magic to perfection]

Jason was surprised to hear the voice of the system, it had been a long time since he had spoken to him.

(You're still alive) Jason told him.

[User is making a mistake, the system is not a living being but a tool created to take the user to a level that could not be reached in any other way that would not be possible without the system]

Jason was surprised to see that the system was quite chatty today, it seems that not speaking in a few years has bored him.

(Why is it so expensive to buy 8 celestial gates?) Jason asked.

[8 celestial gates is a technique that is considered superior even among the 3 god Realms. Buying it for 50,000 SP could be considered cheap, the only problem is that only humans can practice it because they are the only ones who can circulate their chakra by the 8 celestial gates (since they are the only ones who have them). Another reason why it is so cheap is because this is only the second part of the technique and if you get the parts together then it could be considered as a legendary technique, that if you get to the last level, that can make the big shots in the god realms serious].

Jason was surprised to learn that this technique was so powerful and decided to look for the third part of the technique.

[Nine Stars of the Dao Palace: Third part of the Body Refinement technique

Cost: 2,000,000]


[The price may seem very high, but don't worry as I can help you reduce that price]

The mechanical voice of the system looked like angel music in Jason's ears. The system seemed to understand his thoughts so he kept explaining.

[You just have to level up the system]

Jason frowned, why did he think this wasn't going to be easy?

(What do I have to do to level up the system?)

[You have to fully awaken the elements lightning, wind and earth in order to complete all the requirements. You can´t rely in the system to awake them]

A jug of cold water fell on Jason's head. Forget about waking up the three attributes, I hadn't even managed to advance anything in the use of Dark Magic that I had already woken up.

(You've got to be kidding)

[No, everything I've said so far is true. This time I broke the rules by telling you about the requirements to be able to upgrade the system level]

Jason sighed, he already knew the system wasn't lying to him.


In a room inside a huge palace that exuded sacred aura.

A beautiful woman was writing on the computer in front of her. The beautiful woman had blond hair and blue eyes, she had sweat running down her forehead as she wrote quickly.

"Quick, I must tell him this quickly or he may have problems in the future" She muttered as she wrote at abnormal speed.

She sent one last message and let out a sigh of relief.

"It's a good thing I'm done before big sister finds me."

She felt a presence enter the palace, she quickly erased the tab where she was writing. A window appeared on the screen.

["Hack created to help my love" is closing, please wait a moment]

"Shit, shit, now is not the time for this."

She began to despair when she began to hear the footsteps coming into the room she was currently in.

"Good, it's closed"

She then opened another window and pictured a beautiful woman with hair of five different colors and a pair of horns on her forehead.

The door opened just as the beautiful woman opened the window. Another dazzling looking beauty entered the room.

She had black hair, golden eyes and huge tits. The only problem was her height.

Yes, she was a loli.

The blonde woman looked at the loli that had entered and jumped in to embrace her.

"Big sister!" The blonde woman sank her head between the big tits of the loli.

The loli said nothing and just stared at the computer screen. Her gaze became strange when she saw the image of the woman.

"Are you so desperate to be the daughter-in-law of the dragon empress that you even see her photos, Alysa?" asked the loli.

Alysa blushed and nodded slightly.

"Sigh, we know that the terrorist factions have already sent their weakest pawns to the world where Jason resides. It's only a matter of time before Jason has to face them."

Concern was shown in Alysa's face when she heard the words of her older sister.

"Don't worry, we also know that he has already faced the weakest of those sent to that planet and has been able to eradicate it relatively easily. We just have to pray that he doesn't meet the strongest of those who have been sent there because they are close to the level of the two guardians of the world," La Loli explained when she saw the worried expression of her younger sister.

"Thank you so much for telling me this, Gabriel" Alysa kissed her on the cheek.

Gabriel hit Alysa's forehead "Just don't do anything unnecessary, we can't directly interfere with his ascent. Not even the dragon empress can interfere or "he" will act".

(I'm sorry, big sister, but I've already interfered)

Cold sweat fell down Alysa's back remembering that if evidence was found that she had secretly helped Jason then "he" would take care of erasing any trace of her existence.

"I know, I won't do anything foolish" Alysa assured her sister.

Gabriel looked at his younger sister's back as Alysa left the room.

"Sigh, I guess I'll have to die with you if they realize you've been helping him."


Jason looked at the last message the system had sent him with a strange expression.

[Be careful! I hope you get to the God Realm soon]

Jason tried to communicate with the system again but the system did not respond to him at any time. Jason thought the system was strange sometimes, he felt that the system was too real.

Jason took a look at the technique he had in mind to buy for when Arthur or other human beings joined Soaring Dragon.

Body Transformation Stages: First part of the Body Refinement Technique

1 Strength Training

2 Flesh Training

3 Viscera Training

4 Altering Muscle

5 Bone Forging

6 Click Condensation

7 Tempering Marrow

Cost: 25,000 SP]

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

This chapter is a little late.

Next chapter is going to be released on saturday and the last one for this week on sunday.

We have gone down in the power ranking, Is this the result of no posting daily chapter?

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