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88.88% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 127: Calamity/Karma (1)

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Chapter 127: Calamity/Karma (1)

Jason's voice sounded in Medea's mind.

"How much time is left for her to recover?"

"Lavinia has helped me heal Sae, and now we just have to wait for her to wake up."

"I understand. Be careful. You never know if someone will surprise you."

Jason cut his connection with Medea.

"You're a pain in the ass, Tobio. It's a good thing there's less left."

A voice came from inside the forest, surprising Jason.

"It seems that the false god has lost control."

"Who are you?"

A handsome man in his early 20s slowly entered the clearing of the forest. Jason could not see his appearance as he was busy dodging Tobio's attacks. The man didn't seem to want to interfere between Jason and Tobio, and he didn't seem to have any bad intentions toward them.

"I was curious about the person who had brought Seiryuu to his knees with only his pressure and had caught Suzaku's attention so much. But you don't seem so special."

"Oh, you're pretty arrogant, aren't you?"

"I don't think so. I call it confidence."

Jin tried to attack the newcomer, but a glance from the newcomer caused the hound to retreat and attack Jason again. The man seemed to have noticed something, and Jason noticed it too.

"Looks like someone's coming."

A 12-year-old boy entered the clearing.

"Aniki! I've come to give you a hand while Sae wakes up."

Jason nodded as he dodged another sword of shadows.

"Use your Balance Breaker."


"Do it. Five seconds is enough. Divide all of Tobio´s power you can."

Vali nodded.

"Come on, Albion!"

[Balance Breaker: Scale Mail]

A white armor with blue jewelry covered Vali's body, although it left Vali's head uncovered as it was incomplete.

[Divide, divide, divide, divide, divide!]

Vali did as Jason had told him, thus reducing both Tobio's and Jin's power. He then deactivated his Balance Breaker and fell exhausted to the ground.

The applause was heard in the clearing.

"Not bad. How expected of Lucifer's descendant and Divine Dividing possessor."

Vali looked at the man who was clapping. He soon recognized this person's identity.

"Ouryuu Nakiri"

Jason was able to relax a little more now that Tobio had lost much of his power and looked more closely at the man who had arrived.

The man seemed to be 20 years old, with yellow hair and eyes of the same color. He was dressed in casual clothes, white shorts, and a yellow tank top. You could see that the man was quite strong when he saw his muscles compact and well defined.

Ouryuu Nakiri. Jason remembered Shuri's warning.

"You must beware of the present owner of the yellow dragon, the present Ouryuu Nakiri. He is the strongest Ouryuu in history."

"Have you only come to know me, Ouryuu?"

"Also to lend a hand if necessary. Although not on my own initiative, my sister got heavy when Suzaku asked for my help. You don't know how heavy the younger sisters can be."

Now that Tobio had lost much of his strength, Jason could control him more easily. Now he could have a decent conversation.

"I do know how terrible younger sisters can be. Mine always made me buy a strawberry cake on Fridays."

Ouryuu seemed interested in Jason's words. A competitive aura surrounded the yellow dragon.

"Hmph, strawberry cake. My sister's requests are better; she always asks me for chocolate cake."

With Ouryuu's response, the same competitive aura surrounded Jason. It even seemed that Jason's strength had doubled and the beating Tobio was suffering was more significant.

"Tch, you don't know anything. Chocolate cake is fattening. The strawberry cake is healthier."

"Chocolate cake is better. It tastes sweeter."





At some point in the discussion, Ouryuu had joined Jason in beating Tobio. If Jason kicked Tobio, Ouryuu punched Jin. Tobio then flew to Ouryuu and Jin to Jason, both repeated the play and sent flying their target to the other.

Vali watched stunned the exchange between Ouryuu and Jason. It was simply too surreal. Were they fighting over which cake flavor was better? Or were they fighting over which sister was better?

And the injured here were Tobio and Jin. The two were being indiscriminately beaten and treated like volleyball. In the end, the discussion came to the subject that Vali had thought was the real thing.

"My sister is beautiful," Jason shouted.

Ouryuu's response came quickly.

"Mine more!" And he fought back. "And she's smart!

Jason gave him back the same answer Ouryuu had given him before.

"Mine more!"

The two looked at each other as if they were the worst enemies. The strength of their attacks increased, and Tobio and Jin continued to suffer. Jason came to the best play, the ultimate skill.

"My sister is a loli!"

The attacks stopped. Tobio and Jin, even in their frantic state, stopped to rest lying on the ground without being able to move. Ouryuu looked where he had come from and knelt in defeat.

"Damn it. I'm sorry, Momoji, but you can't compete against that."

A girl appeared from the place Ouryuu came from. It was evident that she was the boy's sister because of the considerable resemblance the two had on their faces. Although the face was the only thing they looked like, in the rest, they were totally different.

Momoji was a beautiful, slim young woman with long black hair tied to a ponytail and hazel eyes. She wore a traditional Miko suit, which consisted of a white Haori with loose sleeves, a yellow Hakama and a pair of Zōri with a white Tabi.

She approached blushing. Momoji had heard all the battle of words Jason and Ouryuu had had. She couldn't understand it, how could they be so shameless? Ouryuu knew she was listening, and Jason had his younger brother, Vali, watching as well.

"Ouryuu-sama, you have to take into account your position in the family," Momoji spoke elegantly.

"Are you Suzaku's friend?" Jason asked.

"Yes, Suzaku-sama called my older brother to help with the remnants of our clans. But with his personality, how could he bother with them?" She sighed. Momoji looked tired, being her older brother's nanny didn't seem to be easy.

"They're just ants, why should I bother with them?"

Momoji sighed again.

"Even when I asked him to come, he refused. Only upon learning of your existence did he agree to come and take a look."

Jason looked at Ouryuu curiously. He could see some similarities between Ouryuu and Vali. Both were arrogant, but had the strength to be arrogant, and wanted to find strong opponents to fight them, among other things.

"I thought you were fit for a good fight, but you disappoint me."

Jason shrugged, he didn't care much for Ouryuu's words. Now he had to take care of Tobio, he would think about fighting the yellow dragon later.

An uncomfortable silence covered the clearing of the forest. Jason was waiting for Tobio to get up to hit him again, but he wouldn't get up.

"Why isn´t he moving?" Vali was confused.

Momoji gave them the answer.

"Oh, are you talking about the false god? He can't move for the moment."

Jason frowned.

"What have you done?"

"I haven't done anything to hurt him. I have simply selected that Tobio cannot move while he is in a mad state. I have also selected that he returns to normal when he sees the person he loves.

Jason, like Vali, was confused. He didn't understand anything Momoji had said. Ouryuu saw this and began to laugh, and it seemed that he had won in some kind of competition.

"I told you or not, that my sister was the best. Admire her, idiot, this is the power of her Longinus, Telos Karma."

Jason understood. If ithe was Telos Karma, then he could not doubt Momoji's words. This gave Jason extra relief, as Tobio's return to normal was almost assured with the help of this Longinus.

"Telos Karma, The Ultimate Karma. Another Longinus appears. Divine Dividing, Absolute Demise, Incinerate Anthem, Telos Karma and Canis Lycaon. All gathered in one place, how much coincidence will there be in this?" Jason muttered.

And not only those but Jason had also found Boosted Gear and Nereid Kirie, although neither of them had yet awakened their Longinus. Jason was worried about Ingvild as he didn't know when she was going to wake up her Longinus, and Semiramis was looking for ways to help her wake up.

While Jason was thinking about it, he heard footsteps approaching the clearing of the forest. A message from Medea came at that moment.

"Sae is ready. We're on our way."

GreatSage_Master1 GreatSage_Master1

I´ve started school again, I want to die. I can only post the chapters in the afternoon now.

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